Review for Constant

Review for Constant

Email marketing has been one of the most direct, trusted and highly effective digital marketing strategy to send emails to customers and prospects since its inception for so many years now.  Email marketing stands as a necessity, even at an age when we can surely contact who ever we want, be it anywhere in the world, with the tip of our fingers. But statistics have proven emails to get better results for attracting new customers for social media or newer channels, than any other marketing strategy. But even though as an important marketing tool, email is a more convenient option modern marketers tread for great success in a limited period of time. The most effective and direct approach to email marketing is connect with your prospective leads, by nurturing them which would help you to directly convert them into customers, which in turn would help you win over several marketing channels.

Help grow your blog with Constant Contact email marketing

Who are Constant Contact?

Being a part of the email marketing family since 1995, Constant Contact have boasted of having over 650000 + customers avail their services. They have managed to survive and achieve the dignity of being one of the most effectively used email tools worldwide. Therefore if you’re thinking of engaging customers or launching an email marketing campaign or may be uploading various products on your online store or boosting your companies sales with Google Ads or building a website within a few minutes or creating any kind of awareness on social media; Constant Contact is your go to option, for they provide you with all the essential tools and guidance for you to achieve best results, all under one roof. Constant Contact is a convenient option to reach out to new audience if you want to expand your small business or it can also help you achieve more business within a limited amount of time using amazingly easy-to-use automation tools, event management tools, social campaigns and services that they offer.

  • Pros and Cons of Constant Contact-
  • Pricing of Constant Contact-


Based on the size of the email list Constant Contact offer two kinds of plans.-

-Constant Contact’ “Email” which is the lower tier begins at $20/MO for up to 500 subscribers. Whereas for $335/MO it’s up to 50,000 subscribers. Constants Contact offers you the availability of Custom Contact in case your list contains above 50000 words

-The second category being “Email Plus” beginning at $45/MO for those customers who have up to 500 subscribers. Whereas for $335/MO it’s up to 50,000 subscribers. The benefit that Constant Contact offers you here is that they provide a 30 day guarantee to their customers , assuring 100% refund of the amount in case if the customers are not satisfied with their services or wish to close their account within the period  30 days from signing up.

If any entrepreneur or small businessman is in need to start an email marketing campaign , which includes template building, list management, customization of templates, segmentation of audience, and other top notch features; then Constant Contact’ Email Plans offer you these amazing features. With companies having  greater sophisticated needs Constant Contact offers A/B testing, event marketing, registration of events, online donations, creating online surveys, automated email series, online survey management and more other amazing technical features with their Email Plus facility. The 60 days guaranteed money back policy is pretty generous if compared to the other companies in this sphere.


The free trail opportunity offered by Constant Contact gives you access of 60 days to all the features mentioned above, additionally inclusive of unlimited campaigns. However this has the barrier of sending emails to 100 contact only. Though the free trial by Constant Contact helps you to get acquainted to the platform only for a limited number of messages, it does not roll over automatically, with you still being able to get access to your data, without having to sign in. For this you need to upgrade your plan to paid plan in order to access all the benefits.

Help grow your website with Constant Contact email marketing
  • Subscriber list creation-


If you want to add contact on your email lists then Constant Contact offer you several quick ways to do that which include copy pasting or importing it from G-Mail or manually typing the address into a form or uploading a file (TXT, CSV, XLSX ,  XLS,) or pulling up a contact from Microsoft Outlook or other customer relationship management (CMR) tools. Out of these methods obviously it’s easy to go for importing it from G-Mail or using various CRM migration options for adding add contact on your email lists.

 For example if you tend to upload more than 3 MS Excel and CSV documents, which contain overlapping contact , Constant Contact helps in quick uploading of the documents and also merges the duplicate contact pretty efficiently. Even you want to map new fields or custom new fields Constant Contact make your job easier. Constant Contact like its contemporary Campaigner, allows Mailinator and different disposable addresses, which are also known as “burner email addresses” having the tendency to expire after a brief amount of time.

Constant Contact helps you to assign tags to different contact which proves helpful for you, when you’re in need to track information as to how they have been signed up or if there are loyalty members or getting hold of any other deatils. Constant Contact also offers you the options of detecting lapsed customers which is also a Shopify programme. IF you want to create segments of users basing on their locations, information, or various interests that you have collected from your contacts, this company makes it even easier for you to do it.

