It is awful to go through a pick pocket situation, not only do you lose some very precious belongings of yours which may include money and documents as well as electronics. The hassle of filing a police diary, reapplying for those very important documents, going to and fro government office waiting in long arduous lines. This is a kind of bad trip that no body wants to experience. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. With the advent of very advanced technology and the ability to procure those items while sitting at the comfort of your home makes the entire process of taking precaution very easy.

Millions of people use public transport, where times come where you get crammed up amongst hundreds of other. In these kinds of situation get pickpocketed is very simple and you won’t even realize that you have lost your items before you check them after you reach your office or your home. An irreparable loss. Old backpacks as used by most people have very open exposed chains. If you are wearing it behind your back, you won’t even realize when the chain will be opened and items will be vanished. Now people found a new solution, they started wearing the backpacks in front of them. However, the material of the bags is common cloth that can be easily slashed open from any surface using a blade. The end result being your belongings aren’t as safe as you thought it to be. It maybe highly unlikely that you might end up in such a wound-up situation, however those who have experienced it know their loss.

Every problem has a solution, well in this particular scenario the solution is ANTI THEFT backpacks, a culmination of top-notch ideas and state of the art technology. These look like ordinary backpacks but way hi tech and trendy in appearance, however as we delve into the scientific lines, we get to knows the many features that comes packed in it. The main material is military grade slash proof material that is almost impossible to slash open even with a knife. The advantage of such a material is that it increases the longevity and durability of the product. If a chain is easily visible it can be opened easily as well, which isn’t happening in the case of anti-theft backpacks. The zippers are not at all visible from outside and are also lockable. Thereby it is not at all possible to find those zippers on the go but worst-case scenario, even if found it is technically impossible to open them.
So for the millions of backpackers why take the risk of losing your extremely precious items when you can travel freely while keeping your mind at ease no matter what important items you are carrying with you.

Before delving into the best products in the market let’s get into the details of the features that anti theft backpacks have to offer.

  • SLASHPROOF MATERIAL: this feature is achieved by the makers by embedding a steel mesh in the under surface of the fabric. Even if the fabric is slit in the worst case scenario, passing through the wire mesh is close to impossible. This protects your items even when you are in crowded trains or busy markets. The steel mesh also prevents any kind of unwarranted access incase you leave your bag in a hotel or if it left with the concierge. The bags also come with slash proof straps. So, the bag cannot be stolen even it has been locked to a table or chair.
  • LOCKABLE ZIPPERS: this is an amazing feature to keep out prying eyes from your possession. The best products not only provide lockable zippers in the main compartment but facilitate one in every compartment. There are some back packs that will require an extra padlock but some products come with their unique zipper lock designs. Some backpacks simply have a ring that is used to hook the zipper instead of using a physical lock. Locks provide a full proof solution but a D ring will also work out fine for deterring thieves trying to access your bag.
  • HIDDEN ZIPPERS: the theft can be carried out when one can see where to open the bag from, but when hidden in open sight it becomes really difficult for thieves to have access to your bag. The zippers of the main section are concealed at the rear section of the bag which is resting on your bag, hence no possibility to reach that part without touching you. In case of most anti theft bags this is the prime technical feature and products with a lower price point come with this feature as well, hence a great deal.
  • HIDDEN POCKETS: this is the most common feature that can be found in every theft proof backpack. The position of the pockets is made in such a way that it is very difficult to have access to it while you are wearing the backpack. The hidden compartments are often made at the rear of the backpack that rests against your back. These pockets are the best places to keep important belongings like passport, wallet, credit cards and smart phones.
  • WATER RESISTANT: a piece of such technology should not only protect you from thieves but should also protect you from the wrath of nature. Incase of a downpour while travelling, it is essential that your items which also includes electronics should not be damaged. In most cases the fabric used is completely water repellant, however some products come further with an integrated bag cover that can be pulled over the outside of the bag.
  • RFID PROTECTION: in this era of extreme technological advancement where hacking has become rampant protecting your electronics that include important confidential data is also a necessity. Travel safe backpacks come with radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking card. RFID blocking fabric prevents radio waves from entering the backpack. RFID fraud happens when radio waves are used to skim credit card or data from electronic devices. The specially designed hi tech fabric prevents that from happening.
  • BUILT IN LOCKING CABLE: for a traveler keeping the belongings safe is a big challenge and a headache. However anti theft back packs includes a locking cable to tie the bag to a table or chair, thereby putting your mind at ease.  This feature is extremely helpful while waiting at train stations or at the airport where you can leave your belongings safe and secure without any chance of it getting stolen.


