How To Add Image EXIF Data

How To Add Image EXIF Data

What is image EXIF data?

Image EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) data is metadata embedded within a digital image file. EXIF data provides additional information about the image, such as camera settings, date and time of capture, camera model, exposure settings, focal length, GPS coordinates, which website image belongs to and much more. Optimised EXIF data, such as accurate titles, descriptions, and geolocation information, can enhance the user experience. When users find relevant and informative images with appropriate metadata, they are more likely to engage with the content, stay on the webpage longer, and potentially share the images on social media or other platforms. It can improve the chances of the images appearing in search results. This can drive traffic to the website hosting the images and potentially enhance overall SEO.

image exif data

How to Add EXIF Data on an Image

1) Go to a website 

2) Upload an image 

Upload an image on and after uploading, go to option

3) Enter The Important Informations

Atfirst go to “EXIF General” option to put data about the website the image belongs to


Then put the website and image information in the following places

4) Add Geotag To The Image

Then Go to the “GeoTag” Option to put the Geotag of the Website. Geo Tag data can be taken from website source code

This following Latitude and Longitude will be use as image Geo tag

Put the geotag in the following places and then click the “Set Map” option 

5) Add Title And Description To The Image

Go to “XMP Tags” Option to put title and description of the page where the image belongs to

6) Download The Image and Re-upload It

Scroll Down and go to “ GO EXIFING” option and the image will be download with EXIF data.

Then go to “download me” option and the image will download with EXIF data

Then the image needs to re-upload on the website.

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