SEO Services Japan

SEO Services Japan


    What is SEO?

    SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing process that enhances your web presence so that you can be seen by those who do not know your services. We often call these people “Organic Traffic” and they are one of the highest-paid audiences you can attract to your site. Companies using SEO Services Japan in and around the world enjoy a powerful and direct marketing channel for their customers with search engine results.

    SEO Services Japan

    How we do SEO in Tokyo

    Our Japanese SEO strategy strives to produce the following results:

    1. Increase the live traffic of your website within the Japanese market.
    2. Increase your website levels in both Yahoo! Japan and Google.
    3. Increase your Japanese traffic with referrals and external links from reliable and trustworthy sources.

    Here’s how we do it:


    Creating a competitive benchmark

    We analyze where your company falls between Japanese and non-Japanese competitors in all digital searches and the presence of global digital marketing. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your company and its competitors to find the best opportunities through our SEO Services in Japan.

    Japanese keyword research

    We discuss, research, and evaluate thousands of keywords in Japanese. From there, we classify the keywords that are searched by multiple categories of SEO. Other examples for categories include common keywords, directly related keywords, interesting keywords, and location-based keywords. In Thatware’s SEO Services Japan package, our team of experts will do this for your campaign.

    Remove Section Path

    We can create separate lists that will be used to create a content strategy for your website that is only driven by effective search terms with high traffic. The standard category list will serve as your “core umbrella” SEO strategy and these keywords should be freely promoted throughout the code and content levels of your site. A list of interest-based categories will provide opportunities to present your product to unknown Japanese people who are interested in your offerings. Lastly, a location-based list will verify potential customer inclusion based on their location.

    Upgrade Standby Usage and Content Roadmap

    After completing your favorite keywords and category lists, then we will create a fully customized content strategy that provides important and powerful information. The general goal, however, is to improve your search quality.

    SEO Analysis and Development

    We will continue to use our most popular keywords tested for items such as meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and more. We can also provide testing and consultation on how your team can address these issues if you choose a manual approach (from our end).


    Enhance your Japanese user experience with SEO content that effectively enhances our pre-tested keywords.

    Short list of key pages

    After some critical analysis, we will re-organize your existing page content strategies and create a short list of key pages. Prioritizing pages is important in enhancing your Japanese search.

    Page content development

    We’ll start by focusing on existing text and information content available on your site, including Japanese translations of existing English content (this will include sections, descriptions, news / articles, and more). After reviewing the current status of your content, we will then do a thorough research to find new ways to expand it. Editing and adding content will enhance your site’s exposure to your Japanese market.


    We analyze the backlinks of your competition to find the most relevant sites and services in your particular field in Japan. We use our analysis to expand and reach other relevant groups to follow. Backlinks are obtained by requesting a backlink or earning it by providing their site with selected important content.

    Media and Influencer Reach-Out and Coordination

    We will engage influencers, bloggers, and non-competitive websites that write content that is in line with the interests of your Japanese clients. Access involves asking them to link to existing content and/or created from your website. Having links to popular blogs and websites will increase your visibility and the chances of readers of those blogs or websites clicking and sharing your link. This ensures the long-term performance of SEO in the form of third-party indicators.

    Product Management on Google and Yahoo! Japan Search Results

    We provide you with advanced thinking systems to maintain your company’s digital presence in and out of Japan. This will keep your website going and turn in the changing world of SEO. Taking these steps will ensure that your company always performs well in search results.

    Pursuing Review and Evidence

    One of the strongest forms of external content is reviews and testimonials from your own customers. We will promote website content and copy that encourages your readers to leave comments; therefore, increasing the overall reliability and reliability of your website.

    Monthly reporting and consultation

    Our standard reporting will include data such as keywords followed. As well as complete details about your niche in Japan with a view to SEO. We will also include possible feedback on the next steps. Your company should take in order to stay competitive and maintain your search standards here in Japan.

    Our Services –

    SEO In Tokyo

    ThatWare is a base for corporate digital marketing for more than 5 years since its foundation. We have grown web site consulting business centred on SEO service and CRO service. 

    SEO In Yokohama

    SEO Services That Optimize For Searchers And Search Engines. And Bring Your Site Major Online Visibility And Organic Traffic.

    SEO In Osaka

    Based in India, we are a bilingual SEO and Digital Marketing agency in Japan. We specialize in all aspects of SEO including On Page SEO, SEO Audits, Content Marketing, PR & Link Building Outreach.

    SEO Kawasaki

    ThatWare is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and more.

    SEO In Kyoto

    Our company’s Kyoto SEO is an internal countermeasure center, we will not take measures against SEO that relied on external links. 

    SEO In Fukuoka

    At ThatWare, we can either work directly with your client or provide a complete SEO/SEM “white label” package for you to present to your customer. Get your custom today for SEO Services Japan. Fill out the above and our team will contact you.