Lockdown is  taking a toll on your physique, going through a loss of muscle mass and strength.  Well its known what is to be done, EXERCISE. Now when we think about exercising or working out or breaking a sweat, we do know that we need some accessories, instruments that help us to work ourselves out in a better and more effect way so that the effort gets depicted on our body frame.

For all the gym freaks out there, we know that from biceps to core, from legs to chest, there one item that we all use while working these specific parts out.  Yes, it is dumbbells.   Be it any gym or any health club, one will compulsorily find an array of dumbbells laden with a variety of weights. Furthermore, for people who find it more comfortable to workout in the comfort of their house, dumbbells are something which even they possess. Due to its small dimension, modification capacities and portability it is a must have for every person who wants to stay fit.

Different people aim for different category of workout and to be honest in todays scenario there are so many hi-tech machines that focus on specific muscle development. The issue with such machines is that they are quite bulky and often very expensive something which is not suited for personal use. However, for those who aim to build up body strength where they use their own body as resistance(weight), dumbbells are extremely useful in such scenario because it can be used as an amplification to your own body weight.

Be it isolation exercises for example by bicep curls or shoulder raises dumbbells have multiple uses when it comes to multiplanar movement or full body exercises. Ultimately it leads to a variety of strength outcomes along with flexibility also having a positive impact on ones cardio respiratory fitness.  There are two kinds of overload that can lead to muscle growth one being mechanic and the other one being metabolic. Heavy dumbbells provide mechanical while moderate weighted dumbbells provide metabolic overload. They help establish both inter and intramuscular coordination which further helps to promote muscle activation. In case of compound, multijoin or multiplanar movement light dumbbells are used while heavier dumbbells activate more no. of muscle fiber in a specific muscle. On one hand where machines provide unidirectional motion or a very specific movement pattern dumbbells on the other hand can be used creatively to compose a compound movement pattern to develop task or movement specific strength.

Top things in minds of customers before buying a dumbbell-

  • Which is the best quality of dumbbell ?
  • Which is the brand I should choose for Dumbbells?
  • How to buy a dumbbell?
  • Is online purchasing of dumbbell safe?
  • How do I know about more types of dumbbells?


These are some extremely effective tools to exercise with. These not only helps you to strengthen your arms, but also helps in developing better core strength and better balance. It comes in a pack of 2 and has a total weight of 100kgs (50×2).


  • The durability of this product is high, made with materials of very superior quality.
  • Very ideal for body builders and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Built from a single mould thereby not at all prone to breaking on slamming.
  • Ridged handlebars which offers very good grip.
  • Rubber-shielded construction
  • Embossed brand logo.

If round shaped dumbbells are what you are looking for then COCKATOO RUBBER COATED PROFESSIONAL   is a great deal for you. The quality of the product with its superior durability just make it a very lucrative product.


  • Proper weight training involves maintaining proper balance. Not having a proper balance may lead to freak injuries. However, this particular product boasts a single mould construction which in turn results in equal weight distribution. The final result being a stress and injury free work out.
  • The quality of materials used for the making of this product is state of the art and boasts premium quality. Hence the product can be used for a long time and can endure extended periods of usage. The possibility of getting disintegrated or getting decayed is completely out of question which is absolutely advantageous for the user.
  • The most crucial part of a dumbbell is the grip that it has, but often it has been seen that the grips end up being quite slippery. However, this particular product boasts a ridged design on the grip. This provides a security from any kind a slipping accident while working out hence rules out any risk of getting injured.
  • Dumbbells that are rubber coated are apt for being used in gyms because it has no probability of getting dented or scratched on an event of slamming. This also ensures no kind of damage to the floor mat. The given feature also makes it quite apt for those who find working out at home more comfortable. Storage is an issue for those who are working out at home, however the product is quite compact hence it can be slipped in anywhere.
  • Dumbbells which are not coated often end up damaging the surface in the event of slamming. However, this particular product has a thick rubber coating that completely rules out the possibility of surface damage. The cushioning effect of the thick rubber coating also makes them quite tough in order to withstand long term use.
  • The dumbbells boast a bold logo which is a clear depiction of the superior quality of the product. Not only does it boost confidence but also make the product very unique and gives an exclusive vibe to it.

CONS:  This product is not a bouncer dumbbell.


