Top 10 must- have trending bags for 2020

Top 10 must- have trending bags for 2020

Why do women love bags so much? The delightful topic, but like many interesting questions, this one also does not have a clear answer. Bags are such a craze for some that they are even inclined to pay more than what it would cost for a car for acquiring some of those designer bags. And for the plurality of us, a Bag is one accessory we cannot do without.

One erratic theory for this bag love is that it is the competitive spirit of the women that gives increase to them buying the one better and costlier than the one on the arms of another girl. Whatever is your explanation for buying a bag, its elegance combined with its functionality makes it a must-have accessory. Which is why there are so many types of bags- for each and every situation you can have a variety of bags. So even if I am not an active woman or an extremely aesthetic one, I would like to have the best of all of these and then some. So let’s maximum into the types of handbags accessible in today’s fashion market.

However, before we move on, one must consider certain valuable points in mind before you purchase a perfect ladies bag for your self.

  • Size of the bag -small medium or large.
  • Designs which still missing in your collection-like shoulder bags, satchels, saddles, totes, crossbody, purses and wallets. 
  • Need, Utility or usage-Events or occasion like Holidaying, beach, evening wear, casual, official.
  • Quality and Budget

1.Baggit Women’s Hobo (Black)

Overview – The brand is among the top ten most preferred brand in India. Baggit was launched in 1990 by Nina Lekhi at INXS, Mumbai. Its vision and mission is to enhance the indigenous beauty inside and outside, to create beauty in usable form.

Product details – one can make heads turn with this textured boat shaped hobo from Baggit it features a colour block design and opens into a spacy interior with compartment inside. It has organized pockets ensuring you have enough room to fit all your daily essentials.

Product features-

  • It’s made up of Synthetic Material
  • Colour is Black
  • It’s vegan and Made in India
  • Dimensions are H 29.21 cm: W 35.56 cm: D 29.21 cm


2.Lavie Boutheina Women’s Tote Bag (Beige)

Overview– Presenting endless styling options, these type of bags leave a trail among your friends. Lavie knows how to articulate style and where your fashion is personified.  Famous designers creates the dreams designs. Lavie offers the impeccable bag collection because it understands that what you carry is exactly how you present yourself to the world.

Product description– Splendidly crafted for your need, this piece will suit all your diverse needs. Fluently stylish piece for your evening meet ups with friends or going up to super crowded parties. This fashionable tote by Lavie, sorts metal studs in front for style and an elbow round strap. Sling belt are adjustable and detachable, this tote handbag justifies all your requirements. The perfect east west tote can be carried with your casuals as well as formal. It has 2 compartments and 5 pockets

Product features

  • Synthetic material beige coloured tote bag
  • The dimensions are 25 cm height x 34cm length x 12cm width
  • It has a Zip closure
  • The bag has an internal divider for segregation
  • One can Team it up with a nice party dress
  • Avoid expose to heat

3.Hidesign Mon Amour Women’s Shoulder Bag (Grey)

Overview – Official work bags and totes, stylish day bags, casual sling bags and elegant evening bags are the most preferred Hidesign’s collection of handbags. Attractively crafted in vegetable tanned leathers, Hidesign handbags promise to provide elegantly built, classy, spacious, quality materials in their handbags.

Product description– this structured geometric la porte bag by Hidesign is  inspired by the striking doors of French houses in Pondicherry. Custom designed buckles inspired from French window grills is a notable feature. This huge sleek shoulder bag in veg tan leather and easily carries all your work necessities. It has one compartment and a slip pocket. A zip pocket is provided outside.

Product features

  • Leather material grey coloured shoulder bag
  • The dimensions are 26 cm height : 33 cm length : 29 cm width
  • The Zip closure comes with handle
  • 1 compartment
  • The company offers 1 year domestic warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Do not expose to extreme heat

4.Michael Kors Women’s Large Jet Set East West Crossbody Bag Leather Cross Body

Overview- Michael Kors is an international proclaimed brand. It’s an award-winning designer of luxury accessories and handbags. Established in 1981, the products are marketed under the signature Michael Kors Collection/ label. Cultured, CLASSY, iconic, and luxury lifestyle empowers its global reach. The handbags forays the perfect balance between modest and luxury, with a lightly structured and compact design that’s rendered in leather.

