Top 10 Air Coolers in India

Top 10 Air Coolers in India

Air coolers have now been one of the basic demands in India due to its necessity in the warm seasons in India. The changes in global atmosphere, the increase in world temperature etc. have made people change behaviors in order to adapt with this changing atmosphere and thus, they adopted ways to fight against the changing atmosphere. Now, the temperature rises to 50 to 55 degree Celsius in India during the summer. And the urgency of air cooler is greatly emphasized not only in the households but also in the big shops where 50 to 60 air throw can cover up the cooling of that room. The great efficiency of this product is its very cheap rate if the rate of an air conditioner is considered. In this regard, air cooler becomes one of the reasonable, budget friendly and easily operational home appliance more than an air conditioner. Again, it is also an individual service provider appliance. As a result, the room of a single person can be cool all through the night apart from using budget costing air conditioner that also consumes too much energy in comparison to an air cooler. The air coolers in India market have varied in brands, types, configurations and services. This review is an effort on the part of the buyers who intend to buy one but are in labyrinth to choose right type of product for their use. This brief guide will try to provide a glimpse of the utility services from the top 10 air coolers in India along with the tips for selecting best air coolers and the brand names of few reputed air coolers in India.

Top 10 Air Coolers in India: The air coolers in India market have varied in brands, types, configurations and services. If the brand names are to be noted these are Bajaj Platini, Symphony, Crompton, Orient Electrics, Kenstar etc. which govern total market of Air Coolers in India. This review intends the buyers are to get acquainted with the top rated companies and the bestselling products for the raising of knowledge to the buyers who intend to buy one but are in labyrinth to choose right type of product for their use. This brief guide will try to provide a glimpse of the utility services from the top 10 air coolers in India.

1.Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Liters Room Air Cooler (White) :

The Bajaj Platini 36 Liters Air Cooler is one of the top rated air coolers in India Air Cooler market. It is a small standard size air cooler having dimension of 95 cms × 35 cms. The size of the fan ranges to 23 to 25 cms ( 9 to 10 inches). It has circular shape which can deflect air around it that cannot be possible if it is rectangular in shape. It has encompassed with three way air controlling system. The price of this product according to the digital marketing platform online price is at 5999 INR with 17% discount. This is one of the highest rated product in this platform having 2937 ratings, which earns 3.4 out of 5 star ratings. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry.  

  • Advantages:
  • Bajaj platini is standard for 12 ft to 15 ft size room.
  • It is super cooler.
  • Best air throw will provide you very swift cooling effect all through your surroundings.
  • It creates no noise which is not possible in a desert air cooler..
  • It is small in size. That’s why; you can move it easily from one room to another with its four castor wheels.
  • You can put ice with water in it.
  • It has fans not blower.
  • Water tank quality is good.
  • It is available with copper motor.
  • Once water is filled, you don’t have to refill water for 6-8 hours.
  • Disadvantage:
  • It is costlier in comparison to other top rated Coolers.
  • Whole room may not be covered by it due to its small in size of the coolers and fans.
  • Fan size is small.
  • It provides with no remote control.
  • The room should have good ventilation for cooling effect.
  • Impossible to handle in 80% humidity areas without ice water.
  • It does not have any ice tray.
  • It has no auto drainage option.

2.Symphony Hicool I 31-Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White):

This product of Symphony is capacitated with 31- Liter water having the capacity of cooling a room in minutes. It preserves high air throw capacity of about 1750 cubic meters. It is s recommended in high temperature area due to its ice chamber in it that can have the effectiveness of working efficiently in 50 degree Celsius temperature areas. It is a highly rated product getting 1678 ratings. Its price is a bit more that other quality products in the market which is being sold at 7949 INR that may not be worthy of your wallet. This product provides high cool i-pure technology with multistage filters that help for air purification. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry.    


This product provides allergy filter, bacteria filter, dust filter and smell filter which enable high quality and fresh air supplier product quality.

