Analyzing Ranking Competitor Content using Google’s Custom Search Engine

Analyzing Ranking Competitor Content using Google’s Custom Search Engine

Introducing Programmable Custom Search Engine by Google

With Google’s new Programmable Custom Search Engine (PCSE), you can create your own custom search engine to search the web quickly and easily. This new search engine allows you to create an engine tailored to your needs and interests. You can set up the search engine to search specific websites and even limit the search to a certain language or region.

Competitor Content using Google's Custom Search Engine

You can use the search engine to look for specific topics and keywords and find the most relevant and up-to-date information. You can also save your search settings to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for in the future. PCSE makes it easier than ever to find the information you need.

Why Google’s Custom Search Engine to Analyse Competitor Content

In recent years Google has been focusing primarily on Keyword Intent and Query relevance as one of the top Ranking factors. That said, it has become more important for SEO to find ways of estimating and matching content relevance to their target keywords.

Google’s custom search engine lets you do just that. Since:

  1. This Custom Search Engine uses Data available from a predefined set of Websites.
  2. The Search Engine Uses the Same Core Google AI that powers its main search engine.
  3. The Search Engine is highly Customizable, enabling search, video as well as image search.

How to use Google’s Custom Search Engine to Analyse Competitor Content

Step 1

Find a list of Keywords for which your website ranks on the 2nd – 5th page. (11 – 50th Position).

For this blog, we have found some keywords ranking on the 2nd page for the Website

knee pain sleeve

braces for neuropathy

arm wrap for pain

shin sleeves

Step 2

Get your list of Top Ranking Competitors.

Step 3

Go to

Step 4

Put the competitors into the “What To Search Section” while setting up.

Step 5

Choose your preference and hit “Create”.

Step 6.

You can Preview the Website through a custom Link that will be provided in a Pop-Up

Step 7.

Open your newly created Search Engine and search for any of the keywords selected before.

Step 8.

Upon hitting search, you will find a list of the top competitor content ranking for the given term. 

Step 9.

The Top 3-5 Content pieces or pages must be nailing the relevancy metric, which is why Google ranks at the top.

It would be a good idea to create your targeted landing page based on the model of these pages.


The best way to create a content model that can best nail Google’s relevancy algorithm is to imitate the content ranking in Google’s SERP results for a given search query.

However, the Custom Search Engine helps us to find the most relevant ranking pages within a set of predefined competitors or any other subset of data.

That is a nice detail to add, which can allow any business owner to spy on which content among his own circle of competitors is delivering the most relevant content and enable him to get the best inputs.

Thus improving upon their own Content Marketing Strategy.