Product Description

Large Jet Set East West Crossbody Bag is the faultless hands-free bag for all your chaotic moments. The leather is strong and so your bag won’t fall apart after continued use, still looking new and stylish for years. Michael Kors created a handbag that gives you a carefree product to handle. There are small compartments inside to organise your things with plenty of space inside

Product features

  • It has a Zipper closure.
  • Dimensions are- 10 inch W : 7inch H : 2.25inch D
  • A 23 inch strap drop is present in this Cross-Body Strap
  • strap is adjustable
  • perfect size to carry all your day to day things

5.Da Milano Women’s Satchel (LB-4386BLACKWAX_Black)

Overview- Be it Handbags, Wallets, Portfolio bags, Travel Bags,  or Accessories, Da Milano iconic style defines luxury, classic, elegance and enduring sophistication of the highest quality. Their products are exported globally, mainly to Europe and currently Da Milano operates 44 company owned and self-operated select showrooms in 10 cities. Use of quality leather and production in an environment friendly manner it promotes prized craftsmanship and signature styles.

Product Description- Enhance your look with this Satchel handbag from Da Milano. Da Milano deals in handbags in every style, shape and colour. It’s a perfect addition for your outfits. You can match it with pair of heels or sandals to give it a complete look.

Product features

  • Keep away from extreme Heat and moisture.
  • It’s a Satchel Bag
  • Dimensions are 33cm x 24cm x 12.7 cm and weight is 750 Grams
  • It has one compartment and 3 pockets
  • It is made of Genuine Leather
  • The brand offers a Lifetime Service Warranty

6.Lino Perros Women’s Handbag (Pink) (N 1)

Overview- An entire range of handbags, clutches, backpacks, and wallets with subtle and elaborate designs is presented by the brand. The main focus is on delivering sophisticated and fashionable products. Their products can make you a showstopper at parties and a trendsetters. Lino Perros handbags are crafted with grace and original approach. Their fine finish, even texture and easy to carry nature, make these handbags look spectacularly stunning. It has an aesthetic approach in designing which make it the most popular choice among this generation who define fashion with relevance style, and quality.

Product Description- it is a superior range of designer handbag. For those women who value their individuality in them, this handbag is the perfect store.  An unmatched quality leatherette it offers finest quality. You can carry it with western outfit or the traditional go styling.

Product features

  • Dimensions are 20cm x 29cm x 10cm
  • It’s made up of Faux leather and pink coloured
  • The brand offers 3 months domestic warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Exposer to extreme heat should be avoided.

7.Isle Locada by Hidesign Women’s Sling Bag (Red)

Overview- Official work bags and totes, stylish day bags, casual sling bags and elegant evening bags are the most preferred Hidesign’s collection of handbags. Attractively crafted in vegetable tanned leathers, Hidesign handbags promise to provide elegantly built, classy, spacious, quality materials in their handbags.

Product Description- Isle Locada from Hidesign offers cool and well-groomed handbags, backpacks and clutches for women. Made using genuine leather, Isle Locada products display style and substance for all occasions. This brand that is known for its high quality leather and the smooth & soft glow of its solid brass fittings in the products it crafts. The brand stands for its commitment to modernisation and the spirit of exploration that the products absorb.

Product features

Made with Leather material, it is a red coloured sling bag

Dimensions are 21.5 cms H x 24 cms L x 7.5 cms W

Its weight is 540 grams

It comes with a Zip closure with handle

It has 1 compartment

The brand offers 1 year domestic warranty against manufacturing defects

Exposure to extreme heat can be harmful

8.Caprese Tilda Women’s Satchel (White)

Overview- This popular brand is from VIP industries and the quality of the handbags are really good. The affordable range makes it a lovable brand in India. The brand ambassador of this company is Alia Bhatt

Product Description- Caprese dream to create an Avant Garde range of hand bags which is to be adorned by today’s metropolitan woman who echoes the tomorrows. With a poised artistic sense, lustrous cuts and an generous look to suit every occasion, Caprese’s each and every design is made as a style statement to every woman. It provides a top Zip Closure and branded quality Lining.