  • ANTI THEFT FEATURES that you need based on your travel patterns.
  • SIZE of the backpack based on the contents that you are going to carry.
  • STYLE that you find appealing, in short, the colors or designs that appeal to you
  • POCKET LAYOUT considering the little things that you need on the go.
  • COMFORT is essential so that you do not strain your shoulders or your back.

  Keeping all these factors in mind lets delve into the best anti theft backpacks that you can lay your hands on along with the amazing features they have to offer.


An extremely well known brand in the sector of making premium quality bags, GODS is a dominant company when it comes to motorcycling bags. Their premium quality and durability make it the best while having an extremely hi tech and trendy look.


  • GHOST 3.0 version has been granted patents in India; Europe due to its unique technology.
  • Boasting and elegant design that stands out in the crowd, the material has been upgraded and is facilitated with a more rugged construction.
  • ANTI THEFT INSURANCE; the owner can claim up to Rs. 2000 in the event of theft or loss of items, that is if the features don’t work up to its claims. Instructions to activate the insurance are provided inside the product.
  • Quick access pockets; the most apt place to keep your important items like wallet, charger, keys etc. Though easily accessible, the pockets are very secure as they are hidden in common sight. Thereby easy to reach yet absolutely safe.
  • Impact secure sunglass compartment, a heavily padded section where you can keep your shades or spectacles very safely even if inflicted upon with pressure or impact.
  • Outer shell has been reinforced with a state of the art hi tech fiber which is unbreakable and slash proof offering pick pocketing protection.
  • Zippers are of premium grade, imported, heavy duty, YKK zippers and sliders, hence no chance of wearing or tearing out even on carrying heavy loads.
  • Unique and innovative laptop compartment, facilitated with a 6-point stretchable mechanism that provides a snug fit to all laptops up to 15.6 inches display, padded section to prevent any kind of mechanical damage even on impact or pressure.
  • Advanced organizer inside so items can be properly assorted to clear out clutter and confusion.
  • Option to choose from 4 different color and design:


  • There can be no questions or allegations regarding the build quality of the backpack. The usage of patented high quality fiber make it not only very durable but also completely slash proof. The entire structure is heavily padded to make sure the contents are completely secure and undergo no damage even on dropping or if pressure is applied.
  • Having a capacity of 22 liters, despite having ample space has a very organized set up so that all the items can be stored in an assorted fashion so that no clutter or confusion takes places. Separate compartments have been dedicated for different categories of items.
  • Zipper is of the YKK category hence extremely durable. It is hidden in plane sight. The zippers are present in the rear end which lies against your back so finding them is impossible. The uniqueness of the zipper lie in their auto lock features. After being zipped up these zippers do not open up no matter what weight is put upon them.
  • Quick access pockets are present on the outside, hidden in plain sight. Your important and frequently needed items are within your reach yet very secured. The pockets are padded for additional protection upon impact.
  • Rains should not stop you on the go, so it comes with complete water repellant fabric which will protect your items in light rains, also the zippers which are already concealed has no space between them so there is no possibility of water seeping in.


  • The price point is a bit high considering the other products that we can get at the same range.

        In a crux a very premium quality product, with amazing features, coming with a guarantee and a theft insurance, it really shows how confident it is of its features, hence a deal which is worth grabbing.