It can cool up to 50 cubic meters of room size.

the swings of this product are horizontal.

this product provides with a remote control for your convenience and distance operation.

This product has a high efficiency honeycomb pad.

it can Cool relentlessly for about 9 hours with one time water filling.

Castor wheels are attached below the product which helps to move it around and set where ever you like.

The pump is used here is durable as it uses dura-pump supplied by HiCool.

it uses auto shut off technology which protects frequent voltage fluctuations.

When water tank gets empty, it switches off automatically.


it covers only 50 cubic meters of room.

You need to open up your doors and windows in order to get ventilation and better cooling effect from this product.

Being an evaporative cooler, it can work below 50% humidity. So, the areas above 50% humidity are not fit for this type of evaporative product.

The product specification predicts that it can work only in the voltage ranges of 110 V to 230 V. If any area has more than this voltage coverage, the product is not for that area.

It has no auto drain system. You have to open knob before water drainage and then have to put the knob in place manually after the process of drainage is finished.

Though it has humidity control feature, it does not work.

Ice tray is not available for this product.

The cooler is blower; not fan.

It provides 20 decibel ranges of noise.

3.Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler (White/Grey)

The product of Crompton Ozone is a desert type air cooler having the capacity of 75 Liters. It can cover up to the room size of 550 Sq Ft. the dimension of this product is 61.0 cm long x 40.5 cm broad x 120.0 cm high. It is provided with 1 year warranty. It is the bestselling product in the type of desert air cooler. It is available at 9800 INR with free shipping charges. This product has 1090 ratings and gets 4 out of 5 of public satisfaction and recommendation rates according to If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry.   


It can throw cool air up to 52 feet.

It has 3 speed levels which can be helpful for controlling three levels of speed.

The cooling pads are honeycomb.

It has four effective castor wheels which you can move the cooler any room where you need.

Its body is made from ABS which is very hard plastic.

It is a very little energy consumption product. If a person having 190 watt of power air cooler runs 10 hours continuously, they have to pay 10 INR for the consumption of the electricity.

  • Disadvantages:

The cooler does not work properly if cross ventilation is not ensured.

It can be operated up to the voltage level of 230 V. If the voltage level is 240 V for any area, it will not work effectively and the possibility of damage is imminent.

The cooler is pretty louder as the noise range of this cooler is about 20 to 30 db.

4.Bajaj Frio 23 Liters Personal Air Cooler :

This is a slim and stylish product that you can individually use this. This product has used Hexa Cool Technology which delivers maximum cooling utility to the customers with the use of minimum water consumption. It can cover 150 sq ft room having 2 way speed controller. The product is 44.5 Cm long, 34.0 Cm broad and 78.0 Cm high as dimension. This 23 liter capacity air cooler has ice chamber. This is sold at 4999 INR and having 356 ratings. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry. 


The cooling part of the product is honeycomb style.

This product can be operated up to the 240 V voltage area or rooms.

The pads used here can be removed easily.

This product has used Hexa Cool Technology which delivers maximum cooling utility to the customers with the use of minimum water consumption.

It uses blower type which is feasible for quick and more effective cooling than fan type.

It is suitable for any type of climate. Even, this product is durable and effective in coastal regions.

It can work properly at 140 watt power.


if you want to get maximum cooling effect you have to use cross ventilation.

it is not suitable for medium room.

Its body is made from plastic though it is not ABS plastic.

It has no remote. It is manual.

No water inlet – outlet facility is provided with this product.

