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We at ThatWare have a dedicated team of R programming experts and professional R consultants with over a decade of experience in managing small-level execution to large-level execution.

Furthermore, our team can integrate R across any platform ranging from Tableau to Power BI. We can also sync it across sophisticated web servers of any variant. Our R specialists are highly skilled and trained for obtaining the best possible accuracy rate and ROC curve.

Our R specialists also work for hands along with other experts from the fields of digital marketing, data science, marketing automation, business intelligence and much more. Thereby, combining the power of multi-dimensional project into a whole new level with the influence of language R.

Being a professional seo agency we constantly give our efforts in making marketing as simple as possible. With programming R, we have made many marketing campaigns fully automated. With that being said, we also use up business intelligence and data mining for improving various online marketing funnels and campaigns.


Below mentioned are some of the core areas where our R experts are putting their most efforts:

  • Minimizing risk management

  • Training both supervised and unsupervised models for having up to 90% + accuracy

  • Improving ROC curves

  • Getting better Kappa Coefficient values for large projects with large data sets

  • Complete automation funnel

  • Business intelligence

  • Working on various prediction models and algorithms

  • Cutting edge predictive analysis

  • Minimizing inventory loss or leakage

  • Improving specific areas over the finance and health care industry as well

  • Efficient decision-making processes

  • Enhancing search engine optimization

  • Blending marketing campaigns with a data-driven approach

Furthermore, we are also actively working on various multi-million dollar projects where the core functionality happens with artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, text mining and a few more. Language R helps significantly in carrying out successful operation for the projects.

With the above being said, the perfect blend of programming R helps in turning a project successful. The outputs are also efficient and happen to contain less signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Last Updated: - 15th March, 2019


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