A product of the renowned KORE FITNESS, this a set of extremely premium quality dumbbells with options of choosing the combination of weights which is apt for your usage.

The options provided are as follows:

  • 5kg
  • 5kg + 10kg
  • 5kg + 7.5kg


  • 5kg x 2 hexa dumbbells
  • A combination of gym equipment for the perfect workout
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • A perfect muscle builder
  • In-Box Contents: 5kg x 2 Hexa Dumbbells
  • Other Features: A Perfect Muscle Builder, A Combination Of Gym equipment for The Perfect Workout, Highly Durable And Long Lasting
  • Country of Origin: India

  If fixed hexa dumbbells are what you are looking for, this product is not just up to the mark but will definitely surprise the expectation of the buyer with its premium quality and durability.


  • This product is a decent pair of dumbbells and nice ridged handles. The grip is great on using gym gloves because the metal ridged handle is quite treading. Due to the extremely ridged handle bar and superior grip this is a really good product for doing compound exercises.
  • Also, the hexagon shape provides the best supporting grip for doing workouts in home or Gym. Hexagonal shape provides greater stability with risk of rolling at all hence completely eliminating the chances of any kind of accident.
  •  Weights are equal as the cast iron core is of very premium quality and state of the art and with this price range, it’s perfect for home workout.
  • The chiselled design with the shiny handle bars gives the product a very elegant look and gives your arms the look it deserves.
  • The entire set up is very compact hence storing isn’t an issue at all also with the hexagonal design rolling isn’t a factor at all.


  • There are no manufacturer Symbol neither on packaging Box nor on the dumbbells and hence You cannot check if it was a Kore product or not.
  • Grip is not comfortable for bare hand as there are threads which hurting your hand. Initially you should use gym gloves for using this dumbbell.

In a crux you may go with this product if you use gym gloves due to the ridged handlebar  however  if you are a beginner or intermediate to the resistance training and want to burn your fat in a fast way it is  a great deal  since it’s a bit cheaper and provides to basic workout plan in your daily routine.


A great product to begin you way for daily workouts and exercising at home, with impeccable weight balance and made up of materials of very premium quality this item is not only apt for home workouts but also extremely durable and long lasting with.  It also comes with a variety of choices when it comes to colours and also combination of weights.


  • Black/Red                                                      
  • Blue/Red
  • Blue/White
  • Green/Black
  • Black/White


  • 2KG X 2
  • 2KG SET OF 2
  • 4KG (2KGX2)


  • All in one dumbbell – the Aurion dumbbell set is the best entry-level multi-use dumbbell set
  • Noise reducing, floor protecting – the weight dumbbells are vinyl coating designed to reduce potential noise and impact damage to flooring caused by drop page.
  • Fitness weights for your workout – strengthen your entire body by using hand dumbbells in your workout routine.
  • Pair of hand weights in different sizes – choose your preferred weight for your exercises at the gym, at home, in the outdoors or at the office.
  • Aurion dumbbell set is the ideal personal training companion for speedy fitness weightlifting workouts at home to target areas such as biceps, triceps and a range of core muscle groups.
  • Bicep curls, bench presses, and shoulder raises are just a few of the exercises you can use these weights for to build and tone your muscles.
  • From 1kg to 6kg weight options, match each pair of weights to your reps to increase strength and endurance.
  • In-box Contents: 2 x 2 kg dumbbells.


  • For all beginners who are advised not to pick up heavy weights that might lead to muscle shock this product is apt due to its intermediate weight ranges. To sum it all up this is great for entry level people.
  • It is apt for an all body workout, compound workout due to its compact structure and weight hence can be utilized to strengthen the entire body.
  • A major concern while using dumbbells or weights is the surface damage that may be caused on dropping the weight or slamming it. However due to the vinyl coating and round design it reduces the damaging impact on striking the floor which again would consequently lead to significantly less noise.
  •  As mentioned earlier with regards to this particular product you have the choice to select you own weight combination hence you can pick up your preferred weight to exercise at home, gym or any other place of your choice.
  • For those working out at home storage will always be a concern, however with this very compact design it can be very easily stored as per your own convenience.
  • Having the option of weights from 1kg to 6kgs you can select any combination you want and develop muscles as per your own needs.
  • The ridged surface provides an extremely strong grip


  • The quality of vinyl used could be upgraded as it seems that the outer covering may wear out over time.
  • Colour coating used over the material doesn’t seem set enough for long term usage and might wear out on rough usage.
  • The round geometry makes it extremely prone to rolling.

