Top 10 Split ACs in India

Top 10 Split ACs in India

The life of people in this era has been made comfortable with various home appliances and tools used in the home from very trifle appliance to large size ACs (Air Conditioners). Again, the gradual rise of the global temperature, while the temperature in some states in India rises to 50 degree Celsius, makes the life of people quite intolerable in the sense that they are not able to be attentive in their daily essential activities from home to offices. Modern life has probable relief from these intolerable problems if the thought of ACs is to be considered as perfect.

Indian Market is profuse with lots of Air Conditioners regarding the brands, capacity and energy ratings. People have to buy this home appliance but they need to justify whether it spends more electricity causing swarming rate of electric bills, whether they cause much noise due to its inappropriateness in using homes as homes need to be kept noise free for proper health condition, whether they are provided with satisfactory level of warranties and after-sold services for a specific time period with installments, whether this contemporary time necessity appliance is fit with the size, shape, condition of home and offices etc.

To remember this apparent inconvenience for the prospectus customers, this review may provide them with a brief over view on the 10 best Air Conditioners prevalent in India market which are also available in from where they can get to know about the customer reviews, ratings, prices of these products and can decide on them whether they can buy them. This review report is organized to provide the probable customers with the quick and clean guidelines regarding the reviews of 10 best Split ACs in India which are available in, various types of Split ACs, their brands, the pros and cons of every brand and impartial justification of their suitability in homes and offices regarding all the probable advantages and demerits that might be faced by the customers which may be helpful as a snap short buying tips.

Top things in minds of customers before purchasing a Split AC –

  • Availability of various brands, capacities, energy ratings, and shapes & designs and how to choose.
  • Which are Energy efficient Ac’s in the market?
  • Which are all faceted easy to handle ACs?

1.Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper 183V CZT3 (R32) White)

The study of regarding the selecting top rated ten Split Air Conditioner, the name of the brand, Voltas, appear first. This is one of the top classed Air Conditioner in India of Voltas brand. It is to note that ‘Ton’ refers to the energy capacity of the Air Conditioners. The energy capacity is necessary to know due to the need of the customer as a small home and large office or hall rooms claim little to larger energy capacity Air Conditioner. The more the energy capacity increases the larger rooms’ can it cover with ease and efficiency. The Star ratings refer to the capability of energy saving of that Air Conditioner. If the rating increases, the Air Conditioner has the capacity to save more electricity which ultimately assist the users to pay little electricity bills. There are inverter and non-inverter ACs in the market. The inverter ACs can cool any room within very short possible of time which the non-inverter Air Conditioner `takes longer time than inverter Air Conditioner.

That is why; the inverter Air Conditioner takes little operation time to provide the maximum utility to the users and the frequently switching on of this appliance can be avoided. The Split Air Conditioner has two shields. It has an outer shield which protects all the inner tools of the appliance. This ACs can be divided and split in two parts; that’s why, it gains such name. The mechanism of the ACs cannot be noticed and observed outside, that is the primary feature of split Air Conditioner. It is featured with 100% copper producing low noise with 3-star rating that means energy saving appliance. The Voltas 3-star Air Conditioner has multi-stage filtration which enables to keep home environment clean and one can easily breathe-in. This AC has sleep mode and dual temperature display which enable to sleep at ease while this tool keeps temperature at a certain stage suitable at the time of sleep and the dual temperature display enables to visualize the real temperature outside and the conditioned temperature in the room. This is one of the best rating Air Conditioner in winning 999 ratings. The price of this product is up to the customer’s reach which is sold with discount at 35650 INR. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

  • The Advantage: This Air Conditioner preserves multi-stage filtration facility which can protect outside dust to keep the room congenial for breathe-in and proper environment for the allergic prone individuals. It has sleep mode feature which protects you at your sleep providing necessary temperature while sleeping.
  • The Disadvantage: this Conditioner creates much noise. So, it becomes improper to use this appliance in home, schools etc. where noise-free environment is mandatory to exist.

2. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, KS-Q18ENZA, White):


This is the latest version of LG product inverter Split AC. It is featured with refrigerant gas, R: 32 which is environment friendly. In its box, one can get indoor unit, outdoor unit, user manual, 2 batteries, 1 year warranty card and a remote control. This AC can assist the homes during power outage with its inventor compressor. It can automatically control the heating fluctuation out environment. It has double filtration mechanism. It is one of the best rating Air Conditioner in amazon having 954 customer ratings. This product is a bit costly as it is sold at 43950 INR though the price is considerable if the functionality of this product (1.5 Top 5 Star) is considered as granted. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

  • Advantage: It has double filtration that protects outer dust and carcinogenic elements entering the room. It is energy saving appliance with 5-star rating and can control humidity, temperature keeping the environment cool. It produces low noise and very handy to maintain; so, it is one of the better option for home use.
  • Disadvantage:  the remote has no backlight which creates some sort of inconvenience in operating the AC by the use of remote control. It is vertical in shape having no horizontal swing which demands much effort paid during installation of this home appliance.

 3. Sanyo 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, SI/SO-10T3SCIA, White):

Sanoy is another brand that can be relied on in the aspect of Split Air Conditioner. It has an inverter compressor which has the ability to influence positively on the load of heat with its controlling power. Being 3-Star rated it can operate with little energy consumption and very low cost maintenance. It features with auto restart. It enables with 100% copper condenser with complete inverter. It is a good investment in the case of the customers being its capacity of auto-diagnosis. This is one of the best rated conditioner in amazon having 1047 ratings. The important feature of this product is its budget friendly price. It is now stocked out at 24490 INR. Anyone with lower income to medium level income can try this product. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

(a)  Advantage: the lucrative features which can attract the attention of the customers are its auto- diagnosis and auto-restart. As a matter of fact, individual does not have to pay much effort on its all-time vigilance. Moreover, the availability of copper condenser makes it easy to maintenance. The remote of this Conditioner is added with backlight.

(b) Disadvantage: It is found with market analysis and reviews of the customers in that the customers are somewhat dissatisfied with its average quality of remote. Even, no cable is supplied at the time of product sale.

4. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper 183DZZ (R32) White):

Among the top rated Air Conditioner in the market, Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC can claim its space along with its 1.4 Ton 3-Star AC. The basic difference of this product from the previous one is that this AC is non-inverter. It is suitable for the house of medium ranges and it can work properly even at the 50 degree Celsius temperature. It has auto-generated dehumidifier so that it can control humidity of the room and can cool the environment.

This is a medium price range product like the Air Conditioner of Sanoy. Its market rating in the amazon digital market platform is satisfactorily good with 428 public ratings. The product is now being sold at 43% discount. As a result the budget for this product cannot be high and the customer can purchase it at the cost of 29499 INR. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

(a) Advantage: it has four levels of filtration with least scope of dust entering the rooms. The turbo mode makes it possible to cool the hall rooms very quickly and easily. Maintenance cost is so low as its self-diagnosis feature and having cent percent copper. Along with dual temperature display, it has glow light button which can address the attention of the buyers who are someway stylish in life. 

 (b) Disadvantage:  it is featured with vertical shape having no horizontal swing. The post-purchased services are low and that’s why, rating of this product is not up to that level in based on the customer reviews and comments.

5. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (CopperKASHIKOI 5100x RSB518HBEA.Z White) :

This brand of Air Conditioner is unrivalled in the sphere of Air Conditioner utilities. The energy capacity is high as 1.5 Ton that can cool any room at a very single moment. It has inverter condenser that enables cooling fast. The condenser is made of copper coil which helps to generate best cooling effect and helps to maintain so easily. Due to its energy capacity and ratings, the Indian people can use this product all through the summer and humid season without paying burdensome electricity bills. The customer rating for this product is satisfactory and reaches to 253. It is a medium budgeted Air Conditioner as sold at 46849 INR. Those who can spend this cash to buy a durable and all the summer’s day’s friend, will gain ultimately. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

(a) Advantage: This product uses inverter compressor technology and the coil is made of copper that enables easy maintenance with low cost. The Split AC has ‘A’ rated design and it is energy saving. 