Constant Contact helps you in creating various kinds of forms that your customers can use to sign up for if they want emails and newsletters. Also offering landing pages and its latest collaborations with hi-tech apps like Facebook, Facebook Leads Ads, OptinMonster, Facebook Join My List App,you have the liberty to segment the users based on how they had used the sign-up forms and other various methods, which can be further very useful for your company.


The cons here is that most services do not GetResponse’s example and therefore does not filter out the identifiable disposable domains keeping it. The major disadvantage of the contact manager is that it is not efficient enough to use to edit user records. In case you feel like adding more details to several contacts, you would have to personally load each record and update each of the fields individually, which is time consuming. Thus it is preferable if this could have been done in a quicker method with quick editing tools from the list of main contacts. Obviously this confusion can be avoided if you use spreadsheets having complete information of your contacts in the first place making your task easier.

Also another glitch is like its other competitors Constant Contact requires you to time and again verify that you have prior consent from your entire contact list with no bought lists being allowed by the company. Constant Contact also prevents you from using group addresses like email-protected addresses or having distribution lists, since there lacks a way to verify whether you are in possession to have consent from every person , who receives messages send to those particular addresses.

  • Setting up a campaign-


If you want to create a campaign it can be as easy and effortless as choosing from Email, Event, Email Automation, and Survey. In case you want to revisit a particular campaign or you might want to recreate it or copy it, you ought to search for various campaigns using particular dates or keywords or viewing recent tabs, then Constant Contact makes your task easier. They have inaugurated an integrated marketing calendar for you to schedule emails based on the other events and holidays.

If you want to begin an email campaign Constant Contact helps you to create one with the use of a template. The drag-and-drop editor option by Constant Contact along with a variety of layout options and few restrictions , these editing tools are beneficial for tweaking texts , which have access to Google Fonts and also has access to colours and images. Importing PDFs or adding blog post teasers, which transform into interactive emails is another advantage by the company offered to you. In case you want your company’s logo to stand out and grab attention or add colour schemes or add social media links or incorporate all of these into your emails ; you can do all of these with Constant Contact offering you branded template builder.

In order to store your company’s assets or logos or different images there is an availability of Media Library , which allows a storage of  2 gigabytes (GB) and allowing maximum file size to be 5MB. Constant Contact offers you the direct access to free and paid stock photos. If you have a ready newsletter, then either you can send it right away or schedule it for later submission with a 5-minute interval or so on timings. Recurring emails can also send be by you for various occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

EventBrite or Shopify are the various integration options that Constant Contact offers you. The subscription to RSVP or responding to various polls or downloading coupons or making donations from your email is enabled by Constant Contact’s integration to EventBrite. Also with the help of Constant Contact creating Abandoned Shopping Cart emails help you to follow up with your standard and potential customers, and this feature is greatly appreciated by direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailers and e-sellers.


 One of the cons is that there’s no option to send messages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or to send messages based on the local Constant time mentioned at the recipient’s location Contacts competitor Campaigner or GetResponse does.

  • Campaign  Tracking-


After sending a newsletter, its status and success can be tracked using the reporting tab option. The basics are displayed on the dash board including option like opens, unsubscribe requests click-through, and bounces. You see your most-engaged subject line can also be seen by you when it resurfaces on the desktop or mobile. Constant Contact introduced its feature of a video tutorial that will help you to walk through your entire report, and detect its pros and cons. It also helps you in creating a wealth of information as to how to craft subject lines and improve your open rate. On your mobile device, the application becomes an essential and handy if there you want to view the campaign performance. Constant Contact makes it possible for you to resend campaigns to subscribers who didn’t go through it or the subject line can also be changed by you here. The results of subject line A/B tests can be seen on the Report Page. And also if you click any email you are able to see map of where subscribers have or are interacting.

  • Email Automation-


In order to create automated series, which was initially known as

“Auto responder” you have to select the Email Automation option from Campaign. If you select an email trigger, you are followed up with the options like open the email, click any link, click a specific link, after which your contacts will join a list. After which you are required to select the time period whether you want to send the email immediately or you are willing to wait until you send the follow-up email. You have to follow up by selecting any specific email trigger in order to create a new email or if you want to use one of your existing campaigns. Then for the final step you may add as many email follow-up emails as per your convenience to the series. Also another alternative is available if you send an email series to a specific set of contacts on a daily basis, then Constant Contact offer you a day-by-day guide to help you get acquainted with your services or follow-ups for an upcoming event. You have another option to segment your contacts by arranging them into various folders or by matching them up into a particular automated series.

