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Tuhin Banik is the Founder, Director and Search Scientist of ThatWare. He started his career as a digital marketing professional and later he turned his profession into a real SEO ninja with scientifically driven SEO strategies and best practices. He is also recognized as search scientist with over 12+ years of experience. Mr. Banik holds 8 master degrees in the digital marketing industry and holds several international awards & recognition. He is also Google & Facebook certified. At present, he is helping various Fortune Companies in tackling seo problems and he is also contributing towards search research and engineering in various departments such as semantic search, natural language processing, information retrieval, data mining, artificial intelligence and much more. You can Read More about him.

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Mohsin Veerani is the Cheif Marketing Officier (CMO) of THATWARE for the United States of America with ongoing distribution rights for Search Engine Optimization. He is responsibile for the growth and management of Sales teams focused on growing market share in United States of America. He has also the responsiblilities for billing and proper management for all North American clients and for growing company location database with phone numbers listed on the company site and all tier 1-3 directory listings.

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Mr. Santanu Chakraborty is our Senior Marketing Executive & CFO of ThatWare. He started his career as a pro analytics expert and later he turned his profession into a full market research specialist and an online marketing consultant. He is also recognized as an expert marketing professional with a decade of experience. Mr. Santanu is also Google certified in Analytics and holds several international awards and recognition. At present, he is helping various SEO firms and businesses with his marketing skills to drive maximum ROI and sales funnel. He also contributed a lot to social media marketing and optimization. Mr. Santanu is also responsible for data-driven SEO strategies (including R language) and the implementation of its best practices.

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Ms. Sneha Datta is our Chief Advanced Off-page SEO Executive. She handles all the advance off-page department related works from ThatWare. She is also an international expert commonly known for her data-driven approach. She is the senior engineer at ThatWare who handles page rank algorithm issues along with link juice flow and architecture. She is also in-charge for semantics when it comes for the off-page sector. Ms. Datta is also logically smart and she believes in smart work. Thereafter, she combines modern information retrieval strategies into the link building sector. Ms. Datta also handles web-spam and she is the backbone for SAAS initiatives for ThatWare due to her creative approach for embedding advanced software. She also has expert knowledge in designing.

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His alias name is Sarba, we call him as the SEO expert and senior most SEO consultant within the department. He is responsible for the architectural search structure of websites and best known for his reputation management strategies. He is highly devoted to the findings and research of search ranking factors. Mr. Sarba continuously keeps a check over Google updates and changes. His contribution for ThatWare towards semantic search engineering and data mining is incredible.

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Mr. Kuiry handles the advanced Search engine optimization department and is responsible for all advanced SEO methods and rankings strategy. His greatest skill is handling all the correlation factors of Google. Mr. Kuiry uses extensive mathematics for correlating various ranking factors and optimizing websites to its best. He also handles Google penalties and suggests remedies for improving traffic acquisition and SERP rankings. He also contributed a lot to dynamic semantic implementation.

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Mr. Ghosh is a conversion rate optimization pro. He also handles reputation management issues and suggests various ways & strategies as a remedy. Furthermore, he also handles the departments of on-page website SEO analysis, SEO site audits, WordPress SEO, and is responsible for carrying out all the advanced search & digital marketing reporting. He is also responsible for the development of the AI,  Machine Language, SAAS tools.

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Ms. Pal is an advanced link builder and handles the off page department. She is a specialist for studying the pattern of PageRank and link juice flow within a network and works as a team leader to diagnose and detect areas of improvements in terms of backlinks, referring domains, trust factor, authority signals, brandings, and many more metrics. She is also responsible for social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO).

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Mr. Pal handles digital marketing research department and is an expert R and C-programmer. He explores Google patents and further analyzes Google & website ranking behaviors. He prepares lot of coding kinds of stuff which is extensively used by the search engineering departments to execute a lot of semantic & natural language processing strategies. He is also responsible for finding out new seo strategy and suggest ways for its implementation.

