Bras being the most important and intricate part of a woman’s attire becomes a daily essential a woman cannot afford to leave behind in her daily life. Hence it turns out be one of the most essential attire you can find in a woman’s wardrobe and this also makes women being very choosy and particular about buying bras in the market.

 A bra leaves a great impact on the fittings of a woman’s clothes. It hardly matters how expensive a dress one wears, but if the bra under the dress is unfitting or improperly worn then the entire look of the day gets jeopardised, by the wrong bra. Thus , relying on a good quality bra brands, perfectly sized bras, and perfectly fitting materials of the bras becomes an essential one has to keep in mind while purchasing their bras in the shops or online .

The comfort, luxury and constant support the bras provide to us, is something all women would not defer from giving it to their bodies on a daily basis. Being a constant companion on our bodies , clinging on to us daily, bras too deal with us in our good times and bad times.

In order to make you feel you good and refreshed from inside, bras are available in different sizes, styles, colours, prints and textures. However maintaining the best quality for our lingerie is the top priority for most women. In order to make it give you more clarity while buying your best suited bra according to your needs and convenience, presents you varied choices, tips on choosing the perfect size,   to offering you the best bra brands in India and also provide you with all answers to any query that may arise in your mind, before you choose your perfect bra.

                                      Top Bra Brands in India  
  BRA BRANDS                                                                                      BUY NOW
1.JOCKEY (Starting @Rs.219/-)              
2.CLOVIA (Starting @Rs.136/-)                
3.ZIVAME (Starting @Rs.246/-)                
4.PRETTY SECRETS (Starting @Rs.449/-) 
5.LOVABLE (Starting @Rs.110/-)               
6.TRIUMPH (Starting @Rs.799/-)             
7.AMANTE (Starting @Rs.234/-)               
8.ENAMOR (Starting @Rs.329/-)               
9.NIKE (Starting @Rs.798/-)                        
10.UNDER ARMOUR (Starting @Rs.1018/-)
  1. JOCKEY-

Found by Samuel T Cooper, Jockey International Inc. is an American brand which was founded in 1876.  Currently Jockey is one of the leading international lingerie brand. Being a 140-year-old company it is devoted to providing its customers with the best quality, comfort, and innovative lingerie with keen and subtle respect to fashion. Jockey In Indi Jockey India was set up in 1994 under Page Industries, with its primary objective to bring the internally renowned banner to Indian customers.

Jockey is one of the top selling and leading brand in India having millions of satisfied customers across the subcontinent, providing quality lingerie wear with comfort and care and long lasting quality. Indian women often go for Jockey as brand they can trust for their lingerie wear. Jockey manufactures bra based on comfort, support and the best fitting bras from all sizes S to XXXL, not leaving any size group out.

The variety of bras produced by Jockey are based on different bras like push-up bra , t-shirt bra ,camisole bra, daily wear bra, , plunge bra,  teen bras, daily wear,  padded and non-padded bras, lightly padded and high impact sports bra for large breasts. These bras emphasise on imparting exceptional features such as comfort, moisture-soaking, side shaper, seam – cut-and-sew and seamless. Apart from this style, patterns, quirky designs, latest demands and various colours, which cannot ever bore you. Also best quality daily wear bras are a go to option women opt from this company.

Kinds of bras available-

Jockey produces different varieties of bras ranging from T-shirt, Padded, Camisoles, Push Ups, underwired, moulded, beginners, seamless, plunge, basic, multiway, full Coverage, wire free, seamed Cup, sports, maternity and demi cupped.

Variety of patterns available in-

Solid coloured, patterned, and textured are the ranges of the bras available by Jockey.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

The bras by Jockey are made for extreme comfort of their customers which are made up of fabrics like Spandex, Elastin, Cotton and Polyamide.


Clovia is India’s fastest growing lingerie brand offering great varieties of bras. Widely known among Indian women it is the first to go on women and the last to come off and it means in between it t has many important roles to play. Clovia is trusted to provide of the best leading best lingerie wear which women across India trust.

Clovia provides one of the best material and fabric to make their bras and offers you varied range of products to suit different occasions and situations. Clovia is you’re most ardent and loyal supporter in your day of daily hustle-bustle. If you’re looking for durable, fitting and fashionable bras Clovia is you’re go to person. It is one of the best bras that provide durable and fitting bras for heavy breasted women, teenage girls, and maternity wear and also bras for multi-tasking long hour working ladies.

