Top 10 Kitchen Chimneys In India

Top 10 Kitchen Chimneys In India

Kitchen chimneys are the best way to make sure you are  cooking dishes and breathing in a clean kitchen. Given the fact that many Indian families cook fatty foods, tiles, walls, and kitchen cabinets tend to deteriorate over time. Not only that, but it is even harder to breathe while cooking due to the smell and gases emitted during this process. To help keep your kitchen clean and tidy, we have compiled a list of the best kitchen chimneys in India for two or four stoves.

Top things in minds of customers before purchasing chimneys-

  • Which brand to go with ?
  • Which chimney would be fit for my usage ?
  • How to go about buying chimneys ?
  • How to find a product with limited budget?

1.Elica Kitchen Chimney Auto Clean

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3 / hr Automatic Cleanup -The Elica 60cm Kitchen chimney comes with a beautiful black color theme and curved glass. It has a  capacity of 1,200 cubic meters per hour and comes with a touch panel that allows you to control the chimney. It’s automated built-in technology solves the problem of cleaning the chimney by hand. It comes with a filter and helps you remove smoke efficiently. It has a versatile support and a 5-year warranty. It is a minimal and a lightweight which blends well with kitchen interiors. Its suction rate is awesome. It comes with a smooth control panel. It has a Simple design, easy maintenance, and is reliabile.


  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Auto-Clean Technology
  • Touch Control Panel
  • LED lights


  • With a built-in oil collector
  • Low noise
  • 3 ways to place


  • Duct Pipe is not installed
  • Top installation

2.Faber 60cm 1000 m3 / hr Chimney

The Faber 60cm chimney for the kitchen comes with a dark brown color scheme and has a stainless steel filter for smoke and oil in the kitchen. It’s absorption capacity is estimated at 1,000 cubic meters per hour, which should be sufficient for most kitchens. It comes with two LED lights that can be used as additional lighting over the stove while cooking. Comes with a 12-year warranty and is combined with features, which are remarkable in this category.

Features :

  • LED light
  • Size: 60 cm
  • Powerful
  • Button type Control Panel
  • 1 year warranty


  • Great power
  • Low noise level
  • 1 year Warranty


  • Installation fees is charged

3. Hindware Auto Clean Chimney

It has a high-quality appeal due to its stylish design with a stainless steel hood and a softly curved glass. It can be easily combined in any kitchen interior as a  decoration. It’s durability takes a step further than most chimneys. The steel filter shows high efficiency with good performance. In contrast to the single LED light of many chimneys available on the market, it has two LED lights that provide better light.

Features :

  • Size: 60 cm (with 90 cm variation)
  • Thermal Auto Clean Technology
  • Filter Type: Stainless Steel Filter
  • Push-button control
  • It has a metal blower
  • One year warranty


  • With the oil collector
  • With 2 LED lights
  • Best price range


  • It’s a little noisy

4.Glen Curved Glass Kitchen Chimneys

Glen has become a leading manufacturer of the Indian kitchen appliances with new products that can complement kitchen interiors and improve the usability of the home to a great extent. This chimney is one of the new products that can affect the overall atmosphere of air and temperature control at a whole new level in a house.

The premium materials used in the product show their high-quality delivery and are safe to operate. With amazing design and construction, it also has a wide variety of stainless steel filters that work well for a long time.

Features :

  • Complementary design for kitchen.
  • The body of the solid glass of the chimney is very strong and can support adverse conditions.
  • It provides long-lasting performance.
  • Compact product


  • Three speeds levels
  • Low noise
  • Good value for money
  • LED Lights are attractive


  • Service cost too high
  • No exhaust pipe included

5.Seavy Kitchen Chimney

The Product Designer knows the importance of appearance and function. It is designed to give an awesome cooking experience to people. When it comes to features, this product beats competition at the lowest price. Equipped with a filter, it is the best option for large Indian kitchens

Features :

  • One year warranty
  • Touch is a quick and easy operation control panel.
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Powerful electronic with an energy-saving feature


  • Durable material and long lasting product
  • Auto Clean Technology
  • Good quality Filters


  • Costly Installation charge

6. Bosch  Kitchen Chimney

Bosch chimneys are one of the most popular items in the market as they come with advanced German technology. The elements of this Bosch product fit well with any kitchen. This chimney is ready to cover  a 3 to 5 gas stoves.


