Top Ten Gas Stoves in India

Top Ten Gas Stoves in India


Now city based life is highly indebted to gases as a much-used liquid source to garner energy required from cars to household cooking. This wave of change, rather it can be called modification of civilization, is not untouched even in urban localities. The availability of gas speeds up the use of gas stoves in home cooking as well as any corporate cooking. If you have an android phone with net availability, search for the companies that supply gas stoves in India, be assured that you will be bewildered by innumerous names floating online. Then, you can imagine how impossible it is to estimate the total numbers of gas stoves in the India market for home appliances. But it is not possible that all the products can surpass the satisfaction level of the customers and it is also impossible that all the companies can distribute quality products. Though quality has no limit, it may be characterized as the level up to the mark which is efficient for the customers and the customers can derive the maximum utility which turns their life to happy one. Among many names, few are undebatable in India owing to their good track records of gas stove manufacture, distribute and services. Butterfly, Sunflame Shakti, Everyday, Prestige, Elica, Pigeon, Glen and Life Long are few among many of the gas stove supplier companies in India. These brands reach every households of the nation who are getting to use gas stoves for cooking. These companies are known due the reputations of the gas stoves which claim top rated bestselling products in our country.

Top things in minds of customers before purchasing a gas stove –

  • Which gas stove is perfect for my need?
  • How should I go about selecting a gas stove?
  • Which is the most reliable brand in the market for gas stove?
  • Which gas stove is an optimal purchase?

This review tries to overview the glimpses of these top products that may be categorized within the best ten products in India.

The Top 10 Gas Stoves in India: there are many reputed brands that supply with Gas Stoves in India market. Again, there are many reputed products that are not produced by any first ranked companies in India. The products are bought by the customers based on few basic criteria as the durability and budget efficiency etc. The services provided by the companies is also a deciding criteria. All these criteria help the customers buy some products and thus few products get momentum in the market. Here, a list has been made for the top 10 gas stoves in India by analyzing ratings, price, public comments, reviews and the condition of sales which are displayed on the dashboard of every product advertised on the platform, a digital market platform in India.


This highly demanded gas stove is one of the top rated 3 burner gas stove in India. The outlining of this stove is finished with glass top and stainless steel. The 3 burners serve the purpose of the households with two medium sized as well as one small sized burners. The price is too reasonable to be reached by any individual. It is sold at 3299 INR and this product gets 2946 ratings securing 4 out of 5 congregated from platform. If any information is required anytime, the customer care centers are by your side that you claim their assistance any time through calling their Customer Care Support on 1800 233 0007 though this is a toll free service. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

(a) Pros:

  •  Due to its glass protected top, it claims cleanness and stainless steel body is little prone to oxidization. As a result, it can serve long.
  • The toughened Glass is to be given 2 Years of Warranty while the product is also provided with 2 years warranty.
  •  The knobs used for this product are very smooth to operate, and the functionality of this knobs is to the level of satisfaction.
  • The grid support used for this product is Euro-coated grid which enables the users to put the pots and pans on the burners with stable manner and it has no chance to become imbalanced at any certain time of cooking.

      (b) Cons: 

  • It is a manual ignition gas stove that cannot provide with you a feeling of ignition ease. You need to buy matchsticks and gas lighters separately.
  • Hot glass cooling effect may be faced by you as a user due to its top installed glass wear. Some reviewers on the comment that a noise arises from inside while burning.
  • This product provides 2 years warranty but the condition is the customer care services have to install the product at home. Personal Installation may lose the scope of warranty period service from the companies.
  • It is provided with no removable drip tray.
  • PNG (pipe natural gas) is not supported by default, only lpg (liquefied Petroleum gas) is supported.
  • Spare parts are of no same companies.
  • Nobs are not steel, it is of plastic.
  • Gas inlet is backside by default that may make a bit difficulty while moving the nozzle to install and establish cylinder and stove connection through pipe line.
  • No lighter comes with it, you have to buy from market.
  • This stove has no skids.