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Mr. Santra works as a semantic search engineer, data scientist, and natural language processing expert. He also contributed to information retrieval and helps to combine all the techniques into search engineering. He is also an active programmer such as Python, R language, and Java. He handles the complete professional seo research department and emphasizes more towards the technical side of online marketing.

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Mr. Biswanath Das is the financial and legal advisor. He handles all the works related to the legal and financial department.

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Ms. Ghosh works as a search engine optimization expert and has expert knowledge in both On-page and Off-page department.

Our Mission

At ThatWare, we as a team work extremely hard in helping common people, small business owners, middle-sized businesses and fortune companies to prosper with their online business and sales funnel. We provide customized digital marketing strategies and solutions to every businesses and niche irrespective of the competition. We also keep ourselves updated with the latest digital marketing trends which one can find across Search Engine Journal, Moz etc.

Our solutions and strategies are completely different from top seo companies across the world. Our sole mission is to maximize the return on invest and hike sales funnel whilst maintaining an exponential growth on business capital turnover.

We are unlike other best seo agencies in the world as because we don’t just try to sell a service or a seo package. Instead, we provide customized smart search solutions with advanced techniques.

We are quite lazy to wait for several months or years to see some growth or progress. So, we believe in quick turnovers and one doesn’t need to wait for several months or years to see some good progress or gain. We make progress happen from Day 1 itself. This is the level of the commitment and dedication with which we are working at ThatWare. Our uniqueness is our strength.

Our Goal

First and foremost, our main goal is to build the shelter for the dog and other animals (as much as we can). We are an animal lover and whatever we do, we try our best to protect animals and their rights, whatever way possible.

Our second goal is to provide advanced education as open as possible to many out there who are talented but lacks the necessary sources of funds to get the proper education.

ThatWare almost spends 47% of the companies capital in the welfare of animals and on education purpose. We provide free treatments, shelter, food and caring for many stranded dogs as of now but we have a goal to expand it more and more for the betterment of other animals as well. ThatWare also spends a handsome amount of resources for free education and training (such as Internet terminology, basic education, few advanced trainings, and etc) to many rural areas. We have a dream to expand it beyond the horizon so that we may able to help as much as we can within our captives.

Our Thoughts

Our main priority is to help peoples and businesses who want to take their online presence to a whole new level. And it has been one of our many thoughts from day one itself. We believe in putting business needs first, and this is why we continuously create various resources, strategies, plan of action and researches to help ease the challenges of internet marketing.

We also work hard and put countless days into our efforts in making online marketing delightful as found in Search Engine Land and various SEO forums.


We are unlike other best seo companies out there, who use traditional seo practices and strategies. Instead, we at ThatWare have a different vision towards seo analysis and digital marketing strategies. We follow up with the top-notch professionals across several locations such as San Diego, New York, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Seattle, and other first-tier countries as well.

Our seo professionals cum developers along with research specialist’s work immensely hard in providing advanced seo help. We also explore deep dive into high-level topics such as semantics, natural language processing, correlation factors, data mining, machine learning, search engine algorithms, search engineering, Google Patents, artificial intelligence and much more.

Our aim for next couple of years is to become the best seo firm and best digital marketing agency with a mission to help communities and masses ranging from small business seo to Fortune companies in driving huge online business success in terms of exponential growth, sales funnel hike, ROI improvement, traffic acquisition, branding and improving the online presence with all-new researches and strategies.

We also provide free seo analysis and tips for 100% of the peoples who approach us for seo consultant services and various online marketing challenges. We never try to sell any package or charge for a consultation. In Fact, our consultation hours are unlimited.

Last but not least, we continuously try to build various DM resources and improve lots of online marketing challenge via our latest technology, frameworks, API, and strategies.

Would you like to get our free consultation today?

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This is a crazy thing to ask! But we will say that you should definitely care. Wait for a second – Did we just mention that you should care about ThatWare and our services?

The answer is a BIG NO. Confused?