  • Support Options-
  • Pros-

If your looking for a convenient and easy to use email marketing site then Constant Contact is your go to option as it has multitude help options, to begin with the specific Information icons which help you to locate to the specific next options and obviously the various fields explanations describing what each particular filed means what they are. Constant Contact offer you various extensive Knowledge Base (KB) articles, along with coaching availability which you can avail on a toll-free number, they also offer substantial contextual help, which has been specifically located on each dashboard. The phone support and technical support is available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and the time on Friday is from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the weekends. The Chat option can also be availed, and Constant Contact helps you with the option of interacting with customer support via Twitter.

  • Cons-

However the cons being prominent here calls for the Phone support is not being available 24/7, is a complaint by many.

Constant Contact is the prefect option for ones with small businesses however their price rates are not much affordable, compared to their features.

How is Constant Contact living up to its reputation competing with nearly 2500 contacts in their marketing database?

Beginning at $20 per month Constant Contact offers small to midsize businesses (SMBs) a pretty effective intuitive user interface (UI) attracting customers with their modern and unique designs. The features in that price are satisfactory and abundant, with the SMBs giving a quick check up on Constant Contact’s website and also avail a free trial for 60 days before they actually settle the deal and subscribe.

Constant Contact has a high $45-per-month price tag, compared to other companies. Constant Contact offers you the advantage over other companies on the fact that it does not have a cap on the number of email you can send in a month. This is a reason while maximum customers of Constant Contact are “microbusiness” ones, who have employees between one to ten, and they have limited interaction and time spend with newsletters.

Constant Contact being a successful and reputable company in email marketing industry like its other competitors including Mailchimp is aiming forward to expand its features being beyond just an email marketing company. For this the last year, Constant Contact inaugurated added array of technical features focusing primarily on marketing automation, personalization and integration. These added features include a branded template builder that is capable of creating an email which matches to a company’s website, with the tip of your finger using minimum clicks along with a 160-plus template library. Constant Contact has partner shipped with top brands like Facebook. Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, to name a few, in order to add several integrations. With innovativeness at its peak, in 2019 , Constant Contact has announced new feature expansion which included the addition of Instagram and in-app Facebook Ad creation , to creation of various social media tools for monitoring and posting on Instagram and Facebook, to create the ability to generate a “Google My Business” directly from the website of Constant Contact, to creation of SEO Tools for optimizing the keyword usage and other features with SEO; making it easier to create an action directed landing page , which would dig out appropriate digital marketing requirements, very much resembling with what the company SendinBlue offers you.Constant Contact stands apart from its other competitors based on the newly added features, along with social campaigns and surveys over the years, unlike any of its competitors.  They also lend the benefit of offering a diverse list email options, along with the addition of offering automations and recurring newsletters. Constant Contact in the past have offered its customers the benefit of built-in event management tool, which however is remote since most new users are prompted to switch to Eventbrite. Boasting of having a marketplace with over 400 apps and integrations Constant Contact is known for its niche of products in email marketing. However despite the growing strategy the company is following the interest of customers in Constant Contact is declining as per Google Trends analysis. Hence one should have a clear outlook of the company’s pros and cons, to check its relevance in the modern 21st century.

  • A few Constant Contact Specifications:
Free planNo
Annual PlansYes
Android AppYes
Limited Free TrialYes
iOS AppYes
Unlimited EmailsYes
A/B TestingYes
Image LibraryYes
Social Media MarketingNo
Survey ToolYes
Search MarketingNo
Marketing AutomationNo
Unlimited SequencingNo
Drag-and-Drop CreationNo
Social Media IntegrationYes
CRM IntegrationYes
24/7 Phone SupportNo

On a conclusive note- Constant Contact aims at communicating smarter and not the harder way. If your aim is to say or sell, Constant Contact offers you various email marketing strategic tools which can make your company stand apart from other generic ones. From using their free to use Email template builder or various types of mobile-optimized templates, which helps you serve all your purposes be it promoting your product or launching a brand new one. Also customization is at the tip of your fingers due to their amazingly easy to edit and use editing tools which will make your work easier and you will easily be able to track your success with reports and analytical statistics. Constant Contact’s promises you to drive your sales up by helping you build relationships with your audience and keep them engaged with their Email Marketing Automation. They offer services like-

  • Triggered email series
  • Welcome email for new subscribers
  • Powerful list-building tools
  • Contact segmentation
  •  Resend emails to non-openers

Which help you to enhance your road to success for your company in a smarter and efficient way.

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