This product is one of the bestselling in India market. It has premium quality for the use of premium users. This is a corporate type product with 1 jumbo burner, 1 big burner and other 2 burners are of small in size. Where cooking for 10 to 15 is required, this product is the first requirement. It has firm tubular rubber legs. It is sold at 7395 INR and it has 22 ratings with 3.8 out of five performance. The service provider provides with telephone communication facility for the customers on 1800 425 66666 toll free. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

(a) Pros:

  •   The 4 brass burners have different sizes that can help the customers to set various types of utensils on it for cooking. The black color product glows with toughened glass.
  • The Pigeon Company provides 7 Years Warranty for this product on its burners and the top installed toughened glass. If any manufacturing defect is found, the customer can ask for repair under its warranty offer.
  • The spill trays are non-stick coated which can be removed easily.
  • The knobs are very easy and smooth to operate and it functions well.
  • Bigger vessels can be set on the Jumbo burners for cooking for the function purpose.
  • The legs and body is attractive with less screw. The stands of this stove is skid proof.

(b) Cons:

  • This product cannot be set firmly with tight installation as it is a plugging and playing system product.
  • You cannot move the knobs with 360 degree rotation, only 200 degree rotation is possible, here, for this knobs.
  • It is not auto ignition that you have to ignite this manually.
  • It is not compatible with PNG pipe line; you have to use cylinder.

3. Glen 2 Burner ISI LPG Gas Stove 1020 GT Junior Brass Burners :

Glen is one of the established name in the marketing of gas stoves in India market. The 2 brass burner measures 22/11 which is small family compatible product. Its brass burner claims to be energy efficient. It supplies 6 mm toughened black glass and rich matt steel body. The drip tray is made from stainless steel having strong pan support. The price is at your very reach that you can buy only at the exchange of 2095 INR. This product has claimed 235 ratings with positive reviews and comments from the customers. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

(a) Pros:

  • It has smaller size which is ideal for the small kitchens with the cooking of daily 4/5 family members.
  • It is an ISI Certified product.
  • The knobs of this product are 360 degree Swivel type which can be revolved even having inlet nozzle.

(b) Cons:  

  • Manual ignition, you need a lighter to light.
  • Drip tray is fixed, not removable.
  • Hose pipe plug is installed at back that is why; you have to set it in such a way you don’t have to plug and unplug frequently.
  • The service centers provide Installation though it claims charge to provide the service of installation.


 Sunflame is one of the established brands in India based on its gas stoves. The referred 2 burner stove is reasonable in price and it gets high ratings. The rating for this product is 2178this product can be purchased from any showroom of Sunflame at the Price of 2450. A two burner gas stove has dimension of 670 mm x 390 mm x 145 mm whereas the brass burners are of 85 mm x 85 mm dimensional. The purchasers get 2 years of warranty for this product. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

(a) Pros:

  • This product has metallic gold finish and the cooktop is toughened glass which is extra spacious.
  • The brushed matte is finished with stainless steel.
  •  The pan supports are Euro-coated and the drip trays are made from stainless steel.
  • The materials are based on Stainless Steel.

(b) Cons:

  • It is Manual ignition product.
  • The inlet gas pipe is built-in by default at the back side.
  • It is not a good option for more than 4/5 family members.
  • Converting to png is not serviced, it is chargeable.
  • No complementary pipe is supplied with it.
  • No glass on the cooktop has warranty, only warranty is for the internal damages.


