A close review of Getresponse

A close review of Getresponse
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GetResponse claims to be one of the simplest and best E-Mail tools available with Pro features. This is a very important selling point for it, especially since the prices are so competitive. It operates from Poland and has a global reach in 182 different countries. It claims to have over 1 billion customer base.

In terms of various great features, they offer a lot more than most other good email marketing services.

Landing pages are usually very interesting because they are an important part of the conversion funnel, a new kind of feature they offer. It takes special care to generate traffic and the platform is a great online shop, including payment options. It can work quite smooth. Another notable feature is automation which initiates advanced automated campaigns based on triggers such as location. Other types of tools also offer automation, but most are not as powerful or easy to use.

With high-level plans, you can easily access a variety of webinar features, as well as built-in CRM. These are the Extras that you cannot find on a variety of email marketing platforms. These are definitely enough to get your customers interested.

Getresponse is one of the best marketing platforms that offer e-mail marketing as well as various landing pages, good CRM, and advanced automation. We rate them very reasonable because of their high-quality features. Their plans are quite cheap, and they offer attractive packages for  NGOs. Hence let us know more in-depth about this tool.

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Pros and Cons

Pros of using Getresponse

  • This gives you the best option for marketing automation.
  • You get a discount when you subscribe in advance. You will have a hard time finding similar discounts from big competitors.
  • The feature of Auto Funnel can be useful for those who want to manage all aspects of sales funnels and e-commerce activities under one roof.
  • Getresponse is cheaper than most of its main competitors and offers more functionality in similar pricing packages
  • It offers a great way to handle data. It is more flexible than most competitive products, especially Mailchimp.
  • It sends responsive emails and allows you easily manage  the Smartphone version of your E-Mails.
  • Their on-demand Webinar functionality is awesome. It is something no other organization offers.
  • The features of reporting and comprehensive distribution tests are strong.
  • Getresponse is transparent about delivery rates, publishes statistics and also provides statistics for the E-Mails you send.
  • All Getresponse plans come with a useful landing page builder that makes A / B testing easy – something that could potentially save you a lot of money.
  • Custom options provided for all projects.
  • It offers a holistic tool kit and their support is available to assist.

Cons of using Getresponse

  • Present-day email creator is complex and small.
  • The drag and drop interface for designing emails and landing pages is cumbersome and needs to be improved.
  • The new version of Email Creator does not yet allow you to design emails that can use in autoresponders or automated workflows.
  • The data collection forms provided sometimes doesn’t respond.
  • Before an independent CRM product seen as an alternative, CRM functionality needs to be significantly improved.
  • There is no 2-factor authentication when registering.
  • Although an update is coming soon, some e-E-Mails created in Getresponse are not currently appearing because they are in the Gmail mobile app.
Exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe

Is Getresponse the best E-Mail service for you?

Recommended if:

You want to capture customer leads:

GetResponse is one of the few E-Mail tools which was beautifully designed for this purpose; it provides flexible customization, landing page editors, Google Analytics integration, and sophisticated automation for segmentation. You may easily use the features to capture and nurture new leads. It is also possible to host live and on-demand webinars with them, as mentioned before. With the new conversion features, you can do it all in an organized way and better than before conversions which  you can easily track.

E-commerce:  If you own a store online, you will find many features in GetResponse which  help you sell more of your stuff – Platforms as well as integrations like Magento and Shopify, Carts, dynamic email content etc. You can also track sales for professional projects.

If you choose a very affordable plan, then as an e-commerce, you will benefit greatly from Getresponse Autofunnel Feature. Here you can set up and connect your e-commerce site and start building your landing and other pages, various social media campaigns etc. Their Autofunnel is ideal for small businesses that sell products and services online.

Sophisticated automation: We are very impressed with GetResponse’s workflow builder, which enables you to set up automation for full operations, including assigning lead scores, sending emails, contact tagging and differentiation, updating data etc. However some of these features mentioned are  only available in advanced plans.

Not recommended if you are looking for :

Smooth Delivery: There are some solid deliverability concerns: Deliverability is  a serious consideration for expert marketeers. The Getresponse platform at times delivers E-Mails which get filtered into spam folders of customers. Hence there is a lot of potential for improvement on that front.

Free plan: GetResponse does not offer unlimited free subscription. It has a free trial for 30 days only. If you need such free E-Mail services, you should check out other providers.