 (b) Disadvantage: The remote control has no temperature display feature. It lacks sleep mode.

6. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, ESKO NEO HYBRIDJET INV R32, CAI18EK5R39F0, White):

The Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC provides with high ranges of cooling effect. It has creative angles in the split area which makes this AC possible to reach the cool air to every corner of the room. It is heat tolerant and can properly work at 55 degree Celsius temperature. Again, this product is operated at very low voltage. If the voltage remains only 195 watt, it can also work. This product is rated16 depended on amazon platform and sold out at 37339 INR. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

(a) Advantage: it has copper condenser coil. It does not produce much noise having anti-dust feature. The sellers provide 1 year warranty of cost free services. Low voltage, high temperature operational feature puts it at the top rated Air Conditioner in India.

(b) Disadvantage: it has no horizontal swing. The manual provided with this product is too tough for the customers to understand, and then the care center service providers are to be asked for primary operation as well as maintenances.   

7. Whirlpool 0.8 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, 0.8T Magicool 3S COPR Inverter, White):

It is a mini size Air Conditioner helpful for the use of small rooms. It has 3 star Inverter condenser which cools the room quickly that enables little energy consumption. It has turbo cooling feature due to its use of 6th sense fast cool technology. It can easily work at 52 degree Celsius temperature outside. The energy efficiency, little noise production, Use of inverter Split AC technology, use of 6th sense fast cooling technology, durability enables this product much used product in the homes in India and Whirlpool has ,thus, turned to be one of the best producers of Air Conditioner for homes. This product has 670 ratings in amazon having 10 days of replacement facility with 1 year warranty. The price is reasonable at only 22499 INR. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

(a) Advantage: it uses up to date technology as 6th sense fast cool technology, inverter split AC technology. This AC is easily installed in homes. All probable and customer suitable features like turbo cooling mode, self-diagnosis make it first rated choice of the customers. It is energy efficient and low noise producing appliance.   

 (b) Disadvantage: This cannot be used for any larger hall rooms, even for any medium size rooms.

8. Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper GSC 18KTC3-WSA White):

This AC of Godrej has anti-bacterial carbon filters. It is unique addition in the case of Air Conditioner. That is why; bacteria cannot grow in the room. It can remove odor from the room. This is easily used for the home purpose like 0.8 Ton Whirlpool Air Conditioner. All other features are included in this product as per the necessity for the customers who use this product for home. This product is best-selling among the Air Conditioner of Godrej which earns 205 ratings and 151 review comments in amazon. It is also a budget friendly product that can be purchased at the cost of 28990 INR with 1 to 3 years of conditional warranty displayed in this digital marketing platform. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

(a) Advantage: It is an energy efficient cooling tool. The unique feature of this is to use active anti-bacterial carbon filter. No stabilizer is required for its operation. It provides one year warranty.

 (b) Disadvantage: the customer service is not up to the level of satisfaction. The room requires longer time to cool in comparison to the other inverter ACs.

9. Amazon Basics 1.5 Ton 3 Star 2019 Split AC with Four Stage air filtration (Copper, White):

AmazonBasics is truly a product for the customers of little budget and this product can be utilized in a room around 180 sq ft. It is one of the top sold ACs in amazon platform, India. It has 100% copper condenser, low energy consumption appliance. It is non- inverter. So, it takes a bit more time to cool the room in regards to the inverter ACs. It is also featured with high density filters. This product is cheaply priced with comparison to other top rated Air Conditioners in India Market. The selling price is fixed at 26499 INR. It gains 410 ratings and it provides with 1 year warranty and 3 years of conditional warranty. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.