Clovia is all about plush, pretty and silky bras, the exact kind women want on their bodies to fit like a glove and which feels like their second skin.  This is what Clovia handpicks for you, offering every care, catering to your specific mood. Clovis is very specific about highlighting women’s hidden curves, and adding a sexy angle to your body and assuring you the comfort you never had before. Boring bras hardly come from Clovia, but instead they energise you with their quirky prints and patterns. Therefore Clovia offers you the luxury to access through their vast online collection available on, under the privacy of your home, and they will have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Kinds of bras available-

 Clovia produces a huge variety bras ranging from T-Shirt, Basic, Push Up, Plunge, Maternity, , Sports , Support, Moulded, Strapless, Sheer, Demi Cup, Full-Coverage, Wire free, Minimizer, Underwired, Bandeau, Bralette, , Balconette, Every day, Non-Padded, and Demi Cup.

Variety of patterns available in-

From self-designed to stripe to Lace to print to Solid and finally Satin Finish, Clovia never fails to amaze you with their unlimited collection.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

Clovia bras come in variety of fabrics ranging from cotton, blended, power net, nylon, jacquard, polyamide to Polyester.


A relatively new lingerie brand which started only back in 2011, but today is one of the leading lingerie producer in India. They are also one of the leading online store with millions of trusted and satisfied customers across the globe and in India. Zivame becomes a priority for most women, when it comes to taking care of their intimate needs. Producing super comfortable, high quality fabric and intimately perfect inner wears are what every women look forward from Zivame to and have almost always been satisfied with from the company.

Zivame has been offering uncomplicated lingerie shopping. Making you comfortable at home and Zivame gives you the opportunity to choose from the ranges of best suited bras with one simple click of a button. And then opens in front you a whole arena of bras, with huge variety of ranges and types, of which some of you might newly discover. If you want to choose your bras , so choose it from the best quality bras Zivame offers you from T-shirt Bras, Bralettes, Strapless Bras, Minimisers, Sports Bras, and more in every possible design, colour and to brighten up your mood every day. Zivame also has an exclusive collection of sports bra, designed for resisting much movement and offers great comfort and protective care to your breasts during heavy physical activities.

If your call for the best bra brand which offers innovation, comfort and best fitting all in one go then your go to option would be Zivame. About having the perfect sizes Zivame is the most trustworthy company, for it follows the unique FITCODE technology. This latest technology ensures that you know your current Bra size in just 60 sec making it simpler than ever, thus enabling you to find your best fit within a minute. Bras by Zivame is all about looking elegant and making you feel beautiful from both inside and outside, when you’re in a crowd or alone. Zivame bras suit all your moods and are a hit under any outfit you wish to wear at any moment of the day. Evenly crafted with uttermost care and comfort, befitting every kind of support and size , with innovation, devotion and care is what Zivame promises to its customers.

Kinds of bras available-

Zivame has trusted customers purchasing from its varied types of bras ranging from Push Up, T-Shirt , Sports, Maternity, Nursing ,Low Coverage Bra, Bralette, Camisole, Plunge, Balconette, , Non-Padded, Wired , Wire-Free, Strapless, , and Moulded.

Variety of patterns available in-

Zivame bras never bore you because they are available in Printed, Lace, Self-Design, Solid kinds, which screams of love from women across India.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Polyamide, Spandex are the fabrics Zivame offers to impart maximum care and comfort to its customers.


If you’re looking for best quality lingerie wear along with great comfort, Pretty secrets is your go to saviour. It is one of the top selling brand for lingerie wear in India. Women usually want trustworthy brands who will offer quality material and comfort to them throughout the day, Pretty Secrets offers you that utmost care and quality control to your lingerie.

Pretty secrets assures you the comfort and the stylishness both together in a beautiful way. The bras you with perfect fitting, without extra sneak outs from the sides, which might make you look awkward, however in doing so the key lies in choosing the perfect bra best suited according to your size. In terms of durability Pretty Secrets is a Brand you can surely rely on. It has millions of loyal customers and is a widely famous company for producing one of the finest lingerie.

