SEO Services For Ketogenic Diet

SEO Services For Ketogenic Diet


    Expanding the natural search channel and building a paid beast search campaign

    At Thatware we provide you with the best SEO services for ketogenic diet to improve the online presence of businesses. Ketogenic Diet or Low Carb Grocery Offers Special Healthy Foods To Canadians From Coast To Coast, With Multiple Stores In Stores And A Strong E-Commerce Website. Low Carb Grocery Focuses On Its Product Choices For Low-Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Foods, As well as Dietary Foods Related to Dietary Diet, Carbohydrate Diet, and Other Health Needs.

    SEO For Ketogenic Diet

    Customer Challenges

    In a rapidly growing market driven by the widespread acceptance of low-carb and keto diets among Canadian health-conscious people, The Low Carb Grocery sought to improve their SEO to get more search engine traffic, as well as to fix existing SEM campaigns that were problematic. that it produces a significant ROI.

    The Strategy  Behind SEO For Keto Websites

    WMT developed a program to help The Low Carb Grocery meet their digital marketing goals that focus on these key strategies:

    1. Find live organic search ranks along the way with key business terms
    2. Improve the effectiveness of paid search campaigns to gain revenue with new customers
    3. Develop an ongoing content strategy to increase SEO authority and strengthen trust

    Scope of Work

    At the beginning of the project, the SEO cleaning of the website determined to be a very important task. To determine exactly what search engine optimization strategies were most needed, a thorough SEO study conducted. This includes full scanning from top to bottom to identify backlinks and other non-SEO items on the website. From there, a sequence set up to address these issues, to improve the overall SEO of the website, and to increase the level of brand names and phrases.

    While the SEO segment progressed, paid search campaigns analyzed and a revised SEM strategy was developed. The new campaign structure designed for The Low Carb Grocery, which focuses on supporting key SEO terms and gaining a large proportion of search interests in related terms, as well as specific products, individual products, and popular categories. Building on the success of the SEM and SEO components of the project, a continuous content marketing plan developed, and supported by social media.

    Key Tactics, Strategies, and KPI’s

    Planning and Strategies

    ThatWare focuses on The Low Carb Grocery efforts using the following strategies:

    • The SEO strategy carried out a series of site cleansing, ensuring that all pages followed by good SEO practices, and the content on the page would be designed to strengthen the overall search engine rankings with a key set of key and most relevant keywords related to low carb products.
    • The SEM account was restored and redesigned to simplify account management and improve the efficiency of all campaigns. A paid search account account focuses on driving customers for the purpose of high-end purchases, as well as first-time visitors, on relevant pages that reach within the site.
    • Social Networking and Content Content efforts focus on introducing high value content built between SEO keywords and phrases, aimed at engaging and educating customers, promoting product testing, and influencing purchases.

    Methods and tactics that Thatware focuses on:

    SEO Strategies:

    • Fixed formatting of all SEO backgrounds and coding
    • Excellence of all page copies and image elements
    • Regular site inspections to address potential problems
    • Continuous SEO and background and page optimization
    • In-depth monthly analysis to identify potential areas and monitor progress

    SEM strategies

    • Clear account structure by simplifying campaign and ad group editing
    • Complete a list of keywords to refine the target term and products and products
    • Use the playlist and rearrange to retrieve past visitors
    • Continuous operation of campaign settings, bids, location guidance, and keywords
    • Regular analysis and monthly reporting of new operations and opportunities

    Social media and content strategies:

    • Continuous construction of high value content through the SEO-first process
    • Distribution of content through established community channels
    • Prepare content conversions, product testing, and purchase effects

    KPI’s – Measuring Success

    The key to any digital marketing program is the accurate measurement, reporting, and analysis of results. WMT provides in-depth monthly reports on SEO, SEM, and Social / Content activities, bringing you full exposure to current jobs, future actions, and business results.

    • Organic search marketing reports include detailed performance information on keyword growth, traffic styles, conversion results, landing page functionality, and more.
    • Paid search advertising reports cover earning results, recent upgrades and account changes, and the overall ROI performance of SEM campaigns.
    • Social media and content performance reporting, included as part of a general SEO report, emphasizes the impact of organic search of content assets and social traffic.