This is a black body 72.5 cm x 40 cm x 13 cm dimensional product with the three different sizes of burners- small, medium and large. It is a high efficient tri-pin burners where two big utensils and a medium to small range of size utensils can be put together. 2 years warranty is provided for the specified materials written in the user manual guide. This product is high rated as 2652 based on and the price is fixed after discount at 4435 INR. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

 (a) Pros: 

  • It has Powder Coated Body and the cooktop is made from toughened glass
  •  The Pan Supports of this product is powder coated.
  • The Knob Design is satisfactory which is suitable for easy revolving and movement.
  • The cooktop is toughened shattered proof black glass.
  • The surroundings of the burners are spill Proof Design Plates.
  •  The gas inlet nozzle can be revolved to 360 degree angles with much comfort and ease.

(b) Cons:

  • Glass is moderately thick.
  • Gas pipe nozzle is at the back.
  • No auto ignition.
  • LPG hose is not served whereas it is to be bought separately.
  • Insignificant breadth.
  • Having no ISI mark.
  • Burners are made from pure copper which is not energy efficient.


Prestige is unique in the India market as one of the top rated suppliers of gas stoves in India market. If the top 15 gas stoves are counted, Prestige can claim its unique place with at least 3 of its products. The dimension of the four burner product is 63.5 x cm 60 x cm 15.5 cm where one is large, other is medium and the rest two of the burners are of small sizes. The value of this product is 7890 INR according to the display on amazon platform and it is highly rated product getting 1901 ratings from the customers. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

(a) Pros: 

  • It has Powder Coated Body and the cooktop is made from toughened glass
  •  The Pan Supports of this product is powder coated.
  • The Knob Design is satisfactory which is suitable for easy revolving and movement.
  • The cooktop is toughened shattered proof black glass.
  • The surroundings of the burners are spill Proof Design Plates.
  •  The gas inlet nozzle can be revolved to 360 degree angles with much comfort and ease.

 (b) Cons:

  • It is manually ignited.
  • It has no jumbo burner.
  • Space between burners are less.
  • One burner is big.
  •  Its body is made from metal, not stainless steel.
  • Gas inlet is embedded at rear side.


 The product can attract any one’s attention because the product is perfectly blended with style and all parts perfection. The ratings for this product has got 18 and the price is displayed at 3490. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

 (a) Pros:

  • The burners are heavy made from dusty brass.
  • The cooktop is covered with toughened glass.
  • The body is matt Finished having stainless steel.
  • This product has multi directional gas inlet nozzle which can help the customers to move the gas pipe at their ease and comfort.
  • The Toughened Glass used here is heat resistant.

(b) Cons:

  • The ignition is manual for this product of Everyday..
  • No lighter is provided, the customer needs to purchase the lighter from the market.
  • Knobs has poor installation so it may happen that the knobs are removed. 
  • Flame lighter may be required instead regular spark gas lighter.

8. Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove, 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black (ISI Certified,1 year warranty with Doorstep Service) :

The product brought to the Indian market by Lifelong is very budget friendly and highly searched product. It is sold at 3199 with 42% discounts and the public rating stored on the amazon, in is 2150. The top is black toughened glass with 6mm dimension and this gas stove is 585X560X130 (mm) dimensional. The Lifelong provides 1 year warranty for this product. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

(a) Pros:

  •  The stove is designed only for the LPG gas stoves, but if a customer wants to make conversion of this stove for PNG gas connection, they can do it as the customer care will provide every assistance for that.
  • The designed knobs are heat protected and nylon covers are embedded which lends extra protection and safety.
  • The feet is Anti-skid.

 (b) Cons:

  • All the burners are mild steel.
  • Manual ignition.
  • No exchange offer is placed with this product by the company.
  • Two big, two small burners without having much space among the burners.
  • Service is not up to the public satisfaction.


It is a small family size silver colored product with the dimension of (in cm): 660 x 390 x 120. Two burners are of large and small sizes. The customers get 2 years warranty for this product. It is a high rated product of 1151 ratings on and the price is budget friendly and performance efficient which can be bought at the price of 1390. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

(a) Pros:

  • The burners are made from Brass.
  •  The materials used for the body is Stainless Steel.
  • Your kitchen space may appealing by using this product as the top of the body is stainless steel mirror finish.
  • The product is ISI Marked.
  • The brass burners are high efficient.
  • The pans are powdered coated.

