How I Have Personally Used Pareto Principle To Increase My Revenue By 300X

How I Have Personally Used Pareto Principle To Increase My Revenue By 300X

The Pareto Principle is relatively straightforward but crucial. It bears the name of the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who discovered in 1906 that 20% of the people in Italy controlled 80% of the country’s land.

The most significant aspect of Pareto’s discovery was how frequently this 80/20 distribution occurred. For instance, 80% of your sales, on average, come from 20% of your consumers. And 80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your time, and so on.

The Pareto Principle, sometimes known as the “80/20 Rule” in modern parlance, is a powerful strategy for expanding your company. For instance, you may spend more time on some tasks and less time on others if you can identify the 20% of your time that results in 80% of the benefits for your organization. Similarly, you may locate additional consumers with the traits of your top 20% of customers, who account for 80% of your sales, significantly increasing your sales and earnings.

So How Did I Use Pareto Principle?

Currently, the entire workforce of my company is divided into 8 teams. Each team is represented by a Team Lead, Graphic Designers, Content Writers, Developers, SEO executives and Link Builders.

Each team is then designated an “n” number of projects as per onboarding.

Currently, the hierarchy is as follows –

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Team 7

Team 8

Total Output  = Output of team 1 + Output of team 2 + Output of team 3 + Output of team 4 + Output of team 5 + Output of team 6 + Output of team 7 + Output of team 8 = 63

Our Parity Principle (20% Clients) depends upon the following criteria –

  1. Client is good and friendly

As you know, a good and friendly client can immensely boost your morale and help you focus on your work. A simple “Thank You” or a moment of appreciation for the work done can really help motivate the team.

  • Responsive/Activeness

Client responsiveness really matters. With the ongoing updates and SEO parameter changes, making some immediate or necessary changes becomes crucial. And our organization values client feedback thus, before amending any changes, we always opt for client feedback and approval. The quicker the approval, the faster the implementation.

  • Campaign on good standing

Any campaign with significant traffic growth, clicks, ranking changes, backlink gains, etc reflects our hard-earned efforts showing results. It also denotes that the campaign is running on a steady and prosperous flow.

  • Min. 6+ months survived

Having a client surviving the 6 months criteria denotes trust and progress. It shows the client’s determination is dominating the Google SERP and it shows our determination to boost them with the necessary SEO tweaks constantly. This is crucial for us since SEO is all about long-term results.

  • Client co-ordination smoothness

Coordination is a two-way path. Just us trying to coordinate while the client is sturdy means failed communication, affecting the workflow. As a result, clients who can be readily co-ordinated and help with other compromises are truly appreciated.

Once I acquire the list of clients that falls under the Pareto Principle, my next aim is to create individualized strategies for each team and help them implement those to generate more impressive results for their respective clients.

Individual Customized Strategy

Each of the TL’s from their respective team comes up with individualized strategies that can help them in providing more impressive results for their respective clients. The strategies are discussed individually between me, the respective TL and the managers. Once approved, the strategies are sent to the client to ask for their approval and feedback.

Here’s the list of Individual customized Strategies offered by the respective teams –

Team 1:

  • Internal Linking Suggestion
  • Internal Linking Implementation
  • Heading & Child Heading Tags Inspection
  • Heading & Child Heading Tags Implementation
  • Cannibalisation Checkup
  • Canonical Issues Checkup & Fixes
  • Brand Anchor Text Linking
  • NAP Audits
  • Link Acquisition with Brand Statement
  • Link Intersect Outreach
  • Descriptive ALT Text Suggestion for Images
  • Product Markup Suggestion for Google Image Search
  • Standard Video Rich Results Testing
  • YouTube Channel Upgrade Suggestion
  • Semantic SEO Module Implementation (AI)
  • HARO Outreach
  • Paginated Results Checkup in SERP & Fixes
  • Latest Algorithm Checks
  • Google Search Console Inspection & Fixes

Team 2:

  • 404 Page Check
  • 404 Page Error Fixes
  • Above the Fold Optimization
  • Brand Anchor Text Optimization
  • NAP Building
  • Gap Based Links
  • Passage Indexing Optimization
  • Unlinked Brand Mention
  • GSC checks & fixes
  • Latest Algorithm Checks
  • Image SEO (Image filename checkup and improvement suggestion)
  • Video SEO (Video links optimization)
  • Existing blog optimization
  • HARO Outreach

Team 3:

  • YouTube Video Title Optimization
  • YouTube Video Description Optimization
  • YouTube Channel Videos Tag Optimization
  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • Unlinked Brand Mention
  • GSC checks & fixes
  • Latest Algorithm Checks
  • HARO Outreach
  • Image SEO (Image alt checkup and alt tag fixing)
  • Video SEO (Video url suggestion & optimization)
  • Existing blog optimization (keyword density checks)