5.Bajaj MD2020 54 Liters Room Air Cooler (White) – for Medium Room:

This ideal air cooler for the medium size room can be bought at the cost of 6780 INR with one year warranty. It is budget friendly even if you can compare it with a small range of air conditioner. It wins medium ranged ratings having 350 ratings score. The Bajaj MD2020 has the capacity of 54 Liter water which can cover medium room for at least 9 to 10 hours at a stress. Here, the pads are supplied with Wood Wool which is one of the great initiative of Maxcool Technology. This technology caters for high efficient cooling effect with freshness of air and environment. The product is 69.5 Cm long, 55.5 Cm broad and 56.5 Cm high. It uses blower technology apart from fan system. This product has 3 levels of air controller that can adjust the speed to the air flow as per the requirement of the users. It can easily be used up to 400 sq ft room and you can use this product even in the coastal regions. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry.


It is a blower based cooler. So, it can have more cooling effect than a fan based cooler.

Pads are removable and it provides with 3 cooling pads.

It has four way air deflection so that cool air can spread every sides.

It is also operational on your inverter.

You can pass a whole night with one tank water.

You can fill ice cubes inlet.

You can get 100% copper winding with 2 years of warranty.

It can be used at about 240 V area without any probable harm of the product.

Its air delivery is super up to 50 to 55 ft.


It does not have any timer provision.

It does not have any remote control, it is manually operated.

Cross ventilation is required for this product.

No trolley stand is provided with it.

 It does not provide castor wheel.

There is no ice compartment.

It has no honeycomb pads; these are Wood Wool.

It requires 230 watt of power which is energy consumptive.

6.Symphony Ice Cube 27 Liter Air Cooler- With i-Pure Technology :

The Symphony Ice Cube Air Cooler has its reputation for its single use compatibility. It can hold 27 liter water which is suitable for a small size room. It uses i- pure technology and it enables to use multistage air purifier filter such as bacteria filter, smell filter, allergy filter and dust filter. As a result, the air remains fresh and health friendly. The dimension of this product is 450mm x 305 mm x 831 mm in length, width and height. It is energy efficient as it consumes only 105 watts of power. It can also work on inverter power. It can run smoothly at 230 v voltage. This product provides 1 year warranty to the customers. The price of this product is reasonable and budget friendly which can be purchased at 6598 INR. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry. 

(a) Advantages:

  • it has large tank capacity with 27 liters water compatible tank.
  • it can provide quiet performance
  • it has vertical swing that ensures equal airflow to every direction.
  • The motor is copper winding, not aluminum winding.
  • It can be used on inverter.

 (b) Disadvantages:

  • The filter used here needs to be changed regularly
  • it has no provision of ice chamber.
  • it covers little area.
  • It is useful for small to normal room size. Medium room size will not do with.
  • It has no remote control, manual controlling system.
  • It takes at least five minutes to cool the room.
  • It can work better under 38 degree Celsius, not more than this.
  • The cooler contains fans not blower.
  • Noise from fan and airflow is present.

7.Bajaj DC2016 67 Liters Room Air Cooler (White) – For Large Room :

Bajaj is trusted name in air cooler. This product is of high budgeted which is sold at 12490 INR. This product dimension is 64.0 Cm X 55.0 Cm X 111.0 Cmin length, breadth and height. It uses Maxcool Technology which enables to use Wood Wool cooling system. This product is suitable for coastal regions. It requires 200 watt of energy to operate. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry. 

Advantages:it uses a castor wheel and it can easily be moved.This product can cover 570 sq ft room so features with 4-way air deflection and that feature enables the product to cool rooms effectively.It has an ice chamber to put ice cubes for better cooling effect.You can get swing button of the product.It can work at least 9 hours non-stop with only one time water filling.It is inverter compatible.

 (b) Disadvantages:

  • Too large for small to medium size rooms
    • Watt used for motor is not energy efficient.
    • It has no provision of remote control.
    • It serves regular wood wool pads.
    • It has no humidity control.

8.Crompton Aura Woodwool Desert Cooler- 55 Liter : 9998/ 160 :

The brand Crompton is one of the trusted brands in India. They produce white and maroon color air cooler for Indian market. The product costs 9998 having the length: Width: Hight is 47.5 : 68.5 : 119 Centimeters. It can work at 190 Watts energy. The product has 45 feet air delivery efficiency. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry. 