There are lot of Vebeto backpacks that you can get online and they provide some really amazing features for a really moderate price point but no restrains when it comes to providing features. The very uniqueness of this particular product is a charging port on the side of the bag, facilitated by small hidden pockets on the straps its really unique and trendy design really makes it stand out.


  • This is a 2 in 1 product, not only a travel backpack but also an office briefcase. The laptop bag or briefcase can open in 360 degrees on all 3 sides thereby making it a flatbed so that you can easily store your possessions. It provides high security as it keeps your laptop and other possessions very safe. The size is apt to store a 15.6 Inch laptop or tablet computer without any difficulty.
  • The backpack comes with hidden zippers at the rear end to make any theft attempt futile. It is facilitated with an USB charging port and an inbuilt charging cable, that is quite state of the art and has been innovatively designed to charge your electronics on the move. All you have to do is connect the power bank from inside the bag and charge your electronics using the USB cable from outside. The external power source is not a part of the product.
  • The fabric is completely water repellent, this can also be called a travel rucksack which is made with abrasion proof durable oxford nylon fabric. It also comes with a dual-access zipper having anti-theft design that facilitates easy access but keeps the anti theft features up to the mark.
  • There are multiple compartments in this laptop backpack and is featured with one major packing compartment as well as a separate laptop compartment, tablet holder and assorted front pocket to prevent any kind of clutter.
  • The shoulder straps are padded which provides extra lumbar support making it very soft and comfortable. It comes along with a top loop handle for a secure grip when moving the backpack. It further boasts a luggage trolley strap on the rear side of the backpack that helps in placing it on the trolley suitcase handle. This helps us to comfortably carry the suitcase and backpack at the same time


  • With regards to the price point this deal is on point. The product is loaded with anti theft features that is guaranteed to live up to its claim. Lightweight and sturdy, this backpack is ideal for all kinds of occasions. It comes with ample storage and pockets to store your items.
  • A built in usb charging socket where all you have to do is hook the external battery source inside and then draw the cable outside to charge your electronics on the go hassle free.
  • Zipper are of premium quality with a complete anti theft guarantee, hidden in plain sight, these zippers are impossible to spot as they are concealed at the rear end of the bag that rests against your shoulders. The superior quality assures you that no matter the weight being put is most unlikely to snap open.
  • The bag sports a major compartment to store luggage, clothes, books, documents etc while a separate compartment has been dedicated for laptops. The laptop compartment comes with a snug fit and is padded enough to keep your electronics very safe.
  • Rain won’t stop you while you are on the go. The fabric of the backpack is water repellent with the zipper being tightly shut, there is no chance of water getting in, so be rest assured that your electronics and documents will be safe even in the rain.


  • Considering the price point, the build quality could have been a little more upgraded.
  • There are no pockets on the outer surface of the backpack hence there is no feature of easy access.

   In a crux an amazing product at an extremely reasonable price, loaded with features, this is a kind of a deal which one would regret if they missed it.



The backpack not only calls out stylish, trendy but also casual. It is meant for your daily uses and can withstand the daily hustle and bustle. The product is light but still durable enough and lives up to all your anti theft properties. It comes with one main compartment where you can store all your items along with a padded shoulder strap for your comfort. You get 2 designs to choose from, one being black and grey while the other one being jet black.


  • This product is a grey colour laptop back pack, completely unisex in appearance and is hip enough for casual but elegant enough for office use. This product is apt for college students. The backpack depicts a young, vibrant, fashionable yet sophisticated vibe, while its anti-theft features makes you carry around your belongings with confidence.
  • It comes with a huge compartment which is big yet snug enough to fit a 15.6 Inch Laptop. The section is properly padded for extra safety to obliterate damage from any kind of Impact or pressure. It also comes with 7 other small and inner pockets that gives you ample space to sort out your items and have it with in your easy reach while assuring you the safety at all steps.
  • Now charge your devices on the go with the help of attached charging dock. The simple process involves docking your external battery source in the inside of the bag while using the docked cable on the outside to charge your electronics. It is to be noted that the product does not come with a power bank or an external power source.
  •  6 Months Seller Warranty.
  • The fabric is top notch assuring a complete abrasion proof outer surface. It is durable and is apt for the daily commute. The padded layer underneath the outer layer guarantees a slash proof experience thereby making it one of the best anti theft backpack
  • There is no worrying about mild rains because the fabric is water resistant hence your belongings are completely safe from the water, so there is no stopping for you no matter what the weather is.


