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First time ever we are enhancing online marketing with Artificial Intelligence.

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Get Guaranteed Sales For Your Product/Service and make your Sales "Process Driven" and "NOT" Sales Head-Driven (This is our USP). Get a Step By Step Transparent Sales Process with Total Process Ownership and Real-Time Metrics. Focus on your Product/Service and leave the Sales Part on Us.

A Rare & Unique Sales Consulting Service which aims to provide 100% Guaranteed Sales & focuses on decreasing your Sales Head Expenses to at least 75% less within 18 to 24 months. Fully Matured & End to End Bouquet Of Sales Head Services From Day 1 – Till Target Achievement.

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Gone are the days where companies force Regional Sales Managers, Area Sales Managers & Sales Officers to force Distributors for month-end and year-end sales. We compare the traditional sales process with a Cesarean Delivery (forced delivery of results) whereas the process we follow at ThatWare is compared with a Natural Delivery (Sales Results).

There is a scientific methodology with step by step process, which is implemented in a proper way, Sales are bound to be achieved, no matter what. Communication & Timely action plays a pivotal role in getting sales.

A problem, addressed on time, helps a lot and vice versa could be worst. Right from Product Analysis, Product Pricing, Team Recruitment & Management, Marketing, Branding, etc to name a few, every act plays a crucial role in getting the sales.

We have designed a careful step by step process where the Companies can focus on their product development and we will take care of End to End Sales with more than 15 Detailed Modules.

Each module is further subdivided into 15 to 20 sub-modules with each sub-module having a task list of around 10 to 20 steps. At any point in time, anyone can view where the Sales Process is heading & whether any intervention is needed from Management.


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