(a) Advantages:

  • It possesses very long air throw distance.
  • It has very beautiful color combination; you can get four types of color combination in the products.
  • Body is made from ABS and it is thermoplastic.
  • This cooler is fit for shops, out of home environment.
  • It creates not too much noise.
  • It is sold with various color combinations.

(b) Disadvantages:

  • The plastic body used here looks very cheap.
  • It has only 55 liters water capacity.
  • It is not honeycomb filter rather it uses wood wool filter.
  • This type of air cooler cannot effectively work in humid weather.
  • This is a fan operated cooler.
  • It has no remote control system.
  • It has no humidity control.

9.Crompton Honeycomb Desert Cooler- 88 Liter:

It is a desert air cooler with the capacity of 88 liter water having the market price at 11499 INR. This product is one of the best rated products having 1030 ratings in it has three speed modes like- high, medium and low having four way air throw and auto swing mechanism. The bods uses ABS plastic. It is thermoplastic; that is why, it can consume heat more easily. This product provides 1 year warranty. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry. 

 (a) Advantage:

  • This product is provided with Ice chamber for additional cooling.
  • It has long air throw capacity.
  • It adds 5 Castor wheels so that movement is very easy than plastic stands.
  • It has the characteristic of less energy consumption.
  • It is ABS body plastic.
  • It gets honeycomb pads which are very strong and durable.
  • Is has exhaust fan.
  • Motor is copper winded.

(b) Disadvantages:

  • Fan creates much noise that may range to 20 db to 30 db.
  • Small supply cable provided by the service centers.
  • it uses Honeycomb filter but it is not as effective.
  • It is not blower type.

10.Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303- 65 Liter Cooler:


The product made by Maharaja Whiteline is a national product from national brand having two basic colors in market as grey and black. The dimension is very compact having the length of 63.5 cms, the width of 73.5 cms and the height of 106 cms. This product can work properly at the supply of 150 Watts. This 65 liter water capacity air cooler can be easily set in a 700 sq ft room. The air delivery rate of this product is very high and can throw air up to 45 feet. This product runs effectively up to 230 v to 240 v voltage. If you want to get maximum utility, you need to activate the ventilation system in your room by opening the doors and windows while operating the air cooler. If you require more information not provided here, you can visit the above link for inquiry. 

  • Advantage:
  • This product has large tank capacity.
  • The dimensions of the product is very compact.
  • Due to its four way air deflection system, it is very powerful in performance covering large areas.
  • It has water level indicator facility.
  • It has auto rotation mode.
  • 10 to 12 hours can be covered by one filling of water.
  • It has auto swing system.
  • It is copper gilded.
  • This product has 3 level speed as low, medium and high.
  • It can be used on inverter as it supports inverter.
  • Disadvantage:
  • This product has notoriety of consuming high power.
  • If Cross ventilation is not ensured, it cannot work properly.
  • Manual water drain system.
  • It has no trolley.
  • It is not of honeycomb.
  • It cannot be used in normal range of humidity.
  • The cooler has no ice chambers.


The Types of Air Coolers Available in India Market:

There are lots of products of various air cooler brands in India. These companies supply four basic types of air coolers in India market; such as, desert air coolers, personal air coolers, tower air coolers and window air coolers. These variations are characterized due to their weight, place of uses, their structures and the utility services provided to the users.

