Google News Ranking: The Definitive Guide

What is google news ranking?

By submitting a content or article which is to be crawled through Google News Publisher Center that require some criterial factor:

• Freshness of content

• Diversity of content

• Rich textual content

• Originality of content

Basically, it needs to promote original journalism while keeping the content simple enough to expose the purpose of the article. The article content must reflect relevant, unique, and most importantly reliable information which the user seeks.

The below implemented program is developed to judge a content by its relevancy, uniqueness and originality according to what google sees whenever some one posts an article on Google News Publisher Center.

Loading Libraries:

Scarping the article for content:

Scraping each and every tag to find out the text in it:

Gathering all the text into one single txt file:

After fetching the txt file, removing stopwords to and cleaning the text:

Creating term document matrix to clear out the frequency of the term:

Brief output of term frequency:

Finding the common words in the article:

Checking the content for any duplication also checking the relevancy value to evaluate the originality:

Continuing the process until the output:

Web site text documents similarity check:

Text on website:

28.88%<50% so the text with unique on the website.

Title on website similarity check:

How to use in SEO:

Optimizing a content as well as increasing a certain page’s visibility. Publishing a content in Google news would help in gaining traffic and conversion. Google news will eventually lead in good increase in ranking.

Releasing an article direct to some specific audiences to relevant additional content will affect the ranking of the website in a positive manner and also it will help in creating high TF/ CF score. By publishing relevant, context-appropriate links within in the content, it will definitely drive measurable traffic to the content and improve the user’s experience. This will also help to reduce bounce rate from that particular page.

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