  • With regards the money being spent, this is a deal worth grabbing. The product comes packed with features. The design is quite trendy with amazing quality fabric that is completely abrasion resistant and is slash proof, thereby there is no doubts with regards to the security aspect of the product.
  • The backpack comes with one main compartment to store your important items that are big in size, its is supported by 7 other small inner pockets. So, all your items can be kept in an organized way without any kind of confusion or clutter.
  • One of the most amazing features of this backpack is that it allows to charge your electronics while on the move. There is a charging dock that comes attached with the backpack. All you have to do is place the portable charger inside and hook your device to the usb port and there you go.
  • The weight of the bag is around 0.6kgs hence it is extremely easy to carry around as the backpack itself does not impose much weight of the user.


  • The straps are not padded hence are not quite comfortable.
  • There is only one major compartment present.

           In a crux a really standard product at an extremely reasonable price, and the very aspect of a seller’s guarantee speaks of its superior product quality. It’s a deal that is worth grabbing.


This is a second mention of gods in the list which thereby speaks about the quality of products that the company produces. The materials that are used for the making of this very backpack is of premium quality and boasts of extreme durability. With an extremely trendy and agile design it looks very modern and sleek.


  • The uniqueness of this product is its very agile design that is minimalistic in nature but will make you stand out in the crowd; this backpack is built to endure. The fabric and the cloth are of premium quality hence ensuring that it is completely slash proof.
  • The zippers are hidden in plain sight, that is they are not accessible from the front. The rear opening is very secure. This provides enhanced security for riders and commuters. The entire zipline rests against the back of the person who is carrying it hence there is no possibility for pick pockets to reach there.
  • There are twin pockets present on each side of the pack. This provides easy access to those pockets where you can keep your wallets, keys, cash etc but keeps it completely secure. The water bottle compartment is totally concealed and completely water resistant. Have access to all your items without taking the backpack off.
  • The backpack boasts an innovative design, facilitated with a 6 point stretchable compartment dedicated for laptops. The compartment offers a snug fit to all sizes of laptops up to 15.6 inches of screen size. The rear end of the backpack totally opens up to 180 degrees, allowing you to assort your items at ease. Now your cables won’t get entangled as the bag is provided with tangle free hangers for usb cables or earphones. It also has a complete impact proof sunglass compartment to protect you spectacles and also shoulder pockets to keeps important cards or documents at your reach.
  • The bag has separate compartments for keeping different types of electronic compartments like hard drives, laptop chargers, pens, phones in short there are all kinds of facilities to clear all kinds of clutter thereby increasing efficiency and reducing stress.
  • The build is very strong and the fabric used is Melange polyester fabric. The features of the fibre is that it is totally abrasion proof and completely water repellent. It has a rugged built to last construction that allows you to glide through the daily hustle with out any kind of problem or tension.


  • Considering the price point of the item, it has an amazing build quality. The make up of the product itself shows that it is built to last. It is durable, strong and reliable, a perfect companion for everyday use be in to college or be it for office.
  • It is made up of Melange polyester that is state of the art in the aspect of repelling water. Rain will not stop you because the fabric won’t let a single drop seep in no matter the extent of the downpour. Electronics or documents no matter what’s inside will be completely dry, this isn’t just their claim but also their guarantee.
  • This being an anti theft backpack lives up to its claims of providing security. The chain is concealed in the rear end of the backpack that rests against your back hence there is no possibility for a thief to reach there. The bag has unibody design.
  • The weight of the bag is 0.6kgs hence very light and compact. The bag is apt for travelling. The build being very strong can easily with stand the ruggedness of the road.
  • There are ample number of pockets to organize your items very easily without any kind of confusion or clutter.