(b) Cons:

  • Public is dissatisfied with its standard.
  • Non-auto ignition.
  • Drip trays cannot be separated.
  • Light weighted stove, improper balancing.
  • This product is not suitable for big family.
  • One big burner, other is small.
  • No installation is provided by the company, if customers claim installation, it is chargeable.


the rectangular shaped 2 burner gas stove is one of the top rated bestselling products among the top 10 products in India which is 6893 rated product on the, a digital marketing platform having acquired 4 out of 5 that designates the satisfaction level of the public with this product of Butterfly. The price is reasonable which you can buy at only 2049 INR online. The material used for this product is glass that presents a clean and neat effect all the time. It provides one year warranty if any manufacturing fault emerges within this time. You may require more information on the products and its services as well as current rate of price which you can get by browsing through the above provided link below the product name.

 (a) Pros:

  • A unique toughened glass has been used on the top of the body.
  • This product has used Spill proof design having very high temperature resistance and efficiency.
  • The burners are provided with brass metal that is energy efficient and lasts long.
  •  Pan supports are designed very uniquely.
  • The nozzle used here is revolving and can be smoothly revolved 360 degree.
  • Due to its use of glass metal, it is very easy to clean.

(b) Cons:

  • 2 burners heating capacity is poor.
  • No auto ignition.
  • Not eligible to get the cook wear, it is served with 3 burner gas stoves.
  • Trays cannot be removed for cleaning.
  • No stainless steel is used on the body, only glass top is used that is vulnerable to breakage.
  • No hose and holder available.
  • You need to use cylinder gas as it is not PNG system compatible.
  • Regulator and gas tube cannot be served with stoves, you have to buy these at your own cost out of the general service provided with the product.

Buyer’s guide

As a buyer, you have to be familiar with some key features of a gas stove when you go to buy a gas stove. If you don’t have any primary knowledge regarding the features of a qualitative gas stove, it is possible that you may be deprived. Ultimately, you spend money; but you don’t garner the utility services from that stove what you expected for. So, here some key features are attached to identify the quality stoves in the market which are standing over crowd. Again, there are few stoves, as this article aims at reviewing top 10 gas stoves in India, which are almost same compared to price, product classifications and quality descriptions. Here, comes the necessity of the buyers. Let some key features are dealt with to characterize the good ones as per the public necessity. 