(a) Advantage: it is a family suitable product that every individual of low financial sufficiency can afford this product. It is energy efficient and environment friendly. It has sleep mode and power saving mode. This 3 star rated AC has 33 ratings in and it has customer satisfaction reviews.

 (b) Disadvantage: It non-inverter product so it takes longer time to cool the room. Not fit for the larger rooms.

10. O General ASGA18FUTD Split 3 Star 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner:

This is one of the best Split ACs in India graded at the top rated 10 ACs. It is a premium type of AC. So, the customers with handsome of budget can have the chance to purchase this product. The amazon shows that it is sold at 50700 INR. It has sleep mode, power saver mode, turbo mode as well as auto-diagnosis feature which make this product special among lots of available products in the market.

This Air Conditioner has got 10 ratings acquiring 3.6 out of 5 which predicts customers are quite satisfied by using this product and as it is a premium type of product, the customers with high financial efficiency are purchasing this product gaining positive experience. This product is providing 1 years of warranty and 3 years of conditional warranty. Please visit the above link if you need additional information for the product.  

(a) Advantage: It is a 3 star rated energy saving appliance. The customers get 5 years of compressor warranty. The condenser is 100% copper. It has self-diagnostic mode and sleep mode. There prevails anti-dust filter in it.

(b) Disadvantage: This is non-inverter Air Conditioner. It takes much money to buy this product in comparison to its non-specialty of features. It takes a bit more time to cool the room and customer service is average. 

Buyer’s guide –

Lots of brand names will appear in India market who provide Split ACs across the country. But there are few brands who have taken the position of top rated AC suppliers owing to their quality of products, durability of the products, and post-purchased services provided to the customers. These multi-dimensional qualitative features enabled them to be reputed brands in the sphere of the marketing of Air Conditioner. Voltas, LG, Hitachi, Carrier, Godrej, Blue Star, Whirlpool are few of the names (the names placed here are not ordered based on any criteria. These are random placement) that control the AC market in India.   

  • Voltas: It is an enterprise of TATA and it claims to be the largest Air Conditioner Company in the country founded in 1954. It is praised and it becomes a trusted quality service provider in the country. The durability of the product and the auto-diagnosis mode of the product arrest the attention of the buyers and they are taking the utility services of both inverter and non-inverter Split ACs. Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, 173V JZJ (R32),White) and Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, 183DZZ, White) are two of the Split ACs from Voltas that gain top rated Air Conditioners among 10 Split ACs in the country.
  • Samsung: It is a multinational company providing various appliances. It also reputed for its Air Conditioner in India. Its Air Conditioner is known for its built-in technology and the durability of the products. The built-in technology enables the product to cater for power saver mode which helps to save electricity. This energy efficiency feature of the Air Conditioners made by Samsung helps it exist in the competitive market.
  • LG: Though LG is reputed for its other electronic appliances, customers buy ACs of LG. One of the reason for this is LG’s post-delivery services. Customers are highly satisfied with the services the LG provide. It also produces budget friendly conditioners with 1 to 2 years of warranty which attracts consumer’s attention. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, KS-Q18YNZA,White) is one of the Air Conditioners among top 10 ACs in India.  
  • Godrej: Godrej is reputed for various accessory products in India. Alongside its real Estate Business to agricultural products, it is also a name of the brand in Air Conditioner. Godrej GSC 18KTC3-WSA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC is one of the top rated ACs in India. It is due to their environment friendly nature that is gets popularity. Its Air Conditioner filter is active anti-bacterial and this AC can help reduce odor from the house. It creates less noise though it is a non-inverter one and features with many in-built facilities which makes a good product to the customers across India.  
  • Hitachi: If one thinks Air Conditioner for the corporate purpose, then he needs to try the products of Hitachi as they are one of the best producers and suppliers of Air Conditioner for corporate purpose. They have both inverter and non-inverter Air Conditioners in their stock. The Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, KASHIKOI 5100x RSB518HBEA.Z White) is the product among best 10 Air Conditioners in India. Hitachi is preferred by the customers due to its budget friendly nature and the product, AC, from Hitachi is durable and lasts long.
  • Blue Star: It is a Mumbai and Bangalore as well as some different countries based company. It produces Air Conditioner that is reachable to low economic sufficient families. Even, this company provides in-built technology with the Air Conditioners that last long. It provides support to the customers all through the warm seasons with the mode of power saving. Thus, it saves money and energy of the Indian buyers.

