SEO Benefits of Quora Submission

SEO Benefits of Quora Submission

Quora is one of the most crucial SEO assets in terms of link acquisition. It is a great way to bring valuable referral traffic to the SEO marketing campaign. Most SEOs often left it untouched including Quora into their advanced SEO strategy. Today we will unearth the SEO benefits of Quora submission. Let’s dive into detail.

seo benefits of quora submission

Here are some of the benefits that we could be benefitted from Quora in terms of our marketing strategy:

Quora Topics Comes in first place always

The most noteworthy thing about Quora is that Google even ranks its contents with respect to other authoritative sites if a user trigger searches for some query-specific things on Google. Quora-specific Q & A tends to come on the search results. For this kind of query, Quora even outrank Wikipedia in terms of position gaining in SERP.

Follow topics that generate interest

If you want to learn new things then Quora is a great resource to provide you with that. You can also ask questions and always ask the implicit “why”? Be neat with your answers and get rid of posing yes or no questions. Most importantly, steer clear of posting questions that are already on the platform. Willing to post questions? then search for your question first in the search bar of Quora to find out what’s already been asked and answered.

Explore the BEST segment

Browse the most helpful query that includes ‘BEST‘ in it. Here you will find the quality of answers is quite impressive itself. Even Quora offers you to interact with the most famous celebrities who are already there on the platform. Start exploring and make the most use of it.

Crowdsource Ideas

It is also a crucial platform for e-commerce business. If you have plenty of products based on various segments then here you can ask for your product feedback. You can broadly capitalize on your target market.

Treasure Trove for Traffic

Quora is one of the fastest-growing Q & A platforms with over 200 million monthly unique visitors. It is really a treasure for SEO enthusiasts who wants to drive traffic for their SEO campaign.

Another unforeseen benefit of Quora answering questions daily is the discovery of topics, questions, trends, and ideas. When following a topic, Quora will itself suggest questions to answer. Within each topic, you can also view the top questions and the top contributors in that category. From there, you can explore the user’s profile, the questions they’ve asked and the answers they’ve given. 

Sidenote: Quora space is a newer feature similar to Facebook Groups, where users can create communities, curate collections around a particular topic. The only difference is that those who only belongs to Quora Space can only contribute content.

Let’s deep dive into the walkthrough here.

Quora Submission Walkthrough

Before doing any submission on Quora the thing you must do is to improve your Quora feed as shown below:

Make sure all of the above-mentioned points should be covered and marked as green ticked to improve the feed.

Now coming back to the submission procedure, here is the to-do to perform:


Firstly, start off with an answer segment where you can find relevant questions sections to answer. Here’ how it will look like:

You can also post any of the answer requests based on your niche.

Moving onto another vital segment of Quora is to create a Space and discover topics with relevance to your targeted niche. You can even create your own Space and develop content in accordance with the same.

Next up, on your Quora feed’s left-hand side you will also find your followed niche topic and participate in respective threads in order to provide valuable feedback or comments.

In this way, you can popularize your own brand and can drive a huge amount of valuable traffic to your website.

Wrapping Up

Hope you find this guide relevant enough to do the research and implement in the Quora platform. This is how you can be benefitted from your marketing strategy from Quora.