  1. The Number of Burners: Gas Burners are classed as four types regarding the numbers of burners they contain. The India market is accorded with four types of gas stoves as (i) 1 burner Gas Stove, (ii) 2 burner Gas Stove, (iii) 3 burner Gas Stove and lastly (iv) 4 burner Gas Stove. All these variations of burners may provide with same qualitative features. But these may not be equally important for every households. The necessity of a two member family and the necessity of an extended family as well as the corporate places are not same. Somewhere, two burners gas stoves are fit while the 4 burner gas stoves are fit other environment. Again, the size of cooking places also matter that must be considered by a buyer before purchasing gas stoves in case of selecting how many burners they should buy.
  2. The Ignition Process: Gas Stoves provide two system of ignition. One is manual ignition process and the second one is auto-ignition process. In a manual ignition process, the uses needs to ignite the burner with the help of lighter and match sticks after the knob is on. On the other hand, auto-ignition requires no gas light, lighter or any match sticks. When the knobs of the stoves are put to on mode, burners begin to ignite. Now that, manual ignition may be risky for its maintenance. Because the user has to put the hands close to the burner while putting fire on top of the burner. Again, the user has to keep the lighters in collection by their own effort which may not be provided by the suppliers while delivering you the new product.
  3. Metal Used for Burners: the burners are often found different based on the used material to make the burners. As a buyer, you may notice two types of burners in India market provided with the gas stoves in quality stoves in the country. You can find brass burner and copper burner. Users have positive reviews on the copper burner as they claim it to be more energy efficient than a brass burner though maximum top rated burners in India have in-built brass burners. If copper burner is rarity, brass burner is not the worst option. 
  4. Materials Used on the Body: the material used on the body of the burner can be seriously considered as the material of the gas stove determines the durability of the product. Body may be of only metal and stainless steel. And most of the qualitative products use toughened glass over the body. Stainless steel is more demanded as it can easily fight against humidity than metal box and the users don’t have to renew the stoves more often with new ones. Toughened glass is again more suitable as it can be cleaned easily if any rust, water etc. fall on the body while cooking and it becomes crystal after cleaning as if it were bought and installed few minutes earlier.
  5. Materials Used for the Legs: Some gas stoves are built with plastic legs at below of the body to keep the body a bit high from the ground. But metal built legs gas stoves are also available in India market. However, it is not difficult to understand for the customers which products are more durable and efficient. Again, the metal legs have possibility enough to get oxidized and get damaged easily as cooking places normally become humid while cooking. So, the more humid places demand a plastic legged gas stoves owing to protect from getting rusty.
  6. The Position of Inlet Gas Pipe: Most of the gas stoves set inlet pipe lines at its back. But there are also available gas stoves in the market which have pipe line inlet at the right or left of the body. The buyer needs to be speculative on the matter of the position of the inlet pipe line setting because cylinder can be kept at a safe place and distance if the position of the inlet is at suitable place. Even, the customer can easily manage them if it is installed at a suitable place. In this regard, right hand position may be suitable position for most of the customers as they can easily set and open the pipe to exchange from LPG to NPG gas.
  7. Revolving Degree of the knobs: The knobs of the gas stoves need to be smooth so that it can easily be handled. The smooth knobs have little possibility to break down and it caters for good experience while igniting. There are few quality products in the market which you find the knobs of these products can be revolved 360 degree with ease and comfort without much pressure and noise. But, if you find the knobs are revolved only 200 degree and these are smooth, it may be your best option because this knobs will serve your purpose easily.
  8. Spacing between the burners: while choosing, 3 burner and 4 burner products, it is necessary to consider that the customer look at the spacing among the burners. If the burners provide the space enough to set more than one utensils on them while igniting all burners, this gas stove is fit for you. But you spend money to garner maximum utility from the stove while you cannot procure it due to its faulty positioning of burners, your investment is totally wasted.
  9. Services by the Care Centers: Top rated products are less varied in quality and service provision. But the post-delivery services provided by the customer care are not same. Public has bitter experience on the matter of post-delivery services. There are some providers who claim extra charges if they are asked for installing the products. If the customers install the products, the companies do not take liability of any type of product damage even within the warranty period. Thus, the customers should judge the brands on its service quality and can provide you lots of comments and reviews regarding the services provided by the customer care centers of that company. You should go through them before making any purchase of that product from your targeted brands.  
  10. Warranty Timeline and ISI Certification: You can look at the warranty before buying the products. Warranty timeline varies ranging from one year to 3 years. Here, 2 years warranty timeline cannot be a bad choice compared to a one year warranty timeline product. Quality products should be ISI certified. If any product that you are determined to buy cannot provide you with any ISI certification mark, you need to think twice before dealing in that product.

The Usability of a Gas Stove: The readers may have got the glimpses of idea regarding the criteria of choosing the best gas stove from the market, the popular brands for the gas stoves and the detail reviews of top 10 gas stoves in India along with their probable pros and cons. Now that, the usability, logic and factors behind the purchase of gas stoves can be explained.