Product features

Made of Faux leather material

It is a white coloured satchel

Dimensions are 33 cms height x 23 cms length x 12 cms width and weighs 500 Grams

Has a Zip closure

The Metal logo of the brand

Comes with Multiple compartments

Has an Internal organizers

It offers an adjustable & Detachable sling handle

9.Guess Women’s New Wave Clutch (White)

Overview – Being an American brand which is well-known for its clothing, the quality and designer look is the premium factors which makes this brand counted in the luxury segment. Popular among the younger generation, these handbags look very awesome and are available online. The company was established in 1981 and is influenced by European styles.

Product Description – Treated as a symbol of a young, sexy and daring lifestyle the brand offers a tasteful faux-leather, zip-around wallet presenting the brand logo. The detailing gives a sleek, modern look.

Product features

  • Made of Faux leather material
  • The colour is black
  • It weighs 400 Grams
  • It offers an inside compartment, one zipper pocket, two slip in pockets and credit card slots.
  • Its detachable 6 inch wristlet.
  • It has a Zip around opening


A perfect bag not only has to carry everything we own but also go with everything we wear.

Prevent the hitches by keeping these five things you need to know before you buy a new bag.

  1.  Pick what’s suits & fits your style

The way you try a pair of jeans before buying it,  in the same way, it’s very important to try on a new handbag before making a final purchase like it doesn’t sleep over your shoulder, or will it make your party wear more flattering or will it suits your office work or good for a weekend outing. Also, there are different types of bags which suit different type of body shapes too, for example, the small bag makes you appear larger in appearance but a bulky tote which slots under your arm could make you look bulkier waistline. Bulky shaped women should avoid saddlebags and should go for longer straps bags.

2. Be experimental

Always experiment. Go with the trends whether it is about colours or style. Don’t hesitate about contemporary ones. Black is an all-time favourite colour and it’s quite safe for every moment but you can even consider other colours like tan grey or metallic ones for summer and winter times. Feel classic but with a twist. Simply choose wisely.

3. Consider Size

Be smart. Know your current bag weight. It shouldn’t be heavy to pain your shoulder. Always keep a baseline. If you can’t carry big one’s go for underside ones. Invest in a bag just big enough for essential.

4. Compromise

Most of us have a budget in mind and a particular lifestyle. We may aspire for fancy and have a dream wish-list but think real. Pick what can be the best buy and can easily maintain according to your lifestyle.

5. Steal the deal or bag a Bargain

Fashion trends change every now and then. Be alert. There are so many deals which come with every season. There are certain designs which are classy and which deserves to be in your collections. So always look for deals, discount, offers to get your all-time favourite one in those times.

6. Just move swiftly

Watch the trends in the market. Don’t rush. Irrespective of the cost, an abrupt purchase in never good.  You will be at the risk of buying something you may even not like after a few months. Just move slowly, evaluate, observe and watch the trends.

Advice for shopping bags online.

Our prime tips for shopping online are:

  • Go through numerous portals
  • Do not ignore pre-loved websites
  • Use discount code or a coupon
  • Check if the store has a condition for authentication
  • Get information from reviews about the website
  • When unsure about which extravagant piece to binge on, consider turning to the most popular designer bags
  • Do read about the return policy, other terms, and conditions.

There are top trending styles one must look into, these are –

  1. Bowler bag

This is a medium-sized bag with small handles; the bag has a distinct contour of a dome on the top; The name of the bag is motivated by the bowling ball pouches.

  • Wristlet

Wristlet is a neat handbag with a short carrying strap matching a bracelet. It is a very recent and elegant style in trend.

  •  Pouch

A pouch is a neat drawstring bag meant to hold up small knick knacks. There are also many available tutorials to make small gift pouches.

You can also call  a neat flat purse with a zippered opening a zipper pouch.

  • Clutch

Clutch is a tiny, flat handbag meant to be held in the hand, without grips or a strap

  •  Saddle bag

These are bags with a flap and long cross-body straps. They  look like the bags which used to be dangled on the saddle of a horse, hence the term. Some saddlebags can be seen connected to bicycles/bikes

  •  Beach Bag

Huge waterproof bags made of plastic meant to be utilized to hold up things to the beach.

  • Shoulder bag

Also called sling bags in its small avatar, this is a backpack that you hang on your shoulder. The satchel, saddle bag are shoulder bags and are very convenient for carrying more than a purse can usually hold.