Well, here’s the answer! We actually never force anyone to buy our services or any kind of packages. In Fact, we giveaway almost 99.99% of our top-notch secrets with step by step explanation for free (right from our blog section alone). And even more, a proper customized key seo strategy and solutions from our consultancy page (all without asking for a penny).

This is where we differentiate ourselves from other seo marketing experts because we want you to care about our strategies and research. Our research, methodologies, plan of actions and strategies are likely to solve a majority of the online marketing challenges and difficulties. Moreover, we present each of our solutions and research with a vast source of case studies, citations and live statistics. We cover in-depth case studies pertaining to any particular research or strategy and also embed a provable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) with step by step guide.

Just like we said, our mission is to solve various internet marketing challenges as far as practical and make it 100% free and open source so that it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

I am not blaming any agencies out there, but most people still consider digital marketing as an expensive service. This is yet another reason, why we intend to make an online marketing campaign as easy as possible. Since our affordable seo can nearly solve out most of the challenges in a smarter way, therefore, this is something which one should definitely care. We make marketing delightful.


We generally disclose 99.99% of the top-notch frustratingly opaque seo secrets with detailed step by step explanation about the implementation process along with provable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) with step by step guide.
We also provide provable case studies along with relevant statistics and data in support of our statements.

Furthermore, we directly provide solid references with a documented result obtained by our seo optimization services.

P.S:- Some of our clients have us NDA signed on, in that case, we are unable to disclose those. But whatever might be the case, our sole mission always is the same; that is, to make top-notch DM strategies and secrets as open source as possible.


By now, you must be wondering and excited on how you can take your online business to a whole new level and see an incredible hike in sales funnel, improvement in ROI and growth in traffic acquisition and leads.

Well, the good news is we are equally excited to help you out with your online business and help you prosper with your sales funnel.

Here’s one simple thing which you can do right now. You can hit the below Free Consultancy button and fill out the necessary details.

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You can discuss almost anything about your online marketing challenges and problems which you are currently facing or dealing with. ThatWare will not charge a single dollar for your free consultation. The best part is that you can have the free consultation for 3 consecutive days irrespective of any hour limit or time frame and you will also get an extensive free marketing analysis seo report.


Well, we don’t just simply follow and perform traditional digital marketing and seo methods. In Fact, whenever we come across any new project, we try to discover the loopholes and then try to solve those within a very short period of time.

Our most strategies and techniques use advanced methods such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, semantics engineering, data mining, probabilistic mechanisms, R, Python, and much more advanced and exciting stuff.

We also constantly follow up Search Engine Roundtable, Marie Haynes, Neil Patel, Moz, Google patents, Aleyda Solis and many premier seo agencies and experts around the world. We make sure that we are up-to-date with all the latest trends and buzz within the industry.

We also help many internet marketing and fortune companies to tackle most of their hard end challenges via machine learning and AI.

Our developers, scientist’s, researchers and coders work immensely hard in order to prepare a well-defined solution for many difficult circumstances which may arise in this gigantic world of marketing.

One can follow our blogs and case studies where we update all topmost secrets with relevant stats and KPI’s.

We at ThatWare, also study how Google algorithms work and make appropriate strategies as a solution for a majority of the algorithm updates. Furthermore, ThatWare is also recognized as a Certified Google Partner and have over a decade of expertise professionals working in the field.

Are you struggling with your online business in terms of leads and traffic?
Are you concerned about your ROI?
Are visitors leaving your site?
Are you looking for a different kind of seo optimization services?
Are you facing a decline in your sales funnel?
Are you facing unnatural links penalty?
Are you facing difficulties with your bing or e-commerce seo?
Are you facing a sudden or steady drop in your rankings?
Are you bored with the old school methods of marketing?
Do you want to keep yourself ahead of your competitors?

If your answer is yes then you are at the right place!

ThatWare will help you to overcome all of your online marketing challenges ranging from search engine marketing, social media optimization to advanced reputation management. Our strategies and best practices are all apart from any kind of agencies which you might come across. We use a proper blend of data science along with AI cum machine learning into digital marketing to ease out most of the challenges.

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