     In a crux the product is extremely apt for people who are new into working out and exercising along with the extremely trendy look makes it an item worth adding to array of workout equipment.



Another set of extremely premium quality dumbbell from the house of FITKIT offering you a good durable product with a trendy look and a long extremely comfortable handle which offers a very safe grip. You have a combination of weights to choose from.


  • 1kg X 2
  • 2kg X 2
  • 3kg X 2
  • 4kg X 2


  • In-Box Contents: 2 Vinyl Dumbbells (on ordering size 2 Kg you will get 2 Dumbbells of 1Kg weight each)
  • Special shape having a flattened curve prevents the dumbbells from rolling, these dumbbells are designed for preventing rolling, easy to stack and easy to store as they are very compact.
  • Dumbbells are coated with soft durable vinyl material that offers a non-slip grip and to protect the floor in the event of dropping the weight or slamming.
  • Aerobic training vinyl dumbbells are apt for home cardio, bodybuilding, strengthening muscles and other general exercises.
  • These dumbbells are covered in an anti-slip polymer called neoprene (polychloroprene) which heavily increases grip during long workouts sessions or running that is it even offers good grip while sweating.
  • A hard-wearing coating provides a very durable and long-lasting effect to the weight even of daily excessive usage.
  • The dumbbells are cast in one solid piece with strong resistance to denting or wearing out.
  • With long & smooth handle, the dumbbells provide ample space yet slip free using experiences for your hands.
  • 4 Available Weight Sizes -2kg – 4kg – 6kg – 8kg


  • The shape of the weights at the end of the handle bar is quite unique. Despite being round the curve is slightly flattened which provides it stability and prevents it from rolling away. The flattened curve also makes it very easy to stack.
  • The polymer which is used to make this particular product is called neoprene which is a kind of vinyl. The speciality of the material is that it is quite soft yet very durable hence can withstand daily prolonged usage.
  • The polymer specializes in providing a very safe and strong grip. It boasts a completely skid free surface so on using it during prolonged workout sessions thereby ruling out any kind of accident due to slipping of weights.
  • Boasts superior quality providing a very strong resistance to wear, tear or denting thereby adds a prolonged life to the dumbbells and can be excessively used.
  • Due to superior quality and capable of withstanding damage it can be easily used in professional gyms but can also be used in home due to its compact structure.


  • With respect to the item that is being provided, the price point could have been made a little lesser.
  • Despite being an impeccable product the quality of it can still be improvised.

           In a crux an amazing product with extremely stylish and trendy looks that boats durability and strength, also can be used for variety of exercises and also compound workouts , hence an amazing deal.



Kobo Vinyl Coated streamline body shape Dumbbell is just as functional as it is attractive having features of a flat side to keep the dumbbells from rolling. State of the art vinyl technology with a strong moulded design. It is made of excellent vinyl quality with the handle shaped ergonomically that provides a good support and grip. The dumbbell design allows weight to stay in place while the stored vinyl coating easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. It comes with a variety of weights to choose from.


  • 1kg X 2
  • 2kg X 2
  • 3kg X 2
  • 4kg X 2
  • 5kg X 2


  • 1 Pair Dumbbells of 1 kg,2kg,3kg,4kg,5kg each for e.g. (1 Kg x 2 = 2 kg)
  • Vinyl coating is safe on floors and adds durability which protects the dumbbell from wear and tear over prolonged usage, also making it safe for the floor on which it is stacked on.
  • Handle is shaped ergonomically that makes it provide a great support and skid free grip. The geometry of the dumbbell allows the weight to stay in place when stacked.
  • Apt for intense workouts and cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, aerobics and more. Weights are made to work out on a professional grade quality and are also designed to perform to the full extent in commercial gyms, clubs but can easily be used in home.
  • Contoured handles of this vinyl dumbbells are designed for comfortable and safe handling practice. It can be held in hands while walking to boost calorie-burning that is apt for a compound workout situation. Perfect equipment to use while doing aerobics, cardio and step workouts.


