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    Are you struggling to get Leads? Or have enough Leads but struggling to turn them into Sales? Be it an Established Company or a Start-Up, we get you SALES...! Yes, Sales, Not Just Leads & Not Just Prospects but END TO END Sales right from Product/Service Analysis till Sales Closure covering around 15 Sales Modules & Hundreds of Sales Sub-Modules.

  • Complete Product/Service Analysis
  • Detailed Org Structure Analysis
  • Comprehensive Pricing Strategy
  • Exhaustive Sales Strategy
  • Full Sales Team Module (Hiring/Training/Mgmt)
  • Reporting & Metrics with P&L Analysis
  • Sales strategy consulting
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Expansion Planning & Execution
  • Customer Acquisition, Retention & Monetize
  • Sales Head Services

We are changing the way Sales Strategy works.

First time ever we are enhancing online marketing with Artificial Intelligence.

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In spite of spending a major chunk of budget on Sales & Marketing, still many companies are struggling for sales & the reasons are NORMALLY SIMPLE, if addressed appropriately. Reasons might appear simple but often, Sales Challenges creates FRUSTRATION to Companies. On the other hand, Irrespective of Current SALES Status, there is always a room for “SALES IMPROVEMENT”.

End to End Sales Services

  • A problem, addressed on time, helps a lot and vice versa could be worst
  • Right from Sales consulting, Product Analysis, Product Pricing, Team Recruitment & Management, Marketing, Branding, etc to name a few, every act plays a crucial role in getting the sales
  • There is a scientific methodology with step by step process, which is implemented in a proper way; Sales are bound to be achieved
  • Right Communication & Timely action plays a pivotal role in getting sales

As a Collective Solution for all above challenges, Sales outsource & many other typical Sales Challenges, we have designed a Unique Sales Architecture covering each and every pain point of Sales & Digital Marketing.

At any point in time, anyone can view where the Sales Process is heading & whether any intervention is needed from Management.


We provide End to End Sales Services right from Product/Service Analysis to Sales Closure (Covering 15+ Sales Modules including Sales Team Recruitment, Training, etc). We are NOT Sales Outsourcing, but we build the complete Sales Strategy and establish a Process-Driven Sales Process in place for the company.


  • Fully Matured & End to End Bouquet of Services from Day 1
  • Sales Team Performance & Sales Output will be at finger tips with Daily Reports, Weekly Meetings & Monthly P&L Analysis.


6 STEPS6 Steps Influencing the SALES in Overall Organization – How they Impact & Addressing the same
PRODUCTImportance of Product/Service Offering Impacting Sales along with Case Studies & Solutions
ORG CULTUREImpact of Organizational Culture on Sales covering Tips & Techniques to positively impact Sales
HIRINGHow HR is linked with Sales & Simple Tips & Actions in HR Team which help Sales Aggressively
SETTING BASEIMPORTANCE of  Website, Tools, Digital Marketing, Advertisement  Etc & how they Impact Sales
SALES CYCLEEnd to End Sales Cycle with Specific & Measurable Outputs at each Phase
COORDINATIONLife Line for Sales – Co Ordination between all Verticals
5 POINTS5 Bullet Proof Techniques for Guaranteed Sales Growth
LEAD GENGuaranteed Lead Generation Process covering how to Create High Value Content & Cold Calling
FOLLOW UPEffectively Handling Biggest Challenge – FOLLOW UP – With 10 Strong Actionable Tips & Total Framework of Follow Up Steps End to End
SALES CLOSINGDetailed & Exhaustive Sales Closing Call Covering  15 Mandatory Steps Before Call & Detailed & Exhaustive Sales Closing Call Covering  15 Mandatory Steps Before Call &
ECOMMERCEBest Tips For Ecommerce Clients covering Facts, Figures & Customer Acquisition Tips



Every Client will be given a 100 Days Roadmap with Action Plan & Milestones so that the Journey with us becomes Smooth & transparent.

1POCs Intro & Initial Meet UpAround 2
2Product/ Service ModuleAround 19
3Org. Structure ModuleAround 7
4Digital Marketing ModuleAround 8
5Pricing ModuleAround 17
6Sales Strategy ModuleAround 17
7Sales Team ModuleAround 16
8Social Specific ModuleAround 12
9Company Analysis ModuleAround 13
10Marketing Strategy ModuleAround 10
11Reporting & Metrics ModuleAround 10
12P&L ModuleAround 8
13Distribution Channel ModuleAround 15
14Expansion ModuleAround 17
15Expansion ModuleAround 7


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