Suiting and catering to your different moods and fashion requirements, Pretty Secrets allows you to indulge in the best suited bras for any kind of outfit you choose to wear, and they make you look perfect in it. Their experimenting with fabric, quality, designs and techniques help you to get hold of the best bras and give you the liberty to flaunt them as you want to. Pretty Secrets provides a good range of push-up bras, perfectly hold your breasts in their cups and help enhancing your cleavages giving you a much edgier and sexy look. Also they provide you with a wide range of daily wear bras, which keeps you utterly comfortable throughout the day, even making you sometimes forget that you’re actually wearing one! So making you look beautiful, sexy, elegant and perfect for every occasion and in your daily life, from inside is their priority and dedication they trustily offer their customers.

Kinds of bras available-

Producing different types of bras, Pretty Secrets offers you its wide range of bras such as- Front Zipped, Minimizer, Balconette, Every day, Push Up, Plunge, T-Shirt, Sports, Wire free, Convertible, Underwired, Demi Cup, Unlined, Bandeau, Bralette, Front Open.

Variety of patterns available in-

Pretty Secrets is available in four types of pattern namely- Lace, Self-Design, Printed, Solid.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

Quality has always been a top priority for this company, and hence in order to give you the best they make their bras with fabrics such as Cotton, Polyamide, Blended, Polyester, Nylon, Elastane, Spandex.


The company Lovable , incorporated in the year 1987, and since then has been one of India’s leading women’s lingerie  manufacturers. Subsequently. And on an exclusive basis for the territories of India, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. The products which are manufactured under the well-known brand  label of “Lovable” cater to the premium quality segment market in India.

‘Daisy Dee’ and ‘Lovable’ are the flagship brands of this company, and Lovable stands to be the one of most preferred brand in women’s innerwear in India. Lovable’s  leading production lies in understanding , being a part as well as being aware of the prevailing trends in the women’s leading lingerie market in India. Thus Lovable caters to the buying preferences of their satisfied customers and accordingly manufactures quality innerwear garments to assure their customers of product quality and fit consistency in trendy women’s lingerie. They believe that they have been successful in establishing one of the first international women’s innerwear brand in the Indian market.

Lovable prioritises the segments the customer highly demand as per their psychographics, biases and affinities, and the look and fit and features the customer’s desire. Lovable has established their product segments like All Day Long, Cotton Essentials, Encircle and Tease, at a time when women’s innerwear market was at its nascent stage. Lovable believes that these focused segments and their customer franchise have remained to be their major areas of expertise till date. Lovable’s designer studio is equipped with latest software with requisite hardware like digitiser, pattern grader, sampling, sewing machines and sample analyser to make the expert quality bras for their customers. Their design studio has a fully equipped team of designers, pattern makers and sample makers who put together international trends and innovative features in their lingerie products which are updated and influenced from visits to international women’s innerwear and raw materials fairs, industry literature and women’s innerwear websites. The Company continuously and meticulously works on the basis of consumer feedback, by visiting trendsetting international markets and meeting market participants at such markets.

Kinds of bras available-

Lovable has trusted customers purchasing from its varied types of bras ranging from T-Shirt, Padded, Non-wired, Full-Coverage, Sports, Balconette, Every day, Maternity, Demi Cup, Push Up, Minimizer Beginners, Non-Padded, Plunge.

Variety of patterns available in-

Lovable bras never bore you because they are available in four types such as Lace, Self-Design, Printed and Solid.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

The bras by Lovable are made for extreme comfort of their customers which are made up of fabrics like Blended, Power net, Nylon, Cotton, Jacquard, Polyamide, and Polyester.


It is almost like a global success story, when you hear the transformation of Triumph International from a tiny Southern German corset factory back in 1886 into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lingerie and underwear currently. Triumph being one of the leading lingerie brands today enjoys a presence in over 120 countries across the globe. For its flagship brands Triumph, sloggy, Val Isère, and HOM the company develops, produces and sells underwear, lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear, fusing excelling quality in workmanship, unrivalled fit and the latest in fashionable design for its millions satisfied customers.

Triumph International had set its foot in India in March 2002. As since July 2002 Triumph has been operating in the 6 metros and has now it has expanded its distribution across 52 cities in India. Triumph’s products are widely available at the National Chain Stores, online shopping sites and as well as in the leading retailers in these cities. Comfort and support are the primary objectives of this company, which offer you that exact elegant and classy look in all attires you wear. Triumph since its inception has been crafting bras with the finest material which are skin friendly and provides various kinds of bras, sometimes keeping you baffled enough to choose from such a huge range of varieties. Some of the bras by Triumph are designed to wear during early and after pregnancy offering utmost care and support during those trying times.