  • Grip is an extremely important aspect when it comes to dumbbells, not only does it help to produce a more effective workout but also rules out any kind of accident in case of slipping. The ergonomically shaped handles provide an extremely secure grip which is absolutely skid free and thereby provides great support leading to a more effective workout.
  • The materials used for making the product is of premium quality and has immense durability which make it apt for commercial uses like gyms and health clubs. However, that does not rule out the fact that these dumbbells are also great for home usage, the specially designed handles and compact size makes it very easy to store.
  • The handles are contoured that is despite having a round geometry the specially made contoured surface make it very stable and prevents it from rolling, thereby making storage hassle free.
  • Damage to the floors or surface on which the dumbbells are kept is often a concern however the vinyl coating makes it go easy on floors preventing any damage neither to the floor no the product. The vinyl coating is also quite durable thereby  increasing the longevity of the product.


  • There have been complains that the material stains and if temperature fluctuates is prone to cracking

         In a crux the product is really innovative and trendy and is definitely durable enough to be        functional for a long time and give the value for which its worth.



This is a set of premium adjustable dumbbells and a home gym set that compliments different kinds of workout needs, the core material is made out of polyvinyl chloride while the rods are made up od stainless steel. The set allows you to explore different kinds of workout. It comes with different varieties of plates, bars and dumbbells. Not only is it a product that will allow beginners to experience intense gymming but is also equally effective for professionals. Ranging from exercising to lifting the set allows you to explore different levels of workout and fitness training.


  • Protoner PVC dumbbells 10 kg; Ideal For: Boys, Men, Senior, Junior.
  • 2 x 15″ dumbbell rod, 4 x 2.5 kg plates.
  • Free accessories: gym bag, sweat bands, hand gripper, skipping rope and pair of gloves.
  • Complete value for money as also provides a lot of accessories along with the dumbbells.
  • In-Box Contents: 2 x 15″ Dumbbell Rod, 4 x 2.5 kg Plates Free Accessories: Gym Bag, Sweat Bands, Hand Gripper, Skipping Rope and Pair of Gloves.
  • Country of Origin: India.


  • The complete set help you in performing different workout along with different level of intensities and endurance or resistance training not only in your home but also gyms because the product boasts extreme professional and commercial quality.
  • Comes with free accessories like gym bag, sweat bands, skipping rope, hand gripper and a pair of gloves that allows you to involve yourself in many different kinds of workouts. The freebies that you get along with this product to gives you a complete value for your money. 
  • Gloves are handy and has a good grip to lift the weights.
  • Sweat bands help in soaking up swat dripping from your hands during intense workouts thereby removes any possibility of slipping due to sweat,
  • Skipping is a very beneficial compound exercise that has a positive effect on all body parts and the rope provided is of superior quality.


  • The round geometry of the weights poses a threat of rolling away on dropping the weight or slamming it on the ground, which might lead to injury to a person or damage the property.
  • There have been minor complaints that the quality of polyvinyl chloride which is the core material of the plates aren’t up to  the mark and are prone to cracking on slamming

     In a crux the product is of substantial quality but the freebies that comes along with it makes this deal extremely lucrative and worth the money being spent.


Another great product from the house AURION, these fixed round dumbbells have amazing build quality. A well-loved product among athletes who use this product for strength training. However it can be effectively used in home, gyms or health clubs and gyms as well. Apt for both indoor and outdoor usage and extremely instrumental to build muscle and induce proper balance.


  • Weight options of 5kgs and 7.5kgs available.
  • Premium grade steel is used in the construction of the dumbbell giving it extreme durability in the event of most aggressive usage.
  • Boasts a solid chrome finish which prevents it from getting scratched or dented.
  • The chrome finish also helps to protect floors and equipment.
  • Heads are pinned for to the handle bars which increases durability hence absolutely safe for both commercial usage as well as usage in gyms.
  • The main material is steel.
  • Handle bars are cushioned which not only provides a very comfortable but also a very safe grip.
  • In box contents: 1 pair of dumbbell set.


  • Apt product for commercial usage but also can be used for working out in homes. The durability of the product makes it very versatile.
  • The chrome plating is very easy to clean and handle, also owing to its extremely compact size it is very easy to store the dumbbells.
  • The handle bar comes with a soft cushion grip, which is extremely soft on the palms of the hand, also owing to increased friction, it provides a completely skid free grip thereby preventing any kind of slipping accident.
  • The core material out of which this product is made is premium grade steel, engineered to have a prolonged durability despite daily abuse or excessive usage.


