Cluster Centroid : The Definitive Guide


Clustering is a method of grouping a collective data or object in such a way that each and every object present in that particular group is very similar to each other and very dissimilar to those objects which resides in different group.

By determining a cluster’s centroid we can say which points are closer to the centroid of another cluster than they are to the centroid of their own cluster. In general a centroid is a collection of variable with only one number, the number which is assigned is basically a mean average of a variable for the observations in that cluster.

Loading libraries:

Cleaning the data and finding the cluster’s centroid:


Determining the cluster’s centroid:

Use in SEO:

This will make a new cluster after calculating distance. It will help to analyse the keywords and related keywords. Easily can detect which keywords are related to each other with in two website.

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