Triumph offers you varied ranges of bras highly specialising in customer and support. In India Triumph’s priority goal is to expand the women’s’ lingerie wear category offering high quality, latest trends, good fitting ,fashionable, comfortable and durable products at affordable prices. Triumph had exclusively done extensive researches and the introductory range was specifically selected and designed based on the bodies, criterions, needs, satisfactions and lifestyles of the Indian women. Triumph bras are designed with soft pads and hooks on to the breasts offering absolute fitting.

Kinds of bras available-

Triumph produces a huge variety bras ranging from Balconette, Every day, T-Shirt, Padded, Non-wired, Full-Coverage, Sports, Maternity, Beginners, Non-Padded, Plunge, Demi Cup, Push Up and Minimizer.

Variety of patterns available in-

Triumph is available in four types of pattern namely- Lace, Satin Finish, Printed and Solid.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

The bras by Triumph are made for extreme comfort of their customers which are made up of fabrics like Cotton, Elastin, Polyamide, Polyester, and Nylon.


 Amanté is dedicatedly creating intimate wear which perfectly blends comfort, fashion, fit and thoughtful design with decades of experience. Amanté being, South Asia’s largest supplier of intimate wear is a part of MAS Brands, which is a subsidiary of MAS Holdings. The brand embodies 30 years of dedicated excellence held by the conglomerate in intimate wear manufacturing brand across the globe.

While designing the bras by understanding the South Asian woman, Amanté lingerie caters to the needs of modern woman. Amanté specialises in a wide range of plus size bras offering great comfort and security. Amanté is your complete one-stop intimate wear destination, they specialise whether you are looking for a bra for everyday comfort or styling an outfit for a special occasion.

The modern woman, is an ever-evolving canvas, just like fashion, therefore her tastes, roles, goals and even her body are in a constant state of change and Amanté embraces these changes particularly taking utmost care of them. The brand believes that women should adapt to her every situation and role, and hence lingerie should also be in a state of dynamic change, which should be very adaptable. Every innovation they create is designed give women freedom and flexibility to handle their lingerie so they can ‘Dare to Be’ their best selves, whenever they want to and whichever situation they are.

 Amanté has its design categorized into different sections and they fit for every situation, whether its for your everyday use or a special occasion you need to attend, the active wear, swimsuits, or be it nightwear. Amanté designs are always in-sync with international fashion and wardrobe  trends. Their special ‘capsule collection’ is a huge hit, so you can put on the latest kinds of outfits with the perfectly complementary lingerie in your wardrobe. They are definetely a great addition.

Amanté today, is available in over 2500+ outlets across India. Every exclusive Amanté store in the country and the online varsity is designed to give women a lingerie shopping experience unparalleled by any other brand in the country.  The latest collection, being updated with utmost care is sure to let you find something new and exciting on every time you visit the stores or websites.

Kinds of bras available-

Amanté has trusted customers purchasing from its varied types of bras ranging from Support, Multiway, Push Up, Halter, Plunge, Full-Coverage, Seamless, Strapless, Minimizer, Non-Padded, Moves, Every day, Underwired, Padded, Basic, Sports, Demi Cup, Balconette, T-Shirt, Moulded.

Variety of patterns available in-

Triumph is available in four types of pattern namely- Lace, Satin Finish, Printed andColour block Solid.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

The bras by Amanté are made for extreme comfort of their customers which are made up of fabrics like Cotton, Nylon, Microfibre, Silk, Net, Elastin, Synthetic, Polyamide.


Enamor , one of the leading lingerie brand launched in 2001 as a joint venture between Gokaldas Images Private Limited and Barbara of Paris. Their economic journey has always been about giving women premium lingerie at unmatched and outstanding comfort. With the help of Barbara’s expertise and being backed by Gokaldas’s experience, Enamor has been instrumental in elevating lingerie for women from being a basic requirement to an exquisite and quintessential need.

Enamor has based its foundation in the fact lingerie has been the most intimate expression of a woman’s body style and therefore they have worked tremendously hard to provide, the most trustworthy lingerie wear to women across the sub-continent. Enamor believes in providing quality based product with aplomb durability, double-checked fabric, style quotient, trend and fitting. They believe if the fitting of the bra is perfect the outside attire automatically becomes a one plus added advantage in providing that elegance and classiness to all kinds of attires.  Hence they offer you quality bras basing on the perfect size and requirements o the bodies of different women.