  • The steel despite being of very good quality requires a little maintenance and might be prone to rusting if it is not maintained properly.
  • As these are fixed dumbbells weights can’t be adjusted as per our own needs and thereby poses a restriction.

     In a crux the product features, high quality solid steel dumbbell, solid metal chrome finish protects floors and equipment, pinned heads for commercial or home use, unique design ideal for home of commercial market, each weight of dumbbell is 1 kilograms, comes as pair (2 kilograms x 2 = 4 kilograms ), tones, builds arm muscle strength, ideal for light workouts, perfect for yoga, Pilates, power walking and fitness training exercises, easy gripping to pick up in hands all our deals are designed to offer cost-effective savings and bring satisfaction to the buyers . The price ranges in an intermediate level hence is worth the price paying for.


A premium quality pvc dumbbell made for bodybuilding. The core material is polyvinyl chloride which is an extremely durable polymer. The product is very strong plus the coating is absolutely skid free. The grip is very comfortable due to the smooth surface and metal ridges do not poke as in other case. The appearance of the product is extremely confident and classy, also the embossed logo gives confidence to the buyer about the quality of the product.


  • STABILITY, despite having a round geometry the innovative design lends stability to the entire structure. Its shape prevents it from rolling on the ground thereby preventing any kind of accident from occurring.
  • COMPACT DESIGN, made of cast iron for greater durability, thereby ruling out any possibility of denting or cracking, also storing and stacking becomes very east.
  • CUSHIONING PVC, covering dampens the noise made on impact for greater comfort.
  • COMPOSITION Bar: 100.0% Iron Coating: 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • GUARANTEE: 2 Years


  • The core material being pvc is extremely durable and versatile hence is competent to withstand rough and prolonged usage. There is no possibility as such of cracking or denting when it comes to this material and its built.
  • The design is one of a kind and is extremely innovative that is despite having a round geometry it has two flattened surfaces which lends stability to the entire structure, hence there is no possibility of rolling so it can be stacked very easily without any hassle.
  • The design is very compact hence storing is a very easy aspect so can be very easily used in case of a home workout scenario.


  • There have been complaints about the handle bar being uneven for the different sets
  • The quality of the pvc used can be upgraded considering the price range

      In a crux the product is of good quality supported with 2 years of guarantee thereby worth the price being paid for, thereby making it a deal worth catching.


a set of very premium quality hexa shaped adjustable category of dumbbells from the house of STARX. The core material is poly vinyl chloride which is in some aspects better than a cast iron core. PVC provides grater durability and longevity and is less prone to rusting. The set also comes with a lot of accessories along with the main handle bars and plates. This facilitates the owner to go through a variety of workouts from lifting to cardio to compound workouts,


  • IN BOX: 3kg x 4 plates = 12kg
  • 2 x Dumbbell Rods
  • 1 x Leather Gym Gloves, 1 x Gym Bag, 1 x Jump Rope, 1 x hand Gripper


  • The material is PVC hence providing a durable core material which is potentially better than cast iron and has no scope of rusting or denting.
  • Separate handle bars with separate weights allow customization of weights hence having the ability to go for a variety of work out patterns ranging from light cardio to heavy lifting.
  • The material is commercial graded thereby can be used in gyms or health clubs but at the same time can be used in homes as well.
  • The hexa geometry provides stability to the plates and prevents rolling of any kind.
  • Stacking the weights is very simple and easy, hence can be easily stored in the house owing to the compactness.
  • Accessories enable a wide variety of workout routines from cardio to forearm.


  • Complaints have been issued regarding faulty packaging and damaged product
  • Ridges of the handle bar seldom cause discomfort.

   In a crux a complete gym set at this price range is really a great deal, something worth spending your money on in order to get yourself from unfit to fit.



A product set out to chisel and strengthen your muscles; this premium quality vinyl dumbbell is apt for anybody looking to pave their way into the world of weight lifting. Build the body you desire with adjustable dumbbells; different weight plates allow create a variety of weight combinations with the dumbbells. You can carry out various exercises with the help of varying weights.  Aurion Vinyl dumbbell weights fitness accessory helps you build a toned body.