Ways to Choose Best Air Conditioner: When one wants to buy an Air Conditioner, they wish to buy the best of the products. But it is not easy to choose the best one from the crowd. This review has reported on the top rated 10 Air Conditioners based on the ratings, public reviews and yearly stock out records. These are almost same in utility services; but you have to buy only one product. In this regards, you need to choose among them. Before going to market for buying, you need to focus on some key issues. You have to focus on the brands, then the capacity and star rating of that product of the specific brand should be observed. You need not overlook the warranty, durability of that product and, above all, your necessity, the size of your home or corporate offices and the budgets should also be the wheeling factors to choose the best Air Conditioner. The more detailed description may be necessary here to clarify how one can get to choose the best option for him in purchasing Air Conditioner.

(1) Choosing the Right Size: Your home may be small, medium or large in size. As per the condition of your room you need to select your necessity of Air Conditioner size. If you place a 0.8 Ton Air Conditioner in a large hall room, the air will not reach every corner of the room. Alternatively, if you purchase a 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner for 150 sq ft room, it is the wastage of your investment. Because, the Air Conditioner will not be able to complete a full cycle in this small room and will not enable to perform at its satisfactory level. The bottom line is that right size for right place.

(2) Condition of AC Installation Room: You as a beneficiary must remember the fact that an Air Conditioner supplying maximum facilities at the top floor of multi storied building, cannot serve well at the ground floor. So, the customer has to select the product as per their position of the rooms.

(3) Star Ratings being a helpful Indicator: ISEER and BEE provide star ratings to every Air Conditioner in India. The star rating refers to the capacity of energy or electricity consumption of the Air Conditioner. If an Air Conditioner becomes 3 star rated, it consumes more energy than a 5 star rated Air Conditioner. The clear cut statement is that the energy consumption rate decreases with the increase of star ratings on Air Conditioners. If it consumes little energy, you have to pay less electricity bills. Thus, you have to investigate on the star ratings of that product before purchase.   

(4) The Frequency of AC Operation: The refrigerant level decreases with the use of AC as refrigerant level does not stay fixed for the infinite time. So, it may happen that you need to operate you AC frequently in a day. In this case, you have to check the refrigerant level of that Air Conditioner before making final deal.

(5) The Position of the Filter: The filter placed in an Air Conditioner is required to clean time and again. If the location of the filter is in good place so that you can easily reach there, it will be a good one for your maintenance of that product. So, you have to look into the position of the filter before purchase.

(6) Warranty and Service:  The warranty period of Air Conditioner varies with the variation of brands and products. It ranges from 1 to 5 years of warranty period. So, 5 year warranty period is a good deal in comparison to the 1 year warranty period. Again, other thing must be noted while looking for warranty period. LG provides the best post-purchase customer service in comparison to the Godrej. If the customer needs to lose one year warranty period in place of service, the customer should prefer the brands that provides satisfactory post-purchase services to the customers.

(7) The Choice between Inverter and Non-Inverter ACs: It depends on your frequency of AC use. If you have to frequently use your Air Conditioner around the whole day, you need to choose Inverter Air Conditioner because Inverter Air Conditioner cools rooms quickly that enables you to save the electricity consumption. Thus, your atmosphere will say whether you need Inverter Air Conditioner. If you have no environmental constraints, you can choose any one item of Air Conditioner.