It is one of the most popular bra brand and a hot favourite among Indian women, due to its impeccable fitting, unmatched comfort, durable quality, and exclusive styles are just a few of the reasons why we. This brand adds in more confidence and boldness in you that you had never experienced before due to their inclusively sized, exquisitely designed collection of numerous bras, which speaks for them and their sheer attempt to support each of you in flaunting your style at home, at parties or at office, it becomes your best friend in your good and bad days.

Kinds of bras available-

Enamor produces different varieties of bras ranging from Demi Cup, Half Coverage Every day, T-Shirt, Non-Padded, Padded, Underwired, Bandeau, Wire free Plunge, Push Up, Sports, Balconette, Full-Coverage etc.

, Convertible and Support.

Variety of patterns available in-

Enamor is available in four types of categories namely- Satin Finish, Self, Striped, Printed, Solid and Lace.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

Elastane, Polyamide, Viscose, Cotton, Spandex, Nylon, Polyester are types of fabrics Enamor uses to craft its quality product bras.

9. NIKE-

Nike envisions in producing one of the leading women’s lingerie wear specializing in the sports category, supporting and expanding new arenas for unbeatable women. Nike India has the motto of expanding maximum human potential, creating ground breaking innovations by making the products more sustainable for their satisfied customers, by creating diverse and creative global response.

Nike offers you the best quality, comfort and highly sustainable bras for women indulged in sports, workouts, maternity, daily wear and exclusive wears. The brand not specialises in providing different kinds of bra-like sports bra, padded bra, T-shirt bra, bridal bra, wired bra, etc. to name the few. They even provide various ranges of plus size bra in multiple styles, designs, block colours, and patterns. It enhances the strong soul in you in the inner side and make you look attractive and lovely.

Nike bras are all about flaunting, boldness, subtle and amazing. Their experimenting with fabric, quality, designs and techniques help you to get hold of the best bras and give you the liberty to flaunt them as you want to. Nike provides a good range of push-up bras, perfectly hold your breasts in their cups and help enhancing your cleavages giving you a much edgier and sexy look. Also they provide you with a wide range of daily wear bras, which keeps you utterly comfortable throughout the day, even making you sometimes forget that you’re actually wearing one!

Kinds of bras available-

Nike has trusted customers purchasing from its varied types of bras ranging from Support, Multiway, Push Up, Halter, Plunge, Full-Coverage, Seamless, Strapless, Minimizer, Non-Padded, Moves, Every day, Underwired, Padded, Basic, Sports, Demi Cup, Balconette, T-Shirt, Moulded.

Variety of patterns available in-

Nike is available in four types of categories namely- Satin Finish, Self, Striped, Printed, Solid and Lace.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

The bras by Nike are made for extreme comfort of their customers which are made up of fabrics like Cotton, Nylon, Microfiber, Silk, Net, Elastin, Synthetic, Polyamide.


The best quality bra brand especially for women to focus on their goal and makes them go for their low-impact sports bra or a mid-impact women’s fitness bra or running aerobics or running or for all kind of yoga session, you might be attending, Under Armour bras are your go to option.

Sweaty bras are something all women want to avoid at all costs, but then they want a bra that would stay with them, work with them and be their support system, well Under Armour provides you with these variants, and also which comes in excellent quality and leading high quality fabrics. The lightweight material of these bras help them to dry sweat insane speed and stay focused as you get heated up. Their widely bought category is women’s sports bra with mesh lining for extra breathability.

This bra brand is ideal for all body shapes and sizes ranging from S to XXXL, their quality and comfort ability are trendy and stylish for every women to fit into. The bras help you feel in control and overcome sweat when you’re pushing your limits.

Kinds of bras available-

Under Armour produces exceptional bras like cross back sports bra with soft, breathable cups or in a bra with moulded, PU-injected padding.

Variety of patterns available in-

Under Armour is available in four types of categories namely- Satin Finish, Self, Striped, Printed, Solid and Lace.

Categories of fabric it is available in-

The bras by Under Armour are made for extreme comfort of their customers which are made up of fabrics like Cotton, Nylon, Microfiber, Silk, Net, Elastin, Synthetic, Polyamide.

