digital marketing exclusive pack @ $89/month

Only at 89 usd per month

Yes you heard that right! 

Thatware is providing exclusive digital marketing and seo package only at 89 USD per month. 

This pack is suitable for businesses which are struggling with low funds and revenue generation. Specially crafted for start ups and business owner’s with limited  capital.  

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Digital Marketing exclusive

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Join us and allow us to take your digital marketing in to the next level 💪

Our deliverable's ☟

SEO Audit

We will perform an in-depth SEO audit

GSC fixes

We will support with Google Search Console analysis & fixes


We will conduct high level competitor, SWOT & gap analysis

URL mapping

SEO Friendly URL structures will be managed

crawl | index

We will help your website in crawling & indexing by google


We will do 10 business profiling a month (ORM)


We will help in deploying 1 AI module per month

Tools fixes

We will do the fixes based on SEO Tools such as Ahrefs etc.


We will help in integrating schema markup's for 10 pages

Blog Posting

We will publish 1 blog per week tailored to your business

Adv. SEO

We will deploy 3 Advanced SEO strategies a month

Tech SEO

Complete tech SEO fixes along with mobile first indexing

Social media

We will take care of SMO, 2 posts a week


We will provide weekly analytics and reporting along with CRM

On-page fixes

Page Wise fixes would be done for 10 pages

Low hanging

Low hanging fruits will be fixed such as h1, robots, 4xx etc.


50 exact match, long-tail & LSI keyword research


We will help with internal links, in-links and navigation setup


We will help with google penalty, toxic links & malware recovery


We will do 40 high DA Backlinks a month

Local SEO

We will optimize GMB and provide 10 local listings


Monthy delivery Report

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Weekly rank Report

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Weekly Progress Report

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Apple vs Apple report

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With just $89/month you get the following:

1. 360 degree SEO services
2. Advanced SEO services
3. 50 Keywords optimization
4. Social Media Optimization
5. AI-Based SEO
6. Google Penalty recovery
7. Page-wise optimization
8. Reputation Management
9. High DA Backlinks
10. Local SEO and Blogs
11. Dedicated support & CRM​

SEO companies offering 150 keywords services, estimated = 1500 USD

Social Media, Content & PPC services, estimated = 800 USD

CRO & Penalty recovery consultation services, estimated = 2000 USD

Advanced SEO services, estimated = 1800 USD

hence you are saving big with thatware 😉
our $89/ month vs $6100/month market price


We hope you have now got the full clarity on the deliverables and our commitments.

So why to wait further, just fill out the form and allow us to take care of your digital marketing needs.  

If you are still not convinced, scroll down to read some of our FAQ’s and further information’s.  

grab this opportunity now! fill the form

still scrolling down? We have 2 guesses …

Guess 1: You want to try some newer approach, more customized, more advanced and more strategic solution for your online business

Guess 2: You are curious in finding how we are able to provide services at low cost package and read our further FAQ's to know more

incase if it is guess 1, then the solutions are below

chapter 1 : Advanced seo

If you want to try a newer approach for SEO then we would recommend to look at our Advanced SEO  services. Visit the link below!

BENEFITS: With the help of advanced SEO services you can take your search engine optimization benefits into a whole new level. The strategies and solutions are unique. Moreover, customized strategies will be deployed for your campaign and all will be white labelled. 

END OUTCOME: With the help of advanced SEO services you can expect  3x more result in terms of KPI’s and 4x faster delivery time. 

Who should try this: Any website with complex architecture with large number of pages should try this service definitely.   

chapter 2 : Ai based seo

If you want to take your business into the next level in terms of competitiveness and technology stack.  Visit the link below!

BENEFITS: With the help of AI based SEO services you can make your business highly competitive, specially  if you want to rank for high difficulty and high competitive keyword in SERP. 

END OUTCOME: Strong ranking of high competitive keywords and 5x boost in SERP visibility. 

Who should try this:  Anyone who comes from a competitive niche  and crowded marketplace & wants to enjoy top notch technology stack.  

chapter 3 : fully managed digital marketing services

If you want dedicated and strategic approach to your online business from A to Z. Visit the link below!

BENEFITS: With the help of fully managed services, your entire work and activities will be done by our inhouse dedicated marketing team. One can enjoy the best of the digital marketing services  with unlimited support. 

END OUTCOME: With 360 degree support of the entire digital marketing campaign, you can have daily updates from our dedicated team. Alongside, we still be working with numerous KPI’s   

Who should try this: Any brands with large budget and huge audience, specially  Large corporates and fortune companies.

incase if it is guess 2, then the FAQ'S ARE BELOW

1. why is it so low in cost, only $89 a month ?

It’s not low in cost rather we are only taking the genuine charges . Unlike other SEO companies, we value our customers and we understand the struggle of the business owners who have limited funds. Further more, Thatware has huge inhouse team of SEO experts and man power in India. There after being an overseas company with high man power further reduces the cost. It’s also a proof that we do not outsource our work, everything is done in-house.     

2. what is the time frame for all the deliverables ?

All the deliverables will be performed month after month. Team will keep sending the reports from the week one itself. Be assured all the deliverables will be performed every month.   

3. do we need to continue month after month ?

Digital Marketing is a continuous process. The more you do the better you grow. There is  no limit on growth. Its our advice to keep the Digital Marketing activities a long run game. However, we will never force to stay forever the decision is totally upto you.  

4. Is there any agreement or TOS ?

No harsh agreement or hidden terms of service. Go as you like it! 

5. How will the success be measured ?

Every Thursday our team will be sending a progress report which will be comparing a range of KPI’s. As you move forward you can compare apples vs apples.

6. How will the process be managed ?

All the activities and the work journal will be managed on basecamp which we use to manage our projects and activities. You can read more here

7. Do we need to send any credentials ? if yes, will there be any security ?

Yes you need to send us certain credentials such as Google analytics Access, Google Search Console Access, Google Tag Manager Access and Website logins. We will take care of the security by taking a back up of your website each and every week. And this would be stored in our internal secured server.  

8. Does this package have any restrictions ?

The package do not have any restrictions until and unless if the website have any complex issues and needs more advanced services and solutions. We will notify you before starting the campaign. 

9. I have a large website will the package of $89 applicable ?

NO! in that case you need to choose either of Advanced SEO services, AI Based SEO services or Fully managed services. Feel free to contact us and we will guide you  with a best possible package.

10. I have custom requirements what will be the pricing ?

Feel free to contact us and we will guide you  with a best possible package.

11. How will the payment be collected ?

The payment will be collected in PayPal, Payooner or wire transfer.    


Yes you need to pay in advance as it helps us to setup the team from the beginning. 

13. How will the quality be ensured ?

We have already shared some of our samples earlier in the page. Further more, before proceeding with any execution or any implementation we will always take a prior approval from your end. Moreover, we have in-house quality analyst’s to check each and every work,  in this way the quality will be 100% ensured.