  • Desert Air Coolers: This type of air coolers is the largest in the all types of air coolers. These air coolers have high reach water capacity up to 80 to 90 liters and this air cooler can be placed out of the room atmosphere. The big hall rooms can be covered with desert air coolers as its air throw is very efficient and to the level of satisfaction.
  • Personal Air Coolers: The name suggests that a personal air cooler is useful for a 150 to 180 sq ft room where a person can sleep. It is of small in size and the water tank can hold 12 to 25 liters of water and a person can get utility for 9 to 10 hours at a stress with once water filling. The price of these types of products are worth considering for this product.
  • Tower Air Coolers: Tower Air coolers are shaped as a long tower. It is significant for its slick and slim structure and this type of air cooler is suitable for that home where there is less space to move. This type of air coolers can consume very little amount of space and you can place them at a certain corner of you room. The water containing capacity is of course up to the mark. It holds 20 to 40 liters of water. Due to its structure, it can be cleaned so easily.
  • Window Air Coolers: This type of air coolers are not movable. It is installed with the windows of your house. They don’t create any burden of space shortage in a little room. These types of air coolers can hold 50 liters of water in its tank and it can provide you with long time air cooling experience. As these are installed and non- movable, the cleaning and regularly proper maintenance are difficult which were easy for other three types of air coolers.

The Top Rated Air Cooler Brands in India: the above discussed top ten air coolers are provided by only four reputed companies as Bajaj, Symphony, Crompton and Maharaja. There are few more names along with these four names who supply air coolers and have been able to secure reputations due to their product quality, durability and services. Let us have a look into few of the air cooler brands as a quick reviews on them.

  1. Symphony: It is a national company which launched in 1988 and now operates its regional branches in more than 60 countries. It is the number one brand in the criterion of air cooler supplier in India market. It supplies personal air coolers as well as industrial air coolers. It is reputed for its manufacturing the largest air cooler in India. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Liter Air Cooler- With i-Pure Technology and Symphony Hicool I 31-Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White) are two of the bestselling air coolers by Symphony which are also the top rated products among the top ten list chart.
  2. Bajaj: Bajaj is a Mumbai based Indian company founded in 1926. The Bajaj air coolers have reputation for its budget favorite nature and its durability as well as its efficiency. Bajaj has surpassed in its reputation as top selling air cooler company in India. Among the top ten listed air coolers, Bajaj manufactures four products for the nation. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Liters Room Air Cooler (White), Bajaj Frio 23 Liters Personal Air Cooler, Bajaj MD2020 54 Liters Room Air Cooler (White) – for Medium Room and Bajaj DC2016 67 Liters Room Air Cooler (White) – For Large Room are the names top listed Air Coolers manufactured and supplied by the Bajaj air cooler company.
  3. Crompton Greaves: It is a very old India based multinational company founded in 1887. This company is worthy of its originality of product materials, durability, efficiency and it is budget friendly. Crompton Aura Wood wool Desert Cooler- 55 Liter, Crompton Honeycomb Desert Cooler- 88 Liter and Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler (White/Grey) are three air coolers top listed among ten air coolers in India.
  4. Kenstar: Kenstar is a new company as it launched its production in India in 1997. Though this company has no long history like Bajaj, symphony and Crompton Greaves, this has gained its momentum in Air Cooler market with its customer friendly product that can be availed by the customers by paying little amount of budget. They can provide air coolers at around 3000 to 5000 INR with customer satisfaction and durability. Public has positive comments and reviews on the products of Kenstar, especially on its air coolers.
  5. Orient Electronics: A New Delhi based multinational company is reputed for its home appliances which they export to almost 30 countries. In India, their air coolers are top rated if one makes a chart of top 20 air coolers in India. They are reputed for their budget friendly air cooler and these air coolers are efficient enough.

Tips to Choose Best Air Cooler: As a customer, you have the ultimate goal to buy the best product within reasonable pricing. Now, there are few things you need to remember before going to air cooler market.