  • 800m3 / hour
  • Comes with 2 years product warranty
  • Installs three complex filters
  • Comes with a special Push Button control program
  • It has two LED lights


  • Automatic cleaning
  • You can Save on your electricity bills
  • German technology
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Very effective filters
  • High-Performance Motor


  • Requires more installation space comparatively
  • Compared to other products, there is a lot of noise

7. Inalsa auto clean Kitchen chimney

Before we dive into the depths of its features and technology, let’s talk about its old, yet beautiful design. The Inalsa Crescent 60BKSFAC is another  chimney with a compact design, making it ideal for kitchens with space constraints. Not only that, it also enhances your kitchen’s interior decoration while keeping it free  from smoke. Now, if you go further from its amazing design, you will be happy to know that this is one of the easiest to use chimney as it comes with an easy-to-use touch control panel.


  • Auto-Clean Technology
  • Touch Control Panel
  • LED lights


  • Easy to clean
  • Filter provision is great and updated
  • Easy-to-use touch control panel
  • Beautiful design enhances kitchen interior decoration
  • Easy to remove filters


  • Nothing as of now

8. Eurodomo Hood Classy Chimney

To me, the Eurodomo Hood Classy HC TC BK 60 is undoubtedly a true example of a flawless chimney! Why? First of all, it’s beautiful and elegant design is what you need to make your kitchen modern. And secondly, with great power and high quality stainless steel filter, it enables you to have a  great cooking experience.


  • Push-button control
  • Straightforward and easy for users to use
  • 1 year full warranty


  • Easy-to-use digital display
  •  Easy cleaning and simple maintenance
  • Two LED lights for advanced visibility
  • Modernize your kitchen
  • Advanced filters


  • Noisy

9. Sunflame Kitchen Chimney

The Sunflame CH Matrix 60 SS BF is a pyramid-shaped kitchen piece made of steel. It includes two stainless steel filters 60 inches in diameter to properly cover 2-5 stoves.


  • 60 inches wide
  • High tech Filters
  • Push-button control
  • 2 years of product warranty


  • Fan provision
  • Fast performance
  • It is easily installed
  • Low maintenance


  • No extended warranty

10. Elica Filter less Auto Clean Chimney

Elica WDFL HAC TOUCH 90 MS is a 90-centimeter non-filter chimney allows it to absorb air well and remove odors or  smoke quickly. It requires minimum care and maintenance because of its technology. The automatic cleaning feature helps avoid human intervention. The chimney consists of two LED lights as well.


  • Wide coverage provision
  • Touch + motion sensor control
  • High tech
  • 1-year product warranty


  • Automatic cleaning
  • Oil collector
  • Attractive LED lights
  • Free installation kit


  • Nothing as of now

Buying Guide:

This will help buyers understand and choose the best kitchen chimney in India that meets their needs. This review of the best Indian kitchen chimneys will also help you choose the good product that fits your favorite kitchen. We have done a lot of research to find out which of the most popular brands for good chimneys in the kitchen and have selected some of the most popular brands you can buy for the kitchen area. While choosing a chimney , keep the following things in mind –

  • The size of the kitchen Chimney:

Modern sizes are available in the market which might fit or be unfit for your kitchen space. Always ensure you have checked the  measurements and dimensions of the chimney space before you head out to purchase one.

  • Types of kitchen Chimney:

There are only two types of kitchens or kitchen chimneys available in the markets listed below: –

1.With Duct

They  require minimal maintenance and a change of filter. You can know more on each brand website about this variation and technology used.


They do not need to be changed often and are not too large generally. However you need to find out more about each brand products individually as they differ to a great extent.