(8) The Choice of Air Conditioner Capacity: The Air Conditioner becomes small or large in size due to its differences of capacity. It is quite easy to understand that a 1 Ton capacity Air Conditioner is larger in comparison to a 1.5 Ton Capacity Air Conditioner. Larger size is always better option than smaller size. Because, a high capacity Air Conditioner provides larger cooling fans, higher performance, more durability and all internal machines have more capacity than a small AC.    

The Final Words: All the Split ACs reviewed are best selling products in India market that the information displayed on the wall of reveals as trustworthy because the customer ratings, public reviews are the reflection of the efficiency of that product and how much it is expected by the customers due to its satisfactory utility services gained from the products. They are produced, distributed and helped to install by the reputed companies nationally as well as internationally. They cover every range of budget, capacity. As warmth is swarming, procuring an AC is not considered as snobbery, it turns to be basic tool for good life. The 10 top rated products describer above differ little in utility services those can satisfy a customer.

But they also have some pitfalls owing to some utility, technology and matter of provider-customer relationship. The customers should focus on all the drawbacks of the products, should consider his necessity and budget and then try for one of them. The buyers must not be blind and deaf in case of purchasing Air Conditioner. They should browse through the net, read the reviews of the customers in the and scan through the companies and their prospective services on that product. The use of Air Conditioner has long history in India. People are highly acquainted with this type of home appliance, though it has reached unto the offices and larger companies for its provision of protection from 55 degree Celsius of temperature.

In the Indian market, three AC types are known to the people, those are; Window Type Air Conditioner, Portable Air Conditioner and Split Air Conditioner. Among these three, window type Air Conditioner is an outdated product, portable Air Conditioner is unconventional in India whereas Split Air Conditioner gets its momentum due to its multi-faceted advantages. The name suggests that this AC is divided. It is divided into two parts: one part of the AC is set outside and other part of it is placed indoor. That’s why; noise while AC operation time remains low indoors. Window type Air Conditioner requires much arrangement of places while installation whereas Split Air Conditioner takes little arrangement of places while installation. Portable AC is to be placed inside the rooms that makes it impossible to control noise while Split AC places a part outside of the room which makes it outstanding in regards to control noise.

Split ACs are of various ranges of prices. Any individual from any sort of economic level can try them. Again, they are of low to high capacity and they can save energy consumption. Again, there are Split ACs which can be operated with very low voltage, within high temperature. Most of them have anti-dust technology that helps protect individual health cooling the interior environment. Even now, there prevails anti-bacterial active carbon-filter in some of the Split ACs that reduces the growth of bacteria in houses.  The rising up the temperature of the atmosphere has turned Air Conditioner appliance to the basic necessity for healthy, tranquil and good life from a product of only relaxation of snobbish life. As indicated that the customers will be beguiled in AC markets owing to its rising hundreds of brands in India market along with their thousands of products ranging from 0.8 Ton to 1.5 Ton in regards to capacity and ranging from 3 Star to 5 Star in regards to the energy efficiency as well as ranging from inverter to non-inverter in regards to the timeline of making rooms cool.

Among those brands and types of products, some claim to be the top rated due to its usability, energy efficiency, durability, and warranty time and customer satisfaction. Some surpasses others with their quality of products; whereas some are unrivalled in the criterion of post-delivery services (customer relationship). Some brands sell products at only 24,000 INR and there are also other companies who sell their products at 50000 INR, though price of products largely depend on the capacity of the products. Thus, one score names will emerge as top chart. But this review narrows down the number to top rated ten Split ACs in India based on their sale, customer ratings, product reviews and availability in the platform of Few names of products come to the fore if all the previous referred criteria are considered to be yardstick to list the top rated Split ACs in India which are to be specified with their Company names as Voltas, LG, Sanyo, Hitachi, Career, Whirlpool and Godrej where more than one products of a company have been listed as per their own worth; for instances, the readers will notice Voltas 1.4 Ton and Voltas 1.5 Ton have made their place in this short top 10 list chart.

Then, choice is yours what you will purchase at last procuring maximum utility within your budget and necessity.

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