  1. The Body of the Air Cooler: You have known that an air cooler is normally made from plastic material. But there are some brands which provide ABS plastic body. This type of plastic is harder and longer lasting than any other average plastic. For example, Crompton Greaves provide ABS plastic body with their products whereas there are also top listed products which have very cheap plastic. As a buyer, you have to investigate into the body of the air cooler before final deal.
  2. Fan or Blower Type System: Some products have fan whereas there are also products that have blower technology. Blower system can be preferred because it has efficient cooling effect and can cool as quick as cannot be possible by a fan system pad.
  3. Power and Voltage Capacity: there are air coolers that need much watt for operation as a 190 watt air cooler is more energy efficient than a 230 watt air cooler. Again, some air coolers can provide best service up to 220 v voltage. You can never set this air cooler in the areas of 240 v voltage. So, you should notice the power and volt of the air cooler as it will save your energy consumption and protect you from any type of bad consequences.
  4. Copper or aluminum winded Motor: You may find another thing while buying an air cooler that some motors are aluminum winded and some are copper winded. Copper winded motor should be preferred as it takes heat more easily and it can take vibration much better, the vibration which is caused by the induction. Aluminum cannot take both vibration and heat much better than a copper.
  5. Honeycomb or Wood Wool Cooling Pads: Some suggests Wood Wool Technology due to its elasticity as it is made from wood shavings. It is efficient enough. But honeycomb is also expected for some of the customers. Honeycomb is easier to clean which is a bit difficult for Wood Wool. Again, you have to focus on whether the pads are removable for cleaning.
  6. Size: Size is also a matter during purchasing. Your need will determine whether you need desert air cooler, personal air cooler or tower air cooler. If you want to set you air cooler at a hall room, personal air cooler will only become the wastage of money and time. So, you have to be confirmed of the size of your room, location of the place; and then you have to make deals.
  7. Budget: Budget is also an important factor. You know the prices of air coolers range from 2000 INR to 7000 INR. Though, the price of the air cooler depends on the size of the tanks and the types of the products. If you can attain expected air cooler type and tank size within reasonable rate, it is your best deal. You have to ask to the service centers if there is any discount prevalent for this type of product. Price analysis, going through will help you win over budget.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions 1: How many times does one need to refill water in the tank?

Answer: This depends on your product capacity and your use. Basically, a 30 to 40 liters water capacity tank can run 9 to 10 hours continuously without second refilling.

Question 2: How much humidity is standard for an air cooler to operate efficiently?

Answer: Look, Some of the brands offer humidity controller product. The bottom line is that air coolers cannot control humidity and it cannot properly run up to 70 % humidity.    

Question 3: Which cooling pads should be preferred?

Answer: you know the brands provide either honeycomb cooling pad or wood wool cooling pad. In response, Honeycomb cooling pad is made from cellulose and it is efficient and durable enough more that the wooden made Wood Wool pads. Again, Honeycomb pads are easy to clean.

Question 4: Which brand does not create noise?

Answer: Almost all the air coolers create noise due to their motors and cooling fans. It ranges from 15 dB to 30 Db. But the fact is that no air cooler is noise free. If you are advertised differently by any brand, you need to second look at their reputation and product as well.

Question 5: Does this product have auto swings?

Answer: The air coolers have at least 2 way air throw and at best 4 way air flow. For air flowing or deflecting, air coolers have vertical or horizontal swings which are auto in most of the cases.

Question 6: What should I choose between copper and aluminum motor wind?

Answer: Copper winded motor should be preferred as it takes heat more easily and it can take vibration much better, the vibration which is caused by the induction. Aluminum cannot take both vibration and heat much better than a copper. You should choose copper gilded motor.

Final Talk: This review has categorically dealt with the general types of air coolers prevailed in India market, the features of air coolers, the top ten air coolers based on sales, public comments and reviews retrieved from, the top rated reputed air cooler brands and tips for consideration while buying air coolers. It now can be believed that the customers will be able to grasp the totality of the air cooler market in India and make a wise decision in case of choosing the best product within their expected budgets. Almost all the products have 1 year warranty and it does not require much of service in comparison to air conditioners. So, customers should focus on quality of the products through judging their components used by the companies while manufacturing the product.

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