Co-occurrence Matrix : The Definitive Guide

co-occurence matrix

A co-occurrence matrix, also referred to as a co-occurrence distribution, is defined over an image to be the distribution of co-occurring values at a given offset. Any matrix or pair of matrices can be used to generate a co-occurrence matrix, though their most common application and also in best SEO strategies.

In this case, we used co-occurrence matrix to differ out the co-occurring terms from the main site’s content and the competitor site’s content in a matrix form. The terms which appear mostly in the matrix have high TF(term frequency). Know more from a seo company.

Loading Libraries: 

coocurrance 1

Loading stopwords:

Fetching the file:

coocurrance 3

Creating corpus and cleaning it:

Creating a document term matrix:

coocurrance 5

Creating the co-occurrence matrix:

coocurrance 6


coocurrance 7


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