Buyers guide –


‘Why do we need to wear a bra’ is a major question women often ask before opting to buy a bra? It’s not a myth that most women tend to wear the wrong bra size, where 10% of the bras women wear are either too big and enlarged for their breasts or 80% are too whooping small and don’t fit the breasts perfectly. But do you know what effect does that have on women’s bodies?

 According to the Institute of Osteopathy,, wearing the wrong bra, can contribute to changes in posture of a woman’s body in turn causing musculoskeletal pain in future. Many assume that they have worn the correct bra according their fitting, which tends to distribute the weight of the bust and in turn taking strain off of the back, neck and shoulders. This also helps in lifting the bust up off the ribs to help enhanced breathing.  Lastly, managing to find the right fit and style can help boost and support one’s self confidence and promote one to love herself, promoting her self-image.


Not only do bras help in managing breast size and shape but also is very beneficial for all breast sizes and especially those with large breasts , to potentially lower their back pain. Women are usually affected with the wrong bra size, giving them unwanted back pain, hence, making the ideal bra shape to be found being a must for every women.

  • Controlling the breast shape and size for every women-

If you’re in need to maximise or minimise your breast size based on your outfit, bras offer you an easy solution, changing the appearance of your chest. Therefor a properly fitted bra can help you achieve the desired shape and size for your breasts.

If you want to go for pushed up and rounded breasts, then choose a bra with contour padding or push up feature. ON the other hand if your aiming at  wearing a smaller size, ensure that you wear the correct cup and band size , but the style needs to be a minimizer, which should spread over your breasts evenly making  them appear one to two cup sizes smaller.

  • For women with large breasts bra helps in reducing back pain-

Speaking of larger breasts, the correct size your bra ensures to reduce your back or spine pain if you have been witnessing any. Ill-fitting bras largely affects this group of women, as a loose band can cause increased stress on the upper back muscles.  

  • Bras can be promisingly comfortable ,if you choose the right one-

Usually any type of unfitting bra can cause problems for you, irrespective of your breast size. But a bra although most might disagree if you wear the perfect size can be extremely comfortable. The key lies in going for the perfect size, style and shape, which can vary from brand to brand.

  • Pros of not wearing a bra-

I one chooses not to wear a bra it can be figuratively and literally liberating.

Societal norms often dictate Indian women to wear the appropriate bra size and set ideal sizes and shapes, but this however is very misleading. Plus don’t we hear housewives complaining of sagging breasts? –this too is pretty misleading and creates false myths. And also there is the embarrassing boob sweat, which is pretty unavoidable if you’re not wearing one right?

  • Remove Social Perceptions of Breast Shape & Size Standards –

There is actually nothing known as ‘perfect breasts’ which exists, because no one has the perfect set of breasts either in shape or in size. Hence absolutely unnecessary an unwanted commentary on voluptuous or flat breasts are very annoying. Therefore some women prefer going braless, which in turn allows them to ignore these antiquated “ideals”. Though you as per your own priority might find yourself opting for double layered clothing or items with attached support such as a camisole with built in shelf rather than wearing a bra under certain outfits. 

  • No Proof Not Wearing a Bra Causes Sagging-

The reason that breasts sag due to sweating, actually has no medical proof, but rather it has been found that the reason behind sagging is predominantly genetic. Another major reason behind saggy breasts are not wearing sports bra during exercising which actually can increase the risk of damaging an area of the breast known as the Cooper’s Ligaments.  

  • No Sweating Under Breasts-

Many women complain that not wearing a bra will help avoid sweat pooling from under their breasts, however the key lies in choosing the right one. Like wearing sports bra at times leads to excess sweating. Thus wearing light weight, thin, lacy or mesh bras also help in minimalistic sweating and are a much comfortable wear.


Bras become women’s companion and support system throughout most part of the day for them, and it needs to be chosen very cautiously before buying one. The bra should be chosen in such a manner that the bra must have a comfortable fabric and can be worn throughout the day. Women across the globe are either reluctant or shy to buy the perfectly fitted bras for themselves and hence end up buying the ill fitted bra, which often becomes harmful in the long run. Therefore following are certain considerations you need to keep in mind before you opt to buy your next set of bras:-

  • Remember the bra you choose to buy next, should fit you properly like it would be, had it been a collar for your pet dog. Always keep in mind that you should be able to put your two fingers under the bra easily. Keep in check whether the back of the bra is riding up or if you are having to manage the shoulder straps , with extra care throughout the day ; then be sure that it is not a perfect size for you.
  • Keep in mind that the bra you choose should fit perfectly in the breast cups, as there shouldn’t be any spilling or no room should be left; if that’s the case then that is not the correct bra for you. You should always opt for a bigger size if your breasts are spilling from the corners.
  • By flapping your arms and waiving them you can check the size of your bra. If you notice that the bra band is riding in the upward direction and your breasts is beginning to fall out from the bottom then the size of the bra is too big. If you see that after some alterations it is perfectly fit, then there is no need to be bothered, but otherwise you might look for a smaller size.