  1. Risk free from Electric Short Circuit: Gas Stoves are operated with the use of LPG and PNG which is provided through cylinder and pipe lines. So, it does not require to use electricity. As a result, it prevents electricity consumption as well as electric short circuit. But the fault in cylinder, the leakage in the gas pipe may bring disaster for a whole family which should be checked and double checked while installation. The user must not touch the burners bare handed immediately after cooking is finished. Cooktop may not be warm while cooking. If it happens, the customer must report to the customer care for solution before next time cooking.
  2. Specialized Cookware Unnecessary: Any type of utensils can be used on the burner to cook food on gas stoves. Users do not have to buy any special cook ware from market. The conventional utensils go with the large, medium as well as the small burners. This is one of the best advantages to use a gas stove apart from any other cooking products operated with electricity.
  3. Money Saving: Induction cook pit as well as electric cook wares are costlier than gas stoves. A gas stove ranges from 2000 INR to 7000 INR of estimated market price as SunFlame Shakti 2 burner gas stove is mentioned to be of 1390 INR and Prestige 4 burner gas stove is reported to be of 7890 INR. So, the individuals from any type of financial background can afford these products.
  4. Controllable Flame: The flame produced at the cooking time can be reduced, decreased and, if it is necessary, can be increased at the certain rate of necessity and safety which is totally impossible for the electricity controlled cooking products that is why; the fire incidents may be controlled more easily than an electricity based cooking product.
  5. Non- Interfered Cooking:  It is told here ‘non-interfered cooking’, which should not be interpreted as ‘non-stop cooking’. There is no fear of electricity outage during cooking. Of course, it is not non-stop cooking product-which can never be initiated by any sort of cooking product- because the burners need to be cool for its longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions: In case of choosing gas stoves, the buyers face few basic problems which are solved in the following.

Question 1: Which type of gas stove should be bought between manual and auto-ignition burner?

Answer: Almost all the top rated gas stoves are manual ignition system. But manual ignition burner needs matchstick or gas lighter to ignite the burner which cannot be done for the auto-ignition burner gas stove. Auto-ignition burner uses updated technology. So, you as a buyer should choose auto-ignition burner gas stove.

Question 2: Which material burner should be preferred?

Answer: You know, burners are brass made and copper made. Brass made burner is more energy saving and durable. So, you should choose brass burner instead of copper burner.

Question 3: What is the standard place of inlet nozzle installation?

Answer: Most of the gas stoves prefer rear side to install inlet nozzle. But there are gas stoves which set inlet nozzles right or left side of the body. If the inlet nozzle is to the right side, it is easier to manage the gas pipes and cylinder without more changing the positions of your gas stove.

Question 4: Should the drip tray be non-removable?

Answer: if you can separate your drip tray from the cooktop, you can easily clean the rust of left cooked over food and water stain. So, removable drip tray is preferable.

Question 5: Why does gas stove cover cooktop with glass?

Answer: You know glass is heat resistant than metal. So, glass is used on cooktop to protect the cook from the heat of body acquired while cooking.

Question 6: Why is ISI Certification necessary to buy products?

Answer: You know ISI (Indian Standard Institute) determines the standard of the products and it certifies the products when the products can earn such level of standard prescribed. His certification validates the reliability of the product. Then you can choose that product without any doubt of its standard. 

The Concluding Remarks: At the line of edge, it can logically be claimed that public has varied taste, mentality, environment, sufficiency and style. People judge based on all of these. Whether, you will buy 2 burner, 3 burner or four burner gas stoves depend on your necessity and capacity of your installing places. But this review has tried to provide with information on the present market trends, regarding on this, you can determine if you need 3 burner gas stoves which may be the best option for you. The review is provided with detail discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the products, though they are top 10 bestselling products in India market, and the nature of the post-delivery services provided to the customers. It is your choice to decide the brands and the products and you can go through the nets before choosing the brand regarding their services and selecting the products regarding your budget and necessity. Many customer comments, reviews and ratings are available on the products made by Prestige, Butterfly, Sunflame, LifeLong, Pigeon, Everyday Glen etc. if you go through the product pages. This little effort will ultimately pay you much and you will be winner at the end of the day.

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