  • Minaudiere

It is not strictly a bag, but instead this is a jeweled case which works as a bag. They have a hinged covering and top closure. Usually, they are caked with beads, crystals and occasionally have a shoulder strap.

  • Shopping/Grocery bag

The big shopping suitcase needs no beginning. They are usually made of cloth or plastic and can include almost anything that you shop.

  1. Drawstring bag

These bags have a drawstring closure on the top; it could exist a backpack or a pouch.

Some frequently asked question by the buyers !


1) What if my bag gets scratches, is it damaged?

No. if the leather is pure nothing to worry, the leather will patina over time and the scratches will work themselves out. You can also can either set the bag secondarily from a heat source to warm the wax in the surface, then with a damp cloth, rub the scratch out.

2) How do I take care for my pure leather bags and accessories?

Regular cleaning is the best be done using a vacuum cleaner, following by brushing the using a soft nylon brush. When leaks or spills happen occur, then blot excess liquid immediately with a clean white absorbent fabric or sponge. Use clear lukewarm water and a clean, white cloth to gently wipe the spill or dry using a blow dryer. Avoid using any chemicals. 

3) Which colours should I opt for while buying a bag?

Black is always a new black. It never goes out in fashion. But you can opt for brown. Even red as it goes to make your outfit pop up. Contemporary colours like forest green and mustard are in trends. One should have summer springs colours like tan, pink, and white if one can maintain.

4) What kinds of handbags should every woman own?

The must have collections are:

  • Tote bag- primary one
  • Cross body- versatile goes with most of the theme
  • Shoulder bag- a dressy one
  • Sling- casual
  • And a backpack- essential for vacation

5) What factors should I look for before buying a purse?

Pay if its worth. Carefully look the material, the zippers, etc. It should have a good life span no matter how gorgeous it looks.

6) How much functional is the bag?

Before buying a purse/bag. Make sure to consider how safe your belongings will be inside. If you’re moving among hoards of people, a zipper or button top is a wise choice to avoid leakage or stolen goods.

7) Should one look for branded Product only? How to check its Authenticity? 

With new brands picking up every day, it is very difficult to confine oneself from trying new brands which offers competitive rates and discounts. So the best thing to do before falling into a trap, is to check with the brand itself like information about the brand owner, the company authenticity, its location, own website. In absence of website, or official address and no brand registration. The products are from traders, who create an online presence of their own. 

8) Can I return the bag if I don’t like it?

Always check the Return Policy. It’s something really important in case you are buying leather online. Complains like that of products delivered are totally different from the one displayed are common. The hidden stitches, or damaged accessories or even the leather quality, and you might just didn’t like it and want your money back. Check and read the disclaimer and return policies in detail.

9) How should I care for my handbags?
Most handbags can’t be washed, so prevent stains and dirt as much as possible. Do Handle them with clean hands, and opt about using dark-coloured handbags when you are going for dining or public places. Always place it on a chair instead of the floor when you take a handbag to the movies or to a restaurant, etc. Keep items like pens, makeup, or snacks in separate zipped small bag.

10) Does my handbag need to match my other accessories?
A classic look, needs a matching shoes and fashion handbags. It’s always give you a polished look. But a coordinated assemble accessories can give you a modern look. It is fresh and less fussy. For example, try carrying tote bags with casual shoes but don’t forget to use clutch bags while wearing pretty pumps.

11) Which handbags do I need for my wardrobe?
Make sure you should have a handbag that will suit everything and everywhere. When you’re wearing an evening gown, you wouldn’t want to carry a big shoulder bag or just as you wouldn’t want to carry a clutch for work. The basics sizes should be one large handbag, a medium-sized handbag for everyday use, and an evening bag in your wardrobe.


Handbags play an indispensable role in the life of contemporary women. These days, where there is a large variety of stylish handbags available in the market one can choose any of them as per their own choice. It is one of the most important accessories associated with any dress. Ladies buy different kinds of handbags to go with their formal or casual dresses. The ladies handbag should be able to complement its look. It is also vital to understand that any handbag should not outweigh your outfit and that the clothes should not outdo your handbag.

Women consider it as a fashion statement which can either break or make style. One can easily keep their medicines, wallets, cosmetics and other valuables which they need on a everyday basis.

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