  • The size of the bag is not big enough to be able to store a handful number of clothes.
  • The shoulder pads would had felt more comfortable if they were padded.

     In a crux a product that hails from a very reputed brand that guarantees durability and performance hence can be bought without any kind of doubt.


This is one of the most compact anti theft backpacks out there in the market. It has multiple pockets inside along with a built-in charging port and aux port on its side. The unique feature that stands out is the reflective strips on the back which is useful in the dark or while travelling at night.


  • The entire set comes with a backpack along with a combination lock, a built-in USB cable in the inner surface of the backpack and a built-in audio line inside.
  • The backpack boasts durability and top notch anti theft features; it is not only water resistant but the quality of soft polyester clearly shows the exquisite workmanship. The cloth used is wrinkle-free and slash proof. It also comes with smooth zippers and an anti theft combination lock to guarantee security and longevity.
  • The right side of the bag is facilitated with a convenient USB charging port and headset port; it also comes with external USB charger port and built-in charging cable.  This backpack offers you a very simple yet effective way to charge your phone while you are on the move. However, this backpack doesn’t have the power source in itself, you need to connect a power bank inside to charge your phone, and the power bank is not a part of the product. The headphone setup makes you handsfree while enjoying audios, music.
  • This is the product which is apt for casual use, the fabric is very breathable and the padded shoulder pads with reinforced bottom adds to the comfort. It is an equally good choice for   business trips, office, college, travel, walking, camping or any other daily activities.
  • The shoulder pads have reflective strips that glare when light is reflected on them. In the dark or at night this is a very impressive feature because it allows people driving vehicles to spot thereby avoiding an accident in the worst-case scenario.


  • A combination lock is fixed along the bag which is a very unique feature as no external lock is required.  The zipper just needs to be placed within the lock and then done. Now the bag can only be opened if the person has the right combination. This is the best anti theft feature that any product has to offer.
  • There is a usb port and an audio port are present within reach hence giving you ease of access. An external power source can be set inside and the built in usb cable can be used to charge your device on the go. Similarly, the audio port can be easily connected to the device and allows a secure fit.
  • This bag has a dedicated laptop compartment that can store laptops up to 15.6 inches of screen size. The compartment is well padded and offers a snug fit to the laptop. The compartment is compact and ensures no damage to the electronic even on impact.
  • There are multiple small pockets where you can keep your all your minute items in an organized way to remove any kind of confusion or cause any kind of clutter.
  • The design and structure of the backpack determines where all it can be used. The extremely versatile design makes it apt for not only office uses but can also be taken to school, college. The versatility doesn’t stop there, the backpack can also be used for travelling purposes.


  • Though the backpack can be used for travelling but it isn’t apt for long trips because the storage space that it offers won’t allow you to store clothes for a long trip.
  • There are no pockets for storing water bottles.

In a crux this a very premium and classic product which is worth every penny spent.



This a very popular brand on amazon famous for making backpacks that have a classic vibe to it but at the same time is packed up with features. It boasts a synthetic leather material that offers complete water resistance. The cloth is very breathable and prevents sweating.


  • The external material is a form of synthetic leather, the colour of the cloth is navy blue. The overall look of the backpack is very classic but it comes with the latest anti theft features that any product has to offer.
  • The eternal material being a form of synthetic leather is extremely water repellent, hence no a single drop of water can seep inside, thereby keep all your items very safe and dry.
  • The capacity of the backpack is 28 litres weighing around 600 grams the dimensions are 48 cms x 33 cms x 18 cms (LxWxH).
  • The backpack offers laptop compatibility and can store up to 17 inches of screen size, with a very padded compartment with up to 6 straps, ensuring no kind of damage even on impact.
  • The bag is completely waterproof bag with anti sweat fabric on the rear section and comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Comes with an USB and headphone cable slot
  • There is a bottle compartment where you can store bottles up to sizes of 1 litre.
  • Concealed quick access Pockets on back panel, adjustable anti sweat padded Shoulder straps, Padded Laptop sleeve,3 External Pockets, Padded Back Panel Cushioned with Anti Sweat fabric, embedded organizer, USB and Headphone cable slot.


