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We at ThatWare contain team of deep learning experts who have years of experience working with neural nets and AI algorithm sets. Our team is highly trained in having excellence over pattern recognition and working with complex algorithms.

We do cover vast areas of needs related to deep learning and neural nets. Some of our core features for deep learning as a service are mentioned as under:

  • Higher ROC Curve: without engineers and data scientists working all along the advanced technicalities, thereafter, we make sure that the ROC curve is higher.

  • Perfect Accuracy Model: whenever we execute our complex algorithms, we make sure that our model outputs are accurate.

  • Low SNR: we definitely make sure that our training models generate a low signal to noise ratio. Thus the accuracy is well maintained.

  • Competitive Pricing: we try to make our execution cost as low as possible as compared to our affordable seo packages.

  • Reduce Complexity: we make sure we reduce high-end complexities while executing complex algorithms.

  • Better Predictive Analysis: our sophisticated codes and algorithms are trained well for having a better predictive power. Most of our predicted values are almost accurate with just factor 10 of error.

  • Effective Pattern Recognition: most of our algorithms are wired with complex and logical artificial intelligence segments. Due to which proper pattern recognition happens to be at ease of comfort.

  • Complete Automation: our skilled team ensures that the entire process model happens in total automation without much intervention of humanitarian aid. In other words, less XAI.

  • Clustering Models: with proper neural networking model we make clustering technology very simple and smooth.

  • Advanced Natural Language Processing: we also work with various technology and algorithms for taking natural language processing and understanding of semantics into a whole new level.


Some Important Features We Actively Work On


  • Advanced Clustering Technology

  • Understanding Semantics with Advanced Natural Language Processing

  • High ROC Curve

  • High Precision and Recall

  • High Cumulative Gain

  • Specialized Pattern Recognition

  • Modern Information Retrieval

  • Automation Model and Feedback Mechanism

  • Low SNR and High MAP

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