  • Aurion hand weights dumbbells can be used for strength, endurance, aerobic, cross fit, home, gym training and is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Pvc weights offer excellent non slip grip that is a skid free surface that heavily increase grip during long or running session.
  • Good pvc coating keeps the floor mat from being damaged on dropping weights or slamming.
  • Apt for using at home gym, studio class and can even be used as running weights.
  • Aurion weights pvc dumbbells are available in 1 x 2= 2kg, 2 x 2 = 4kg, 3 x 2 = 6kg, 4 x 2 = 8 kg, 5 x 2 = 10kg comes in the packing.
  • In-box Contents: chosen weight x 2 pieces


  • Extremely durable and is made up of very good quality pvc hence can be even commercially used for longer duration of time and can also withstand daily abuse.
  • The grip is comfortable yet secure allowing an effective workout.
  • Unique ridged edges make it less prone to rolling hence makes storing and stacking very easy.
  • PVC coating makes sure that the surface on which it is kept is not damaged due to its cushioning effect
  • A variety of weights to choose from hence different kinds of workout can be designed to target specific muscles.


  • Minor complaints about uneven distribution of weights
  • Discolouration may happen on prolonged usage.

 In a crux a really great product for beginners especially at this price point, thereby worth the money being spent. A really standard quality item whose longevity is more than enough with regards to the price being paid



There are a variety of dumbbells which one has to consider before buying one and can be essentially demarcated into 9 different categories.

  1. FIXED RUBBER DUMBBELLS- weights are fixed at the ends and cannot be adjusted however the rubber coating makes it very durable and capable of withstanding a lot of daily abuse. The handle is made up of a knurled piece of steel. It is least likely to dent or scratch the racks on which they are kept due to the rubber coating.
  2. FIXED URETHANE DUMBBELLS- these are very similar to rubber ones but the difference lies in material, Urethane is way more durable than rubber hence capable of withstanding greater daily abuse. It leaves no mark on rubber mats and has no smell as such which again is a minor complaint against the rubber counterparts.
  3. FIXED HEX DUMBBELSS- the weights attached at the ends of the steel bar possess hexagonal geometry thereby providing a greater stability so one won’t have to worry about rolling dumbbells on flat floors. Typically, they are made out of cast iron and has a very attractive look to it.
  4. FIXED CHROME DUMBBELLS- these are sleek and stylish with a classic chrome look and is completely different in appearance as compared to the other ones discussed.  Some of the chrome plated ones have no grip as such and is totally smooth while some have grips in fixed positions. There are adjustable versions of chrome dumbbells.
  5. ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELLS- the ones discussed so far had fixed weights, meaning that one has to buy each weight denominations separately, while with adjustable dumbbells the weights can be altered by removing or adding plates. There are many varieties of designs that makes switching weights back and forth very easy. Some designs come with an innovative locking mechanism.
  6. DUMBLE PLATE SETS- these are like small versions of barbells and barbell plates. It has a handle that has sleeves on both ends where the weights are slid on. There are two notches close to the centre to stop the weights from sliding to the centre. It also has clamps that stop the weight from falling off the bar. These are best for home workout as they are very space efficient and is way more convenient than having fixed dumbbells.
  7. STUDIO DUMBBELLS- usually used by instructors for showing exercises hence the maximum weight denomination of is quite low. They are available only in single pairs. These are completely covered in rubber or neoprene hence provides good grip.
  8. SPIN-LOCK DUMBBELLS- these are just like adjustable dumbbells but the difference being in their locking mechanism. There are little pieces called spinlocks that rotates onto the sleeves till it meets the plates and then tightens against them.
  9. KETTLEBELLS- these are ball shaped with a handle on top of them. They specialize in exercises that involve momentum and ballistics. They are mainly made out of cast iron or steel and may be coated with rubber or some other material providing a good grip.


  • The price point that will suit my budget as well as my needs
  • The main motive behind using the dumbbells that is whether you are using it to get ripped or are you using it for cardio exercises or running.
  • The weight or weights which you will be using or how often will you be increasing or decreasing them.
  • The focus point of your workout routine needs to be set before buying that is will you be going in for more weights or more repetitions.
  • Being aware of your own body limit, as weights can be bought but putting excessive weights can lead to muscle shock, so the weights should be chosen wisely.

So, now as we are all aware of the variety of options we have and what and what not to consider while purchasing a dumbbell why not let you all know the top 10   best quality dumbbells that are available and can be procured by you all at the click of a button.