  • The storage capacity of this backpack is huge and can store a substantial number of clothes even for a long trip
  • The build up of the backpack is quite sturdy and rugged in nature, ensures durability and longevity, the fabric is completely clash proof and ensure the quality that it claims.
  • Since the backpack has a huge capacity laptop up to 17 inches of screen size can be stored securely in the dedicated compartment that is padded and provides quality snug fit.
  • There are multiple zippers that allow your items to be stored easily in a very organized manner to avoid any kind of confusion or clutter.
  • The bottle compartment present on the side is elastic in nature hence can store bottles of large sizes.
  • The design of the backpack is extremely comfortrable and ergonomic in nature hence provides a very comfortable fit.


  • The big size might seem large for a certain kind of users hence cannot be used at all kinds of places.
  • There is no usb port present on the outside, so you cannot use your device while using it.

In a crux the amazing design and the trendy look supplemented with a tough build makes it a product worth using.



Another very reputed brand which is available online that not only boasts a very classy design but offers top notch functionality. The uniqueness of this product lies in the variety of things that comes along with the main backpack. It is a 3 in 1 combo offer. Along with such added items it also provides all the anti theft features that any top quality bag has to offer.


  •  This is an anti theft backpack which is apt for casual use. Black in colour the product is light in weight hence very comfortable. Completely unisex in design hence men and women can use it for Office, College and school. The design being compact and ergonomic is very comfortable to wear and offers top class comfort.
  • There are easy access pockets on the shoulder straps as well on the rear section of the backpack for quick and easy reach to all essentials. The compartment is of huge size that can fit all sizes of laptops with ease. There are also multiple pockets for smaller accessories hence avoiding any kind of confusion or clutter. You can also fit several books in the compartment easily.
  • The dimensions of the backpacks are as follows: 43 cms x 30 cms x 11 cms. We can keep laptops of maximum 15.6 inch screen size. The main material that this backpack is made up is Premium 600D Oxford fabric. The shoulder strap has special pockets that can be used to store cards for easy reach.
  • If you want to keep your laptop safe and damage proof this is the best option to go for because the backpack comes with dust and scratch free with premium black neoprene padded laptop sleeve for a maximum of 15.6 inch screen size. This sleeve has its natural neoprene smell, this smell fades on use.
  • With the backpack get a free earphone case where you can keep earphone, charger, pen drive safely inside the bag. The free earphone case comes in smooth black colour.
  • This product comes with 12 MONTHS WARRANTY.


  • The dimensions of the bag are big enough to store a substantial number of things. You can store a substantial number of clothes hence apt for even going on long trips. At the same times you can also use it to carry books hence very apt for using it in colleges or schools.
  • The external material is very rugged and durable and can ensure durability. The cloth is abrasion resistant and slash proof hence no damage to the appearance and at the same time offers complete security. The colour, the texture is very premium and gives an overall classic look to the product.
  • The dedicated neoprene laptop sleeve is padded and offers dust and scratch resistance along with complete security from any kind of damage on impact. The compartment is big enough for storing laptops of up to 15.6 inches of screen size.
  • There are many smaller pockets where you can easily store all your smaller accessories in a very organized fashion thereby removing any possibility of having a clutter or confusion.
  • The anti theft zipper that is present opens towards the rear end and hence is completely concealed providing complete security.


  • There are no external pockets that hence no possibility of easy access or easy reach.
  • The zipper quality could have been improved.

In a crux this is a very amazing product with amazing anti theft features that ensures complete security and lets you move freely without any tension.