If at all some of you don’t opt to wear a bra , you don’t always need to go bra less , there are the alternatives stated for you below, to help you through , which offers equal amount of comfort  and support, as if you were wearing a bra:-

  • Bralettes-

The bralette is often known as the “underwire bra’s kid sister,” It is a typically unstructured option, which is unlined, unpadded and wire-free.  The key to this bra here is comfort, and since its very much in vogue, varied number of styles are now available such as in lace, racer back, scoop neck and even plus size.

  • Seamless Bra-

If you want a bra but want it to invisible under your attire, this is certainly your go to option. Going by the name, the seamless bra, consists of covered cups, within a single piece of fabric, which lacks any stitching or seams, but often it comes moulded in cups.

  • Cami with built in Bra-

A camisole is an attached shelf bra, which is often worn as a layering piece or is worn without the need to wear a bra beneath it. The camisole comes with adjustable straps, which help to secure and support.

  • Bandeau-

A bandeau bra is almost like a strapless bra, but the difference is a bandeau bra is an easy to wear slip on bra, designed with pockets to insert pads and thus avoid the exposure of nipples, keeping it secured.

  • Pasties-

Pasties are typically more of a stick on option, which provides slight area and major nipple area coverage, and avoids the visibility of straps, if you’re wearing a strapless, deep neck and backless dresses, then this is definitely a go to solution.

  • Nearly naked bras-  
  • Truly body fit with scoop neck-

The tag line of this bra should be ‘Supportive enough to lift you up to one inch, comfortable enough to wear all day!’ This is a life-changing bra, which can enhance your breasts and give you a whole new perspective about bras.

  • True Body Triangle Convertible Bra-

This is an extremely versatile bra and it can become as comfortable it gets with your use, and also is available with convertible straps. This bra gives you a soft feel and plunging neckline that is utterly comfortable, which will make forget that you’re wearing bra.

  • True body mesh lift for DD+-

This bra offers you all the benefits of the original (wire-free, serious lift) giving you extra airflow. Designed with DD+ cups, this bra adds an added support for most large chested ladies.



ANS:-    You are free to use any powder under your bra if you feel uncomfortable or sweaty, or if you have a long day ahead or if you’re in a swimsuit. The powder safely cleans lingerie, hosiery, swimwear, silks, woollens and other colourfast delicate linen. If your bra gets spoiled you can move it with natural base of citrus and multiple sodas, cleans then rinses completely from the fabric leaving no soap residues which would make undue damage to the thread fibres. It’s highly recommended to store your bras in a drawers, which you need to keep cleaning and reorganising.


ANS:-  Technically speaking every women should be owning 7 minimum bras for 7 days, and these bras should be used on rotational basis. You don’t need to have a huge variety of bras like you don’t need a moulded/padded bra for every outfit- but only for t-shirts. You can opt to wear a laced cut and sewn bra under blouses, tops, tunics, thick sweaters, etc. It depends from person to person and their personal preferences.


ANS:-  Well every 6 months you can opt to buy bras, as and when you need them. If you tend to wear the same one or two bras daily, it might get itchy, and develop rashes. Hence if you want to avoid such problems do consider changing your bras.


ANS:- Every lingerie brand has its own unique sizes and fittings, due to various factors. It also depends on the style of the brand and bra, which you may find in different bra sizes. Hence it important to first know your own bra size with hundred percent surety, and that would help you decide better.


ANS:-  If you want to measure your bra size you  need to follow some simple steps , which are-

Knowing your band size, knowing your cup size, knowing your chest size; after you know these you’re all set to discover your perfect bra size. But if you’re not sure then you might want to seek a second opinion or an expert opinion to be specific, but determining your bra size is utterly important before you settle to buy a new bra.

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