  • Types of kitchen chimneys based on installation

1.Wall mounting

They are mounted or attached to a wall just above your cooking area to cover the stoves in place.

2.Island hoods

Island chimneys are hung from the roof of a kitchen that can be found anywhere near the wall or in the middle of the kitchen. They require a lot of ducting and piping.


Built-in chimneys are part of a modern kitchen. In space, they are built-in or pop out when in operation. Sometimes they fit in such a way that they are covered under cabinets of clean kitchen aesthetics, where you will not easily see them.

  • Air suction capacity

Different chimneys have the different suction capacity, choose yours depending on your requirement.

  • Filters:

Filters are critical chimney fittings, which help  give you a clean and fresh kitchen. The different types of filters are listed below: –

1.Baffle Filters:

Baffle filters are made of metal plates in connecting patterns. The connecting pattern has a point between the edges of the metal plates that are scattered. These patterns cut and change the direction of the oil-filled air. This filtering requires minimal maintenance and can be cleaned by hand without technical assistance. Baffle filters are perfect for heavy and oily cooking.

2.Mesh filters:

Mesh filters are made of aluminum and collects impurities such as oil, grease, dirt, moisture, and spice particles. It allows clean air to pass through. Mesh filters are also effective but need to be cleaned regularly to clear the blockage and replace them after a few months of use.

3.Coal Filters:

Coal filters and other filters absorb odors, smoke, and other impurities. These filters contain coal pellets and layers of activated coal to effectively absorb the smell and smoke of the air. Coal filters are commonly found in wireless filters for air purifiers. These filters need to be changed regularly and are  used normally for about six months .They cannot be cleaned and reused.

  • Automatic clean feature:

The automatic feature of the chimney cleans the inside without human intervention. The automatic element uses heat or water to dissolve the impurities collected and then flushes it out of the chimney. This feature helps to maintain and clean the chimney regularly without the need for periodic deep cleaning. You should check this to make your experience hassle free.

  • Sensors and control panel:

Chimney control panels with push buttons or touch controls have a variety of modification like a power button etc. Choose the one you find easiest and pay attention to details.


1.How do kitchen chimneys help ?

The kitchen chimney keeps your kitchen and rooms close by  smoke-free, odorless, moisture-free, and oil-free. The chimneys suck the air out or filter it .This prevents sneezing and irritation caused  from cooking spicy and fatty food. Kitchen chimneys effectively eliminate dirt that contaminates your space. They also allow the user to enjoy cooking by removing excess heat and moisture from the kitchen.

2. Which chimney is suitable for the kitchen?

Different kitchens have different requirements and also the cooking pattern or lifestyle plays a great role in chimney selection. So always look for a review and reference before purchasing your product.

3. Is a chimney needed in the kitchen?

Chimneys are not required but are advised. They offer many benefits and are therefore essential if one can afford them. They keep your kitchen clean and tidy, free of oil and grease on the walls and cabinets. They also help prevent sneezing and irritation caused by fatty, spicy, and other such issues. They keep your kitchen stay airy and smoke-free.

4. What should be the distance between the stove and the chimney?

The distance between your stove and chimney should be between 24 inches to 30 inches. It is a safe distance. However , Some installation only requires a distance of 20 to 24 inches and varies throughout  brands. You must check with the brand before purchasing.

5. Is an auto clean chimney better?

Certainly, yes. A clean auto chimney is better than the one without that feature. It reduces the need for deep cleaning, hand cleaning, and frequent professional cleaning. Although auto cleaner may not be able to clean all the contents of the chimney, it can effectively remove excess oil, grease, dust, and other impurities.

6. Why is a filter important  in the chimney?

Chimneys are susceptible to lots of dirt and oil exposure. Hence filters are important to keep them performing.

7. Which chimney is better?

With all the options available , you can choose any depending on your kitchen dimensions and budget of course. Nowadays, all chimneys are high tech and give you good performance. Do check reviews before purchasing.

8. How often should metal filters be washed?

It really depends on your usage. Ideally a servicing in interval of 2-3 months works.

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