Most of the anti theft backpack that are available are mainly unisex or are meant for men only how, this is the uniqueness of the product and this is where Paradox comes to play.


  • The dimensions of the backpack are as follows: 12.99 cm x 5.90 cm x 13.28 cm
  • The capacity is around 28 litres with the number of compartments being 2.
  • The main material of the product is nylon.
  • The water resistance level is top notch making it waterproof even in heavy rain.
  • The special feature of this particular backpack is complete zip closure.


  • This is the perfect design for women.
  • The design is very compact and completely anti theft.
  • There are multiple pockets that can easily store a lot of items.
  •  The main material is nylon which is very strong and durable.
  • The shoulder straps are detachable.
  • There is side pocket where you can securely keep your phone and have it within easy reach.


  • The dimensions of the bag can be small for certain masses hence the adaptability is quite universal.
  • This backpack cannot support large laptops.

In a crux an amazing product for women’s daily use with all the anti-theft features and worth your buck.


This is the only backpack that offers a 30-litre capacity and has a very high product quality. It has cut proof hard shell piece on the outside that offers extra durability and protection to the backpack. The rear section houses the zipper along with a small pocket for storing small important items to ensure peak security. Despite the very high security features, it is very light and compact.


  • The bag boasts anti-theft design. Not only is its main zipper but also all the other zippers are fully hidden so that no thief can open the zipper even from behind thereby making it totally theft Proof.
  • Comes with a 300D Waterproof & Cut Proof high quality Polyester and PVC material makes backpack very strong and provides extreme durability.
  • There is an external USB charging port to charge your mobile phone and other electronic devices. All you have to do is simply connect the power bank from inside and charge your mobile device using your USB cable from outside. ​Disclaimer: This backpack does not include any battery or power banks. Buyer need to purchase or procure them separate
  • External Earphone Socket to listen music and also receive calls when phone is kept inside bag. Simply connect music player, iPod or phone from inside and listen using earphone by connecting it from outside. Disclaimer: This backpack does not include any earphone, music player or iPod. Buyer need to purchase or procure them separately.
  • Large Capacity of 30 Litres & Multi Compartment offers specific space for Laptop (16 inch), iPad, passport, pen, notebook, keys, wallet, watch, power bank, Mp3, headphone, books, clothes, umbrella, bottle etc.
  • The backpack can be opened from 30° to 180° Adjustable Opening like suitcase helps in organizing stuff easily.
  • Ergonomic Design of Shoulder Strap & 3D Breathable Sponge Padded Cushioning on back side relieve stress and helps in ease off the weight of the backpack when fully loaded.
  • Luggage Trolley Strap on backside of backpack helps in fixing the backpack on trolley suitcase handle so that you may carry the suitcase and backpack comfortably.
  • Hidden Pockets on both sides of backpack & Shoulder strap comes handy in keeping boarding pass, travelling tickets, mobile phone, earphone etc.
  • Night Safety Reflective Strips on the backpack illuminate in night and provide safety while walking or biking or travelling.


  • This bag is one of the best and most rugged bags that are out there available. The durability is top notch and can easily be used for daily work be it for office, college or schools. The material is tough and abrasion proof and ensures complete security from slashing.
  • The dimension of the bag is sufficient enough to store a substantial quantity of items. The main compartment can be used to store clothes or books or documents, making the product even apt for going on trips.
  • The design is lightweight and compact hence very comfortable to wear and carry. Despite the hard shell back it is very light but ensure full scale durability.
  • There are multiple pockets on the inside ensuring that the smaller accessories can be easily stored without any kind of clutter or confusion. Wires, cables, headphone jacks, keys etc won’t make a mess anymore. Every item can be separately stacked in different pockets.
  • There is dedicated compartment for storing laptops of up to 15.6 inches of screen size. The separate compartment is well padded and offers dust and scratch resistance with complete protection from any kind of impact.
  • There are illuminating strips on the back that glares when light falls on it hence provides security at night or in the darkness.