            Apart from the 9 categories of dumbbells that we have already mentioned there are a few other factors one has to be kept in mind before choosing the best product that suites their needs for a suitable price point.

  • WEIGHT:  the weight you will be using depends upon the kind of training that you will be doing. Choosing the weights is extremely important in case you are buying fixed dumbbells because later on you won’t have the option to alter that is increase or decrease them. Further it has to be decided what the dumbbells are being used for that is for which specific muscle development is it going to be used (biceps, core, running).
  • HAND GRIP: this is relative to every person, whether you have sweaty palms or how big is grip, whether you will be using a glove or are you going to pick up the weights bare handed. The grip should be comfortable yet secure so that you can focus on the muscle instead of focusing on the grip.
  • TRAINING ROUTINE: if you are working out in your home or following the circuit set by your personal trainer you have to set how the dumbbells are going to be used that is whether you will be doing weighted squats or alternate bicep curls etc.
  • SPACE: the dumbbells should be bought based on the place where you will be storing it and the place where you will be using them to work out whether it be your home or gym or health club
  • SHAPE: this factor pops up when one has to choose if they will be just stacking the dumbbells or will also buy dumbbell racks to assort the dumbbells. If stacking is the choice then hexagonal shaped dumbbells is what one should go for because it offers no rolling as such.
  • ACCESSORIES: one can just start with just dumbbells but if you want to have a complete assorted set up, there are a few extra items that you might want to go for along with dumbbells
    • GLOVES: will save you from having blisters on your palms in case of very ridged handles.
    • BENCH: is essential to keep you shoulder blades level while pushing the weights straight up and then dropping them back while keeping your body levelled. A bench is very essential for maintaining this levelled stance.
    • MATS: often floors get damaged upon slamming of weights which is where mats come into play by offering the surface extra protection, ideally the mats should be thick enough to withstand the impact of the weights. They also help to dampen the noise that happen when weights are dropped
  • BUDGET: not only for dumbbells but for every item setting up a budget is very crucial because it helps you get a better idea about the kind of product and the additional features one would be getting at a certain price point. DUMBBELLS can have a wide range of price points.


  1. COCKATOO- an establishment of1981, under the banner of Anand Group, this is a company that has been dominating the sports market country wide and producing premium quality sports good ranging from badminton rackets, skating shoes, cycles accessories to home gym set ups. This company claims its dominance over a collection of more than 450 products and boasts over 10000 successful home gym installations.
    1. KORE- a company from the United Kingdom developed in the heart of Silverdale, North Staffordshire, this company boasts production of very premium quality products and their shipment all over the globe. The company has been accredited by many Medical Associations   owing to their wide range of products that are being used in physiotherapy. The company has their own list of instructors and professionals who check the product quality certifying its superior quality.
    1. AURION- a fitness institution under the FIVE K GROUP, this homegrown company produces a wide range of premium quality affordable products like dumbbells, weights, handlebars and home gyms. The quality of products is very up to the mark and boasts a very positive customer response.
    1. DOMYOS- a brand from Lille, France, the company not only specializes gym equipment’s, but also have a line of equipments meant for dancing and gymnastics.They boast a team of 150 members and 70 DOMYO coaches test out their product in a 12000sq ft. facility in the toughest of conditions.
    1. STARX- this a Czech company that have the most durable products out in the market, not only do they produce gym equipments but also make cages for CrossFit training.  This company has a worldwide market owing to its superior quality.
    1. KOBO- a fitness brand under M/S PAN INTERNATIONAL, a company that has worldwide distribution of fitness and exercise equipments. They have existed in the market for over 50 years. Having quality first being stated in its mission the company brings new innovations in quality checks and wordsmanship.
    1. PROTONER- this is an INDIAN company that has entered this niche market for a long time now and has their own line of fitness products ranging from grippers to home gyms. The company believes in service first and thereby provides indigenously produced top of the notch quality products that are capable of matching international standards.


                    Fitness isn’t just about body or physique but also the equipment being used in the process. The aspect of which person finds what brand best or comfortable or most effective is something quite relative. However, after extensive research and analysis it is quite safe to say that these are the top notch and best quality of items one can procure in the market. Along with it are extensive descriptions giving you an overview of what the product is and what should one expect from it with links to actually order one if it really suites your need.  If there are any confusions  as such before  buying there is also a buying guide which you can refer to in order to have a clear over view of what you are looking for.

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