GetResponse Pricing

There are four main price packages from GetResponse and they are characterized by different feature provisions like – autoresponder, unlimited landing pages, forms and surveys, Facebook ads, and other “additional” features. Also, each of the prices in different plan differ when it comes to the subscription duration. So visit their official website and choose the plan which best fits you by clicking here-

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Max
All-in-one software

Major Difference between Schemes

All GetResponse Pricing options come with some essential basics, such as:

  • Newsletter
  • Auto-responder
  • RSS to Email
  • Visual E-Mail editor
  • Time travel
  • Perfect timing
  • Custom DKIM
  • A/B testing
  • Inbox Preview
  • Landing pages and visitors
  • Split Testing
  • Visual page editors
  • Custom domain


The price you pay for GetResponse depends on the size of your email list and the nature of the features you want to access. This pricing structure means that when your business is ready, you make it easy to customize your equipment to meet your needs. You can start by selecting a list of features that you like the most and then naturally adjust your price as your customer list grows.

GetResponse is not the cheapest’ software, but it is also not, the most expensive. There is also a 30-day free trial for all plans from GetResponse to find out which option works best for you. We would definitely recommend taking a test.

Pricing: Save 18% with an annual plan

5 Ways to Optimize Automation

Here are some proven techniques to help if you are looking to introduce automation in your company now:

1. Know Your Message

Before you embark on any marketing campaign, you must know exactly what you want to get You have to decide exactly what you want to get out of it before you embark on any marketing campaign. Otherwise, the undertaking is directionless and unable to yield much of a measurable advantage. Whether you want to attract more visitors to your website, generate new leads, boost sales or increase market share, automation can be of assistance.

2. Personalize Your Content

Artificial emails won’t cut it. Customers want the products they purchase to feel valued. Ensure content can be personalized by automation tools and is generated with the impression of being fully tailored to your needs.

3. Make Use of A/B Testing

The company can already conduct A / B testing as part of your marketing strategy assessment but it is extremely advantageous to automate the process. In addition to time savings, automated A / B testing offers real-time data on the effects of your marketing material – allowing you to make fast changes where appropriate.

4: Get Your Team on Board

Training and open communication are crucial if automated processes are to be effective. Your team may feel intimidated by the ‘a-word,’ associated with human replacement robots-an an unfounded presumption in the marketing world! Rather of something to be feared, frame automation as a method to embrace, with tools that will allow your team to concentrate less on the superfluous, and more on the talents you hired them for.

5: Focus on Customer Experience

After all, automation performance depends on how the customers react to it. Gather relevant data during the process, using mapping of customer experience, to create input at key points of communication. This helps you to tweak your approach and incorporate new where they would be of assistance. It’s important to remember that automation is only effective as long as you see success with the end-user and result. If you don’t see the results that you would like, mix it up a little bit.

Final verdict: Automation provides a lot to learn from. Greater performance, cost savings, increased quality, more informative analytical data, and better customer support; all these advantages are irresistible for marketers.

With good preparation, specific targets, advanced training, and optimized content, any organization can introduce marketing automation and make a huge success. And those processes have so much more to go; with the AI market expected to be worth $16 billion by 2022, now is an especially exciting time to put the brand automation.

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Email Marketing Buyer’s Guide

How to choose email marketing software

Analyze your email marketing needs

You must determine what exactly you are looking for. Each plan of providers differ in features and pricing as well. So, depending on your list, choose the correct option for yourself.

Compare Email Marketing Companies

Do you research. Compare email-marketing companies with GetResponse. You can easily estimate and get an idea from features like – prices, free trial length, features, and ratings based on value, client service, and reporting.

Read Email Marketing Reviews

Reviews are a great way to get feedbacks about products or services. Also, there are reviewers who have listed the pros and cons for each provider and ranked them based on ease of use, customer service, reporting, features etc. So, you can quickly and easily relate to choose the best plan or service.

Sign Up for an Email Marketing Software Free Trial

When you’re looking for email marketing companies, sign up for a trial service that suits your needs. All providers generally offer a free trial version.

Check out your email marketing software

After signing up for email marketing software, try it. Try uploading contacts using their contact management system. Create and send email campaigns. Check out some of their functions. Call customer service for any assistance if required. All of these actions should give you an idea of ​​how your service future will be.


GetResponse is an excellent email-marketing tool for organizations looking for email automation, affordable CRM solutions, and a wide range of service templates. When compared to similar tools in the market, GetResponse offers a relatively competitive price.

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