  • The product does not come with any kind of warranty.
  • There is no water bottle pocket.

  In a crux this is a very durable product that offers top of the line features and ensure complete security and protection to all your belongings and above everything offers extreme durability and longevity.


This is a great product if someone is looking for large sized backpack but at the same time provides great anti theft features and a very classic yet trendy design. The bag has one main compartment, 1 top and 2 front zipper pockets with 2 side pockets and an anti theft zipper on the rear section along with other smaller pockets.


  • This is a top quality water resistant backpack that is made up of strong water resistant oxford material which is ultra-durable. The interior lining is water-resistant polyester to keep your items dry and there is a honeycomb mesh sponge, breathable back pad and padded shoulder straps forming a suspension system for maximum support and ventilation.
  • It is extremely easy to organize your belongings with 1 Main compartment, 1 Top zippered pocket, 2 front zippered pockets, 2 side pockets, 1 anti-theft zippered pocket for the valuables on the back, 1 laptop sleeve, 1 flat sandwich, 3 inner pockets and 3 pen loops, provides a separated space for your Laptop, tablet, textbooks, magazines, iPhone, iPad, pen, keys, wallet, books, clothes, bottle and more.
  • The dimension of the laptop Backpack are as follows 11.5″L x 18.5″H x 7.5″W. It can hold up to 15.6 Inch Laptop with dedicated laptop sleeve in main compartment against from bumps and falls.
  • The hidden zipper and invisible pockets located on the back keep your laptop and other valuables safe and provides easy access


  • The backpack is large in size and yet provides all the anti theft features.
  • The build quality of this product is very premium and is very durable and offers extreme longevity.
  • The backpack is of dimension which is sufficient to pack in a substantial number of clothes hence quite apt for long trips.
  • There are many pockets that are present inside hence a large number of smaller items can be stores easily in a very organized way to avoid confusion or clutter.
  • There is a separate laptop compartment so laptops and clothes can be stored separately.


  • There is no manufacturers warranty on this product
    • There is only one single zipper.

In a crux this is a great product if you want a big sized backpack along with all the anti theft features, the build quality is premium and ensures durability hence worth every buck spent.


There are certain factors that you should  keep in mind before choosing the backpack that you wish to use and certain features that you have to check before choosing one:

  • SECURITY- it has to be checked whether the material being used is sturdy or rugged enough to be used on a daily basis or on trips. The anti theft features actually come into play when the material is actually slash proof. Further there are many other anti theft factors like RFID protection, zipper locking facility and safe concealed pockets that should be taken into consideration.
  • USB COMPATIBILITY- any premium backpack will provide this feature where if you place an external batter source inside the backpack you can charge your devices while on the go. This is a feature that one should definitely look out for.
  • DESIGN- comfort depends a lot on the design of the backpack and that needs to be ergonomic and compact in nature to provide comfort yet at the same time be durable enough.
  • ZIPPERS- the zippers are the small machines that protect your items from being stolen, the sturdiness of the zippers are very important to not only safeguard your items but also to hold the weigh of the items and keep the bag shut so that your items remain dry even if it rains.
  • SIZE- one must have the idea what the bag is being used for, a big 30 litres backpack would not be suitable for use in colleges, offices or schools while a smaller version would not be sufficient for a trip, so the intention needs to be set.


  1. GODS
  5. GEAR
  8. RNG
  9. MOCA


This is an item that is not just a commodity but also a great necessity in todays life and todays hustle bustle everyday items worth millions are lost in the daily run with the end result of them not being recovered. Fate shouldn’t be allowed to determine everything so why not secure your own belongings before fate takes any kind of toll. Anti theft backpacks are a culmination of problems and solutions with a great deal of innovation and ideas behind them. Featured with state of the art stell mesh and padded covering to provide a complete slash proof experience to have usb compartments to charge your devices on the go, this is a product which is bound to make your life easy and simpler and is completely worth spending your money on.

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