Team 4:

  • Unlinked Brand Mention
  • GSC checks & fixes
  • Latest Algorithm Checks
  • Image SEO (Image alt checkup and alt tag fixing)
  • Video SEO (Video url suggestion & optimization)
  • Content Audit for the Priority Product Pages
  • Content Optimization for Top Landing pages according to traffic
  • Header hierarchy setup and implementation
  • Indexing Analysis
  • HARO Outreach
  • Thin Content Identification
  • Blog promotion for gaining traffic

Team 5:

  • Correct distribution of links to different pages
  • GSC checks & fixes
  • Latest Algorithm Checks
  • Image SEO (image rendering checks)
  • Video SEO (Video text suggestion)
  • Backlink count inspection for top landing pages
  • Broken link checks & fixes
  • Redirection issues checks & fixes
  • GMB Audit
  • HARO Outreach
  • Link Acquisition with a brand statement

Team 6:

  • Toxic Links Checkup
  • Toxic Links Disavowal
  • Spam Monitoring
  • GSC checks & fixes
  • Latest Algorithm Checks
  • Image SEO (image dimension checks)
  • Video SEO (video ratio checks)
  • Link Intersect
  • Semantic SEO Module Implementation
  • GMB Optimization
  • ORM
  • HARO Outreach

Team 7:

  • Hreflang optimization
  • GEO tag checkup & optimization
  • Backlinks status check & monitoring
  • Lost backlink recovery by creating new backlinks
  • GSC checks & fixes
  • Latest Algorithm Checks
  • Image SEO (image dimension checks)
  • Video SEO (video ratio checks)
  • Link Intersect
  • Semantic SEO Module Implementation
  • GMB Optimization
  • ORM
  • HARO Outreach

Team 8:

  • Soft 404 errors checks
  • Soft 404 errors fixes
  • Crawl Budget Optimization
  • GSC checks & fixes
  • Latest Algorithm Checks
  • Image SEO
  • Video SEO
  • Competitor Based Links
  • HARO Outreach
  • AI SEO Module Implementation
  • GMB Product Posting
  • GMB Image Posting
  • GMB Video Posting

Meeting Arrangement

The monthly meeting is something which is of utmost importance for both the clients and us. Basically, the meeting arrangement is where we have in-depth discussions with the clients regarding the current status of their website, the areas of improvement, how to proceed with a strategic plan of action over the next month, the pricing plans for certain services that we offer and so on.

We discuss some of the advanced strategies that will be implemented moving forward with the campaign and the designated results they will offer.

In a nutshell –

  • Step 1: We first ask our clients regarding their availability for a meeting
  • Step 2: We create a meeting calendar for the upcoming scheduled meetings
  • Step 3: We share the meeting calendar with the clients
  • Step 4: We proceed with the meeting on the designated date

One thing to note, as the campaign proceeds forward, the criteria for the meeting change accordingly.

The initial meeting strategies during client onboarding to the first couple of months revolve around maximum technical fixes, GA-GSC setups, goal tracking, low-hanging fruit fixes and so on.

As the project lies in its gestation period (2-4 months), the focus of the meeting revolves around some technical fixes, on-page blogging, link building and so on.

Once the project has reached its maturity period (6 months+), the meeting focuses on improved content strategy, advanced link-building strategies, social media postings and more.

Client Pitch

The client pitching varies depending upon the client’s needs. According to their needs, we dispose of an extra workforce who tend to implement additional SEO strategies based on additional budget.

The pitching is mainly done when the client needs growth on a certain aspect on a faster scale,

For example – the client asks for 3x traffic growth in a month or 5x rank push in a month,

We pitch them with additional advanced strategies like extensive competitor analysis and blogger outreach, paid ads campaigns, social media, etc. In turn, each additional service will come under a specific package with an extra add-on budget.


This is one of the most important aspects for us. Here is a quick example to better understand the conversion rate –

  • Suppose you have 10 Teams
  • Each team constitutes an average of 5 clients/team
  • Your total clients sums up to = 5 * 10 = 50 clients
  • Now following the Pareto Principle,
  • Number of client * 20% = 50 * 20% = 10 clients
  • Let’s now consider that each of these 10 clients offer $500/client,
  • Then our total conversion at the end of one month sums up to = 10*500 = $5000.
  • Now moving forwards, if we are able to stick up with these 10 clients for a duration of 12 months,
  • Then the total amount generated yearly = 5000*12 = $60,000


As you can see, 1 simple strategy change can do you wonders. What you need is a bit of creativity, an innovative approach and a sound knowledge of various marketing terminologies. In order to boost your business, you should always be in the driver’s seat and keep up with the latest trends in the marketing industry. Trust me, Pareto Principle has done wonders for me! And not, it’s your turn to use this method and do wonders for your business.

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